Our smart objects and connectors automatically adjust according to the diagram so you don't have to manually rearrange things as soon as you change a position of one object. The integrated Google image search and icon finder search make it very easy to add images to your flowcharts.
With SVG export you can draw using our flowchart software and add design elements to it using other SVG editors like Adobe Illustrator. Every change is preserved in the revision history so you can easily analyze the changes and reverse them if necessary. Shown above are some of the flowchart, workflow diagrams and process flow diagram templates available to our users. It doesn’t matter even if you are a beginner or a pro; Creately offers tools and templates to make flowcharting a smooth experience. Tapping your fingers on the edge of your desk in rapid, chaotic motions may typically annoy your cube mates, but if you’re all users of one of the two Autodesk Design Suites or Simulation tools, it may prompt a head-bobbing sing-along. The Design Suites came on the scene with the thought that wider access to complementary product lines within a grouping of products would be a good idea. Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2014 provides factory customers with exclusive access to interoperable, layout-specific workflows, cloud-based factory asset resources and powerful visualization and analysis tools that help increase design accuracy, efficiency and communication. March 26, 2013 — Autodesk today unveiled new Digital Prototyping software that offers manufacturers unprecedented access to the Autodesk portfolio — spanning the desktop and cloud — to more efficiently design, build and deliver better products faster at reduced costs.
The Autodesk design suites geared especially for manufacturers include Autodesk Product Design Suite and Autodesk Factory Design Suite.
Autodesk’s 2014 design suites are available in three cost-effective, convenient editions: Standard, Premium and Ultimate. Autodesk Revit interoperability that allows building product manufacturers to easily transform detailed Inventor assemblies into simple native Revit files for use as BIM content.
Suite subscribers will continue to have access to Autodesk 360 cloud services that extend desktop functionality to better enable collaboration, optimization and to promote design sharing and reuse. New for the Premium edition of Product Design Suite 2014 is the inclusion of Autodesk Inventor Professional software, which provides mechanical and electrical engineers the functionality for complete Digital Prototyping with integrated simulation, control systems and tooling capabilities. Next, Autodesk Navisworks Manage software — which provides project management capabilities including whole project review, scheduling, costing, visualization and collaboration — has been incorporated into the Ultimate edition. Additional new features for the 2014 suite include powerful annotations, an expanded factory assets library and improved point cloud workflows to capture the as-is state of a factory. The Autodesk Simulation family of products includes 2014 versions of Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, Autodesk Simulation CFD and Autodesk Simulation Moldflow and serves as a comprehensive set of simulation software tools that are highly interoperable and integrate into each phase of the product development process. Autodesk Simulation Moldflow: New conformal cooling functionality allows for highly efficient cooling path designs that in turn reduces mold cycle time and increases overall product quality.
Good information,Tapping your fingers on the edge of your desk in rapid, chaotic motions may typically annoy your cube mates, but if you’re all users of one of the two Autodesk Design Suites or Simulation tools, it may prompt a head-bobbing sing-along. Cerner Corporation is a leader in the healthcare information technology field whose global reach spans the United States, Europe and Asia. Cerner was implementing numerous solutions for application support across multiple business units, which resulted in high costs, since IT support engineers had to spend a significant portion of their time offering phone-based support without adequate mechanisms to view the end user’s screen.

