In this blog post, I will explain in detail how to set up continuous delivery for your Ruby on Rails application running on the Cloud Foundry PaaS with Jenkins CI, a popular continuous integration tool. Important: Do NOT install RVM under the same account where you installed Cloud Foundry to avoid conflicting with RBenv. 3.6 Since both Cloud Foundry and Jenkins were installed on the same machine in my setup, I had to assign free port 8081 to Jenkins to avoid conflict with Cloud Foundry. I hope my post will help you to provide continuous integration on Cloud Foundry using Jenkins. Aliaksei, which tools (in addition to Jenkins) would add an additional value while setting up a continuous delivery process for Cloud Foundry? About AltorosAltoros brings “software assembly lines” into organizations through training, deployment, and integration of solutions offered by the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. NetSuite’s cloud ERP system provides proven financial management and ERP that simply integrates with your entire sales, service and business processes.
Today, more than 16,000 companies and subsidiaries around the world depend on NetSuite to manage their business processes in the cloud.
The NetSuite ERP system takes your business beyond traditional accounting software, streamlining back-office processes and integrating with your entire business processes.

Financial Management: Proven general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset management, multi-currency management, revenue recognition, revenue management and financial reporting capabilities.
Supply Chain and Inventory Management: Complete manufacturing, warehouse and inventory management, while procurement automation streamlines purchasing and improves vendor management. Order and Billing Management: Speeds up the order-to-cash process, and improves quote accuracy, invoicing speed and reduces order management and billing errors. Shipping and Fulfilment: Improves your shipping efficiency and reduces order fulfilment processing costs with total integration with leading shipping carriers including FedEx. Revenue Recognition Management: Supports all major revenue recognition rules (both international and local), automates calculation, and provides continual revenue recognition monitoring and reporting. Recurring Revenue Management: Optimises your billing processes and drive renewals with comprehensive recurring revenue management functionality for subscription-based and maintenance-based revenue streams. Financial Analytics and Reporting: Equips your finance team with real-time, role-based dashboards with complete summary to detail financial analytics, scorecards, and reporting to accelerate your financial close.
Connect to any MicroStrategy Mobile Server to get access to interactive reports, documents, and dashboards.
When using this practice, every time a developer commits a change, the software has to pass a number of tests.

As a result, customers of Altoros discover and monetize application-driven competitive advantages sooner than competition by using Cloud Foundry-based ”software factories” and “data lakes.” With 250+ employees across 8 countries, Altoros is behind some of the world’s largest Cloud Foundry deployments.
The NetSuite ERP system takes your enterprise beyond traditional accounting software, streamlining back-office processes and equips you with the visibility you need to make improved management decisions with ease. This app includes “demo datasets” to let you explore business data in reports, graphs, and interactive dashboards on your iPad. Currently, he is improving experience with these technologies on Cloud Foundry, bringing his R&D expertise to integrate solutions around CF and optimize software delivery processes with Platform-as-a-Service. It gives users the ability to use multitouch when editing graphs, charts, maps and other key visual aids. Ultimately, continuous integration can help to automate the entire software delivery process.
It allows your executive to view your business data on the mobile device in multitouch tables, graphs, charts, visualizations, maps, documents, and dynamic dashboards.

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