I vantaggi dell’implementazione del cloud sono la facilita d’uso e la flessibilita nell’aggiungere e rimuovere capacita di elaborazione.
Questo sito utilizza i cookies per poter configurare in modo ottimale e migliorare costantemente le sue pagine web. According to recent data from HIS iSuppli Research, the number of cloud storage subscriptions will triple by 2017 as businesses and consumers alike take advantage of this adolescent technology’s maturing storage ability. Henrik Rosenthal of data management provider Quantum says that “most enterprises are still in the early adopter phase” of cloud computing, but those farther along the continuum will soon be ready to discuss their experience with public and private clouds – both what they liked and what needs improvement - in turn altering the subscription model landscape. While individual, public cloud storage options are typically free or available for a low monthly cost, business-level cloud computing often comes with a significant cost of use. Now, however, the rise of massive public services like AWS and Google Drive, along with private cloud offerings such as those from IBM, Microsoft and Oracle is shifting the subscription landscape to one favoring the buyer, not the seller. Expect to see a focus on a “pay as you grow” approach to the cloud through 2013, rather than one that metes out standard services no matter how much computing power a business actually needs.
Companies must also be able to up their compute usage on the fly, rather than waiting for a new billing cycle or risking an overcharge for access. The days of locked-in cloud subscriptions – where companies pay for power they don’t use and can’t move their data freely – are coming to an end. Doug Bonderud is a freelance writer, cloud proponent, business technology analyst and a contributor on the Dataprise website, a Maryland cloud service provider. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release.

Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. But with increasing interest usage comes the need for evolving subscription models based on specific business needs rather than a one-size-fits-all mantra – expect to see this as an emerging trend in 2013.
Initial subscription models from providers followed a “you’ll take what we give you” mantra since standards surrounding cloud uptime, access and performance weren’t firmly established; companies were essentially at the mercy of the few providers willing to offer cloud services. Adding speed to this shift is the increasing number of open-source projects, for example OpenStack and Cloud Foundry; any provider that clings tight to old subscription models won’t be in business for long. In addition, according to Aria Systems, a cloud-based subscription billing company, providers will need to adopt a 24-hour testing, modification and adaption cycle to fulfill the needs of business customers – or they’ll simply take their business elsewhere. In addition, providers need to offer more iron-clad security guarantees about how data will be handled and stored; business IT pros are much savvier than they were several years ago.
Anticipate a significant upswing in business-led subscription models through the coming year. He loves everything about digital world, technologies, social media and gadgets and has been prophetic in identifying the best ways to leverage and harness such news to drive sales growth for companies ranging from startups to huge organizations.
We get real time updates on Facebook and Twitter, constantly keeping abreast of activity taking place anywhere in the world at a given time, and so it makes sense that this way of creating and processing should also lend itself to the way we work. With cloud technology, all documents and information are centralised in one place, accessible anywhere at any time too. Cloud- computing also means that you and your team, your partners and your clients can all work on documents at the same time too-even if you are not in the same space, without the need to continually ping emails back and forth.

Because cloud computing also has strong disaster recovery capabilities costs allocated to making repairs is also minimal. Great Examples of Cloud Software to Make Your Life Easier TrelloBeing well organised and keeping abreast of all your projects and deadlines key to business success.
But day to day, it can be easy to get stuck focusing on particular tasks and forget about upcoming or other on-going projects - having a cloud based project management tool, such as Trello makes this easier for you. In the fast paced world of the twenty first century, the old school tact of having fluorescent post notes littering your walls, floors and coffee cups just won't cut it. With Sage depending on your business needs, you'll have a software package that enables HR and payroll management, time tracking, invoicing and accounting, plus more. GliffyEveryone knows that communicating ideas or important information in business takes on many forms, and in the digital age, with fewer people reading, using visual means is often the first choice. Whether you need an organizational chart for your team, flow charts for your projects or business processes, SWOT analysis for assessing and reviewing the strengths and weakness Gliffy is a great cloud based solution that enables to create and share a variety of visual presentations for your business.A post by Tej Adeleye (1 Posts)Tej Adeleye is author at LeraBlog.
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