Enjoy information and links to Visio resources for creating virtualization-related network diagrams.
Whether you are looking to conserve energy, optimize your hardware usage, or rapidly test a wide variety of software configurations, some sort of virtualization is surely in your future. I’ve been hopping around the net looking for (mostly-free) Visio-related resources for virtualization. Microsoft offers and add-in that might save you having to do any manual drawing in the first place!
More from P2VD, this VI3 Server Configuration template helps you to detail the configuration of a VMware VI3 Server, and can be modified to document any server in your environment. It looks like Veeam Reporter produces reports in Visio, Excel, Word & PDF, with the Visio part providing configuration diagrams to show the virtual network elements, their properties, and interdependencies.
A lot of people have been looking for virtualization stencil with good and usefull icons for quite a while.

I’ve now posted an updated version with twice as many icons(and version 3 is on the way). ZIP codes uniquely plus we highlight every ZIP Code with its city name, zip code boundaries, county boundaries and highways. Get information on how to print your maps, resize them, find information, or even use parts of it in another application. ZIP Codes will be shaded in one of 5 colors, for easier differentiation between nearby ZIPs. For maps of entire states only: Insets for high density areas will be provided as appropriate.
Provided electronically in PDF format with an image size of at least 2'x3' up to 6'x6' for states, 8.5x11 inches to 4'x6' for counties.
The drawing can be easily modified to show the various components of VCB and a very high level view of what’s going on.

I’ve also added a section with some of the most seeked Visio stencils, go take a look. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! In cases where a highway changes into a non-highway classified road, the highway may appear to "end".
It auto-generates your rack and detailed server diagrams from an Excel template, allowing you to visualize where you can save on space and power. The Snap, Mount, and Backup markers include extra space so that you can add further details about the process.

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