The timeline above shows the percentage of all mentions of any Democratic candidate from January 1, 2015 to present on national television networks Aljazeera America, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, FOX Business, FOX News, LinkTV, and MSNBC that were of each candidate.
For the first four months of this year, Hillary essentially enjoyed the Democratic field to herself, hovering around 90-100% of all mentions.
On June 19th, with his Las Vegas rally and Bill Maher appearance, Sanders came within striking distance of Clinton’s media monarchy, claiming 47% of all Democratic candidate mentions that day to Clinton’s 49%, and again on July 18th with the Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he claimed 43% of mentions to Clinton’s 46%. Interesting, in the two word clouds below one is able to see the focus of the coverage and whether it is positive or negative.
So although Hillary is still ahead in media mentions, the mentions tend to negative narratives such as email, server etc. Meanwhile, mentions of Bernie just tend to talk about the horse race – and in keeping with MSM, don’t mention policy enough to even register. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter.
I understand that a significant number of contributors and readers of this site think Bernie is more awesome than Lego, but I for one think this site would do a disservice to its mission statement by becoming political. This site has to be political because the differences between the parties on moving ahead on clean energy for the purpose of limiting the effects of global warming is almost 180 degrees apart. The reason Bernie is doing so well is in part because Republicans have treated him gently while smearing Hillary .
Biden, Clinton, Sander (in alphabetic order) will all move the country forward and oppose far right forces.
Feed them a talking point, they may not spend any time figuring out what it means, and pull the lever for another candidate. The momentum is heading clearly in one direction, and that is towards Sanders as the substantial challenger to Clinton. The really exciting thing about Bernie’s campaign is that it is a policy campaign and not a personality campaign. I was not convinced until I saw today’s poll numbers, but now I think it is on for Bernie who has a decent shot at the nomination and the White House. Sanders is an attractive candidate, but does not appeal to minorities, an essential part of the Obama coalition.
The Clinton scandals have continue unabated since her husbands administration to the present. It would certainly help if the two recent Bernie Sanders articles here (this current one and another that I think got put up yesterday or Friday) were focused specifically on the candidate’s energy and environmental policies. Hillary Clinton finally came out against the Keystone XL pipeline this past week and I was kind of surprised that there was no Clean Technical mention of it. By giving short shrift (or ignoring) a leading candidate’s strengths and raising questions about their viability, and doing the reverse for the runner up, media corporations can influence an election to a larger degree than people realize. In my previous post, I pointed out that unified systems are an important trend to consider for next generation data centers and illustrated with the chart above showing the success of Cisco’s UCS in the server market.
An ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is a company that designs and manufactures a product as specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for sale. In essence, the largest data centers are establishing direct relationships with ODMs to create their own internally branded servers. The white box revolution by major data centers is also one impetus for the Software-Defined Everything (abbreviated SDx or SDE) movement.