Phone-based support was proving an ineffective and at times frustrating experience at both ends of the support exchange, since non-IT end users weren’t always able to adequately explain the problem.
To reduce costs and boost the productivity of its support team, Cerner sought a common platform for its global customer base and a simplified installer for end-user and point-to-point encrypted sessions. According to Heikki Kangas, technical project manager, “The need for a common remote support tool was tremendous. To address this situation, Cerner decided to adopt an integrated chat application to optimize efficiency and reduce overall support costs.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. For example our 1-click create and connect function (check the image to the right) will save you hours by cutting down on the time taken to drag, drop and manually connect objects. Not only do we allow you to export the diagram but you can even preserve the various links in the diagram if you export it as a PDF or a SVG. Our specially designed viewer helps you to embed any large flowchart in small spaces and view it using zooming functions.
In such a situation its important that you get proper feedback and input when mapping out your process using a flowchart. This feature alone saves you hours of time spent on attending meeting and back and forth email communications. You can use those templates or simply use the drag and drop interface to draw work flow charts and flowcharts.
Of course you'll get additional benefits from a paid account but the free version is perfectly fine to quickly create a flowchart. There are hundreds of professionally designed flowchart templates available to our users and more are added every day. Autodesk just announced the release of the 2014 Design Suites and with it, they they add a measure of of assembly performance, a folder-full of factory assets and a smidgen of free surface liquid simulation to round out top new features. It requires a subscription of course and you get a range of products you may not typically use, but for some it fits in nicely and establishes a better workflow. For the Product Design Suite, if you don’t need Alias Design or Navisworks, the addition of Inventor Pro is a big plus. The suites provide designers and engineers with a complete set of tools and cloud services to simplify design, visualization and simulation workflows from product development through delivery.
Finally, Product Design Suite now features AutoCAD Raster Design, a raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tool that helps users better utilize scanned paper drawings, maps, satellite images and similar data in their AutoCAD-based workflows. The suite also provides enhanced integration of Autodesk Vault product data management software for improved asset management. Compression molding allows for the simulation of large, light weight components with high quality surface finish needs, such as automotive vehicle panels. Purchasing a design suite with Autodesk Subscription helps customers stay current and connected with access to the latest workflows on desktops, mobile devices and in the cloud.
The solution had to ensure the highest level of security given the confidential nature of the data managed by their customers.

Founded in 1979, the company provides complete systems for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to manage and integrate all electronic health records, computer physician order entry (CPOE) and financial information.
Its technology is licensed by more than 9,000 facilities around the world, including 2,600 hospitals, 1,600 pharmacies and 3,500 physician practices. The solution had to guarantee the highest level of IT security, given the confidential nature of the medical data that Cerner clients managed. After researching various alternatives on the market, Cerner choose to integrate Support Ultimate in its application software. The ability to create embedded access within Cerner’s application software allows physicians and medical professionals direct access to Cerner engineers to immediately resolve Level 2 issues. This brings additional value to your exported diagrams and make the more data rich as well. And if you’re really passionate about diagrams and sharing you can even create your own templates and share with other users in the community. You can compare here, but for the price of Inventor Pro, you can get Product Design Suite Premium (subscription is about the same for both).
Additionally, Autodesk’s 2014 Simulation software portfolio delivers a faster, more accurate and flexible approach to predicting, optimizing and validating designs earlier in the design process.
Cerner’s clinical and administrative information systems link emergency rooms, pharmacies and other healthcare departments by allowing clinicians to organize and access medical data. The direct line of communication enabled by live chat has the dual benefit of enhancing customer experience while reducing support costs, since it eliminates the expensive phone queues and travel-related expenses Cerner engineers used to incur. The NTRglobal licensing model has made it a very cost-effective solution compared to other products on the market”, added Kangas. You can instantly see the changes made by each other so you can fix any issue then and there.
It's not just an online flowchart maker, but a comprehensive diagramming tool to visualize your ideas. For a comprehensive guide check out this complete flowchart tutorial, Want to know about symbols and case studies that use flowchart successfully? Actually, right now, the Autodesk online store is showing that you can buy the Design Suite Premium for less than Inventor Pro.
You can draw all four types of flowchart diagrams (Document Flowchart, Data Flowchart, System Flowchart, Program Flowchart) using Creately Flowchart Software.
Creately Flowchart Software offers a pain free, reliable and fun way to draw your flowcharts. And we only load the necessary libraries based on the diagram type so your diagramming area won’t get cluttered.

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