A UPS, or Uninterpretable Power Supply, is more than just a big battery that cuts in if you get a power cut.
Item 1 is the one that most people think of when buying a UPS, however most UPS are only capable of powering a server for about 10-15 minutes. Over Voltage Protection Over voltage is less likely to happen than under voltage or a power failure, however the process is the same as for a power failure.
There are 2 different types of UPS, online and offline, the most common type is an online UPS which is what we will talk about.

This is enough to cope with those annoying glitches but a typical UPS isnt designed to keep your business running in the event of a power failure. In large data centers UPS are typically employed to keep systems running whilst the generators start and get up to operating speed.
If your server takes 5 minutes to shutdown you would want to make sure that you had at least 10 minutes of power before you started the shutdown process.
An online UPS smooths out power fluctuations by taking the mains input voltage converting it to 12 or 24 volts to power an inverter which then produces a regulated 230 volts at 50Hz.

This is exactly the same as you doing this from a computer menu or command line, once the process has started it will run to completion even if the power comes back again. This makes sure that the applications are shutdown cleanly and you are very unlikely to loose any data.

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