Cloud Storage means storage of data away from users local system and across the span of dedicated servers which are meant for this.
In this article, we will present some of selected contributions for this concern which are open source and successfully being accepted by huge masses and big organizations.
A Dropbox replacement for Linux users, giving many functionalities which are similar to that of DropBox, ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server. Its open source functionality provides users with access to unlimited amount of storage space. Another file hosting software system which exploits open source property to avail its users with all advantages they expect from a good cloud storage software system. Seafile provides desktop client for Windows, Linux, and OS X and mobile clients for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Earlier known by the name AjaXplorer, Pydio is a freeware aiming to provide file hosting, sharing and syncing. Pydio is written in PHP and JavaScript and available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux and additionally for iOS and Android also. In itself, Pydio is just a core which runs on a web server and can be accessed through any browser.
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Nextcloud is a free and open source file hosting  solution which allows the users to keep and sync their files, mails, contacts and calendars from their mobile devices and desktop client to nextcloud server. Use the below yum command to install Apache Web Server (httpd), PHP packages and its other dependent packages.
Note: Please make sure wget and bzip2 packages are installed on your server, in case these packages are not installed then use the below command to install it. Specify the user name as admin and password that you want to set, Select the Database type as MariaDB and mentioned the database name, database user and its credentials.
Thanks for the Comments, In Case SELINUX is enabled on your Linux box, One should run the beneath commands as root . Orchard is built on a modern architecture that puts extensibility up-front, as its number one concern.
Going by the name, in technical field, Cloud is something which is virtual and provides services to end users in form of storage, hosting of apps or virtualizing any physical space.
At its earliest, CompuServe in 1983 offered its customers 128k of disk space which could be used to store files.
Project started in January 2010 with aim to provide open source replacement for proprietary cloud storage service providers. Along with a community edition released under General Public License, it also has a professional edition released under commercial license which provides extra features not supported in community edition i.e. As a project it was initiated in 2009 by Charles du jeu and since 2010, it is on all NAS equipment’s supplied by LaCie. With nearly 500,000 downloads on Sourceforge, and acceptance by companies like Red Hat and Oracle, Pydio is one of the very popular Cloud Storage Software in the market. Have 1+ years of experience in Linux and currently doing a research on its internals along with developing applications for Linux on python and C. If you have another server like nginx running, be sure to go into apache.config and change the port to something else for the apache webserver to run along with making a rule for the firewall for apache. Refer to the SELINUX section of NextCloud Admin guide for proper apps, data and config folder permissions.

There are many options available when it comes to content and page caching to increase performance even further and give the very best experience possible to your users. Now we're a small business in New York with 10+ full-time staffs fully devoted into the online blogging business. Now a days, Cloud computing is used by small as well as large organizations for data storage or providing customers with its advantages which are listed above.
Whereas this field is under active development and will be because of potential threats including: loss of data or information, data hacking or masquerading and other attacks, many organizations have come forward with their own solutions to Cloud Storage and Data Privacy which is strengthening and stabilizing its future. It is written in PHP, JavaScript and available for Windows, Linux, OS X desktops and even successfully provides mobile clients for Android and iOS. This is a production-ready release for powering your live sites, and is the result of years of development effort and contribution from the Orchard Team and Orchard active community. Orchard uses the latest technology to ensure it’s as performant as possible, even under heavy load.
The bugs are picked up by other Orchard developers who work on fixes and submit them to the public code repository after they’ve been reviewed by the team who looks after the project.
Regular updates are released for Orchard that includes bug fixes and additional functionality.
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