VMware this week announced the beta of Cloud Foundry, it’s open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.
Cloud Foundry supports multiple developer frameworks, initially it will support Spring for Java, Rails and Sinatra for Ruby and Node.js.
VMware now also offers a similar solutions that several of its partners provide as well, as Chris Wolf, Research VP of Gartner mentions in his blogpost of last week titled: Is VMware a Provider or Enabler? With the past two announcements, you could say that VMware isn’t stepping on the toes of its provider partners, but it is standing so close to their toes that it is making them uncomfortable.
VMware can’t remain primarily as a platform for Windows applications in an area where Microsoft is a direct competitor.
Anything that creates the ability for developers to create portability in an application is almost always a good thing. Ansible is one of the four main players in the automation market, younger then the well known Chef and Puppet, has been launched in 2013 in Durham, N.C. If we compare with the same quarter in 2015 earnings per share, from continuing operations, decreased 22%. DockerCon 2016 began yesterday in Seattle with a number of announcements from Docker and key partners. Yesterday, Bellevue (WA) based company WinDocks, released a free edition of its homonymous port of the Docker daemon to Windows called WinDocks Community Edition.

Containers’ security is one of the emerging topics in those companies moving this technology into production. Today OpenStack Foundation has released the 13th version of its IaaS platform for public, private and hybrid clouds.
Yesterday Docker announced to have acquired a semi-stealth startup called Conductant, focused on workloads orchestration. Today Cisco announced the intent to acquire CliQr Technologies Inc., a privately held company based in San Jose, CA. Yesterday VMware announced version 7 of both its vCloud and vRealize suites, confirming its efforts to be relevant in the CMPs (Cloud Management Platforms) space.
Cloud Foundry integrates the Java development framework technology Spring which VMware acquired from Springsource in August 2009. The Micro Cloud is still to be released and will be provided in a VMware Fusion or Player VM running locally. It obviously speeds up the pace of innovation, but equally speeds the race to $0 for many aspects around this business. Springsource at that time already acquired infrastructure management firm Hyperic, for which the funding was provided by VMware. So the success of Open PaaS is very strategic to VMware because in my opinion VMware needs a strong application platform to compete against the likes of Microsoft and Oracle long term.

Cloud Foundry also integrates the messaging technology from RabbitMQ, which VMware acquired in April last year.
The latter will allow users with Framework 3.5 to write LINQ-enabled code, making it easier to filter and create DataSets and collections using the same syntax.
Cloud Foundry can also run locally in a single development environment (VMware Fusion or Player) which VMware calls a Micro Cloud. There are also vital improvements made to the CLR (common language runtime) and improved start-up and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) performance. Beginning this month VMware also acquired cloud-based backup services provider Mozy from EMC. Many of the new features have been included as new assemblies to prevent breaking any major changes. The LINQ-enabled coding features will be especially valuable to many users, and overall Framework 3.5 will help create a more interactive, personalised web experience. While easy to install it can be a little slow, but once up and running it's easy to operate.

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