World Backup Day is just around the corner – an event that celebrates the importance of protecting our data.
Learn how you can automate the disaster recovery process to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of disaster recovery and business continuity. HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 02: Actors Jennifer Lawrence (L) and Matthew McConaughey, winner of Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role pose in the press room during the Oscars at Loews Hollywood Hotel on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The publicist for Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is promising that the person who posted nude photographs of the star online on Sunday will be prosecuted.
Lawrence was not the only actress to have her nude photos taken from a server stored in the cloud by a hacker. This latest round of leaks have many wondering how secure information is, that’s stored on the cloud. For people with iPhones, photos can automatically be stored away in the cloud without the user really even needing to tell the device to do so. Wisniewski said very rarely do these devices provide any warnings (and that perhaps they should) about the risks of storing in the cloud and being seen off your device despite their convenience. The benefits of cloud storage are clear, you can access files on multiple devices and if you have a lost phone or tablet, your information is saved. Another likely scenario for the leaks could be phishing scams where people have received suspicious emails from bogus senders posing as legitimate companies, like Apple, with malicious embedded links that should not be clicked on. Not sure why this failed, but I have followed everything as per the instructions but the output of step 8 is as follows.
I had the same problem as Jamie + Palen because i did not pay enough attention to what happened in the previous steps. Web-scale companies such as Facebook and Google have helped to stoke interest in white box compute and network solutions.
It's all about supportThere are major questions around the ability of organizations to fill the gap between the capability of open source designs and the promise of Facebook like orchestration and automation. ConclusionThe openness of Google and Facebook around its data center designs and contributions to Open Compute have benefited the industry.
Keith Townsend is a technology management consultant with more than 15 years of related experience designing, implementing, and managing data center technologies. April 30th, when Bernie Sanders officially declared his candidacy, changed all of that, as he suddenly rocketed to 34% of all coverage by the following day. The article deals purely with politics and does not touch on clean technology or even the policy vision of Sanders and Clinton surrounding it. It’s why GOP has to gerrymander the snot out of the country to stay in power anymore. The primary debates will be interesting as Bernie has a raft of policy proposals, whereas Clinton has few, and I believe this will lead to Bernie setting the tone of the debate and its direction, to his benefit. Bernie has the credentials and the record to back him up, but the focus of Bernie’s campaign is substantive policy proposals supporting working American families. Sanders to be very likable and highly appealing(the thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency terrifies me even more so since there are better female candidates out there).
Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at Sophos, a global security company, gives a simple explanation for what the cloud is for those who may not know.
Wisniewski said it may be a bitter pill to swallow, but that in order to protect yourself better, you may have to follow the online security advice you’ve probably already heard before that involves longer, more complicated passwords.

Guys you need to redo the steps and pay close attention, type in a password where you have to (or certs wont generate etc), supply the same information in the ca-signing-request as you have previously did when you generated the CA or it wont work. I can access owncloud using the same dynamic address as long as I use http as opposed to https.
The official owncloud manual did not mention anything about this ssl setup and their clients only talks to ssl server. However, the cost savings may not make up for the various implementation and support challenges. Besides the technical challenges, there's a practical support challenge introduced with white box hardware.Web-scale companies build redundancy in the application that reduces the reliance on hardware reliability.
His areas of expertise include virtualization, networking, and storage solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. Hillary regained ground over the following weeks until Sanders’ official kickoff rally in Vermont on May 26th, at which point he has stayed between a quarter and a third of all Democratic candidate mentions ever since.
With such a narrow field, it is going to boost Bernie’s profile to those who have not yet become familiar with him. The pseudo-scandal that you mentioned and the smear campaign will hopefully be settled when she has to appear for a congressional hearing. I’m a no expert on web server technologies, only a regular user, so I need a guide like this.
The ability to customize the network to the application's exact needs has enabled synergies that make sense for web-scale applications such as search and social media.
In addition to these application-specific benefits, web-scale companies have operation teams and monitoring tools designed around supporting white box infrastructures. However, there are many challenges in adopting a white box strategy in the application environment typical within most organizations.Has your organization taken a serious look at white box networking or compute? He will become that old ,[75 ] , liberal ,socialist [ meaning commie in middle America ] from a tiny socialist state . My problem with Hillary is, she always has something to apologize for or said she made a mistake. The outstanding question is: Are there similar advantages for traditional enterprises that have more a diverse application environment?Software-defined data centersOne issue that complicates the conversation is the desire to implement software-defined data centers (SDDCs). Most enterprise data center operations leverage premium-level support from the hardware vendor. The SDDC provides an organization with the tools to deploy agile IT operations that enable businesses to reduce the time needed to implement new ideas.
If a port on a switch goes bad, the customer is accustomed to some type of support agreement that would easily replace the hardware.
In a white box design, a more aggressive replacement depot would need to be in place to mitigate hardware failures. Depending on the specifics of the business and data center design, this burden may erase any financial savings from a white box design. The software-defined capability comes from the integration capability of your data center management software and the hardware and services provisioned within the data center.

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