Unlike cPanel web hosts, we offer a hosting Control Panel-integrated Domain Manager, which allows you to register, transfer and manage your domains with ease. With us, you can choose where you want your site(s) to be hosted - in the USA, in the UK or even in Australia.
Launch a brand new site - blog, discussion board, CMS, e-learning portal or image gallery, today without needing to pay a dime!
Once you know what’s going to be the greatest game-changer for your online presence, it’s time to make a switch to a fully cloud-enabled solution or to adopt a hybrid solution that will maximize the benefits of traditional dedicated hosting while harnessing the elasticity of the cloud. Countless major companies are renovating their hosting solutions to incorporate the benefits listed above, which are currently the trademark features of the cloud. CWCS Managed Hosting has invested heavily, in the region of ?100,000 in the setup of our cloud hosting and will continue to invest in the future to ensure that we can deliver the best possible cloud solution to our customers. Using the best virtualisation platform on the market – VMware, our highly intelligent cloud solution is self-healing with automatic failover, offering a resilient and redundant cloud solution for mission critical websites and applications. Our public cloud allows you to have a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) in a multi-tenant environment which gives you the flexibility and freedom to scale your resources up or down depending on demand, ensuring your site or application can cope with any spikes in traffic, giving you a scalable solution at your fingertips. For more complex hosting solutions, we can cater a private cloud environment to suit your business requirements.
Using the Hybrid Cloud solution, you can could host your webserver on a traditional dedicated server and your mail server in the cloud, or if could host a development area for testing in the cloud and your website or business application on a dedicated server. Monthly thousands of people are creating websites & using various hosting companies for hosting their websites. We took lots of time to find these templates for you which will not only save your valuable times also will help you to find a perfect hosting template for your business. Though, Intensely seems like designed for business corporate purpose but it also can be perfectly used for hosting company. Which type of devices your uses are using doesn’t matter, because your website is going to look awesome on every kind of devices including iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Windows phones, Android & others. Hostro offers all the important pages that you will need for your hosting website such as modal login, register, about, pricing, contact, coming soon, 404 error & many more. Host Box is a landing template which will be perfectly suitable for start-up hosting, web developer hosting, and cloud hosting companies. Lots of mostly used elements implemented, for example pricing tables, slider, unique animations, testimonial carousel & many more. It includes 10 different homepage layouts, so you can easily choose one from them for getting start instantly. If you have some awesome portfolio & want to showcase them, then you are allowed to do that with this template.

All other necessary pages are packed with ZionHost like domain search, package tables, dedicated pages for hosting plans such as shard hosting, vps hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated, reseller & many more. Bighost is another excellent hosting website theme that offers tons of features related to the hosting industry. The design looks great, flat icons used in most of the content blocks along with font-awesome.
Though, ServerEast designed & developed especially for hosting providers but it also can be used for every kind of website with little modifications. There is no need to worry about slow page loading speeds or occasional downtimes due to server load issues. Data center location has a big impact on the loading speeds of your sites, so make sure you select the data center that is closest to your site visitors. The templates are available with some of the most popular web applications that you can install with a click from the Control Panel. The lightening fast CWCS Cloud, hosted on VMware vSphere HA with HP hardware is available on both Windows and Linux platforms and offers high availability, 100% uptime guarantee and no single point of failure.
The beauty of Hybrid hosting is that you can configure the solution to meet your exact requirements.
We monitor all our systems and routinely upgrade the infrastructure, providing high availability and enabling you to scale resources instantly. In this post we showcased some of the best quality free & premium web hosting templates.
This template can be use in various purposes like web hosting business, creative agencies, technology websites etc. Your website will look perfect in any devices because of the responsive technology integration. In this template you will find some nice features like services, features with flat icons, call-to-action, pricing tables, testimonials, clients logo & much more. All the codes are well structured & commented which will helps you to edit or change anything according to your requirements. It included with a working contact form, you just need to change the email address in order to receive emails. ZionHost packed with 100+ responsive html pages with all those features that you will need when you going to develop your hosting company website. Because a dedicated portfolio page included where a filterable portfolio gallery available.
In the homepage template you will find tabbed content area where you will be able to display various types of contents.

It includes 16+ valid html5 css3 templates with maximum hosting related features such as full-width slider on homepage, call-to-action, domain search, pricing tables, counters, client’s testimonials, smart footer design & lots more. Our system is built to guarantee an ultra-fast performance for your sites and stability in server overload periods. For instance, if your target audience is from the UK, the UK data center would be a natural choice.
Get an automatic setup of your mailboxes for popular email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Just select a script, then select a free theme for it, fill in some more details and click on the 'Install' button. Start saving time and money and call us today to see how NetHosting can reinvent the way you host. Hostro comes with responsive design & retina display which ensures about multi-screen compatibility. Over 5+ header styles & multiple footer styles available to choose from for presenting your website uniquely. Not only that, portfolio details page has thumbnail image gallery slider where your more work examples can be displayed beautifully. Bighost includes amazing slideshows with excellent animation through the premium revolution slider which you will get completely free with this item.
The designer integrated some cool css3 animations & effects which can attract user’s attention. It has included some nice features that you need to know, like flat icons, beautiful pricing tables, html5 animation, testimonials & lots more.
Lots of different type of elements were included for presenting packages, offers & services nicely. Multiple carousel slider integrated for displaying client logos, testimonials, plans & many more. You will find all the features into WebHosty that a hosting provider need for their business website. A fullscreen slider integrated for the homepage where you can display your most valuable contents & offers. Premium revolution jQuery slider included for creating amazing & attractive slideshows.

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