Visual Studio 2015 Preview adds new tools for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) development, including a Visual Diagnostics tool, a Timeline tool, and a redesigned Blend designer experience.
The release also includes full integration of the Unity Tools for Visual Studio, which enables developers to use the Visual Studio IDE for Unity application development. Visual Studio Community 2013 is the newest fully featured addition to the Visual Studio product lineup, aimed at students, open source contributors, small companies, startups, and individual developers.
If you need cross-platform mobile development tools for Android, iOS, and Windows, this is one of your best options. At first glance, you might think this seems like Visual Studio Express, and you’d be right.
If Community is free and includes targeting multiple platform support (though it’s still a Windows-only developer environment), what will happen to its predecessor? Microsoft today also reemphasized its commitment to helping organizations embrace a DevOps culture and revealed that more than 2 million registered developers are now on Visual Studio Online.
The first piece of news is that Release Management for Visual Studio is now available as a Visual Studio Online service preview, a capability previously available only to customers using Team Foundation Server. Next up are Cloud Deployment Projects with built-in blueprints, part of the Azure SDK 2.5 tools for Visual Studio made available today.

Finally, Microsoft today also demonstrated the next-generation build system for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online on stage.
Most interestingly, it will be capable of building code from external systems such as GitHub by leveraging the REST APIs and service hooks infrastructure available in Visual Studio Online.
These last two are not being released in preview, but given everything listed above, we think developers will forgive Microsoft. The new $349 Huawei GX8 is a well-built, midrange Android smartphone that will be sold unlocked. The release will include a few key improvements to the WPF platform, including support for transparent windows and multi-image cursor files.
Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) 2.0 Preview includes better support for debugger attributes and visualization for objects.
It is free, and it includes all the capabilities needed to create non-enterprise applications across desktop, devices, cloud, web, and services.
Visual Studio Community 2013 also includes dozens of great Visual Studio tools, including Peek, Blend, Code Analysis, Graphical Debugging, and full C# refactoring. More developers gain access to tools for a wide variety of technologies and platforms supported by the ecosystem, and extension authors gain new opportunities to build for a larger audience.

Since its release in October 2013, the suite has seen 7 million downloads, Somasegar told VentureBeat. They enable environment configuration to be captured as code (a key DevOps practice) and managed along with cloud projects and solutions in Visual Studio.
Even better, a new cross-platform build agent will allow teams to run builds on non-Windows machines, allowing developers for the first time to build for iOS and OS X by running builds on Macs. Last but not least, Microsoft has also released a preview of Visual Studio Emulator for Android.
It is cross-platform and open source, and apps can run side-by-side with different versions of the framework on the same server.

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