Why cloud storage is a cut-throat businessYou may have noticed that, in recent months, Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and others are fervently fighting to be your cloud storage provider of choice. Strategic dominanceThe more likely reason for such feverish competition in the cloud space is strategic dominance; for Google and Microsoft, cloud computing is where the next platform war will be pitched.
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The Quip online platform provides tools for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and lists in the cloud, but also integrates instant messaging functionalities. The Quip collaborative platform has been around for quite some time, but the focus has been mostly on mobile devices (iPhones and iPads). The Quip desktop clients (Mac and Windows) aim to close the circle by enabling you to manage the cloud content in a resource friendly environment.
To start using the Quip service, you need to register for an account by using your email address.
However, it is important to verify your email immediately after creating the account: in the case of Yahoo email addresses, you can go through the registration procedure multiple times with the same address until the account is verified, which can generate some confusion. By default, your account will be enrolled in the Quip basic plan, which comes with limited group usage, but will enable you to create shared folders, and allows you to access Quip from the desktop, from your iPhone, or using your tablet. Also worth mentioning are the capabilities specifically aimed at business or enterprise clients: user management functions, the possibility to create a custom team URL, extensive document recovery options, the right to form more than one team, more sophisticated security measures, and so on. Quip revolves around two primary functions: instant communication and the possibility to work on text documents and spreadsheets with your entire team, at the same time. This is where the desktop app and the web console begin to differ: in the Quip desktop client you seem to be able to view only the contacts that have enrolled in the service. At the same time, if you want to quickly import contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook address books, this is possible only by using the Quip web console.

Similarly, although through the web you get support for importing or uploading documents from or to other cloud services, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Basecamp, on the desktop side you must manually navigate to the respective folders. What’s more, the platform automatically generates a My Team Chat room for each account, which is synced to all connected users.
As far as text editing goes, Quip delivers essential capabilities mostly: you can create paragraphs, headlines of various sizes, or bulleted, numbered, and checkbox lists. Each document can be shared with anyone you like using a direct link, or you can move it to a shared folder and allow multiple collaborators to perform changes.
However, the document editor lacks elementary functions, such as the possibility to change the text alignment, a word and a characters counter, a built-in dictionary (even though the spell checking is automatically enabled), and so on. The documents created and edited in Quip can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PDF files.
Quip brings to the table a productivity solution that syncs to the cloud but also allows you to work offline, and can help you deal with everyday tasks regardless of whether you are in front of your Mac or you are working on your mobile device. The Quip platform also enables you to keep your team members connected and offers you the possibility to collaboratively work on the same file, without losing track of all the modifications. Furthermore, the Quip desktop client fails to emulate some capabilities offered by the web console when dealing with contacts or importing and uploading files to and from other cloud services. Bottom line, if you are looking for a stress-free solution to keep lists and other casual information synced on all your devices without having to deal with various cloud tools or file management systems, Quip is definitely worth your while.
On the other hand, if you are planning to work with large teams, manage numerous contacts, and want to produce complex documentation files, you might find yourself needing additional software on top of what Quip has to offer. Unlike Backblaze which runs its own hardware, Dropbox uses Amazon S3 for storage, which charges $0.055 per gigabyte per month for clients using more than 5 petabytes (Dropbox stores around 40PB). With Windows 8, you will log in with your Live ID and all of your documents and settings will automatically sync with the cloud, allowing you to freely roam between devices (or access your files from any web browser).
Dropbox specializes in cloud storage and it works quite well on the devices I’ve tested it on.
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The Quip desktop client enables you to access the service without having to use a web browser.
Until now, if you had to access your Quip projects on the desktop, you could only do it with the help of an Internet browser.

The application emulates the same web console design, so if you have been using the service previously, you should not have any issues. For more advanced functions, you can upgrade your subscription plan by paying a monthly fee.
Naturally, you must start by adding members to your team: just insert their email addresses.
The web version will list all the contacts added by the users, regardless of them being registered with Quip or not. When working with large teams, this can produce numerous chat rooms with the same name, so feel free to rename or even delete them if necessary. In addition, you get to insert images, spreadsheets, mentions, comments, links, or code blocks. Moreover, thanks to the desktop notifications integration, you are instantly alerted about each change. The text formatting is preserved in the first two cases, but during our tests the spacing in a PDF document was off. As a result, under certain circumstances you will still have to use Quip's web interface. Backblaze didn’t provide us with its customer count, but its CEO did tell us that the company is profitable (Backblaze has 13 employees, incidentally, and they all receive full salaries). I also like their tagging structure because it helps keep me more organized than Windows or dropbox. But in this post i will explain Da cracka's game of war dig site blog sunday, july 19, 2015. Dropbox, with 100 million users, is by far the largest cloud storage provider — but the vast majority of those are freeloaders. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.
The number of paid users is probably quite small, and thus the profit margins are probably quite slim too.
If Microsoft, Google, and Apple can build cloud backup and file sharing into the operating system, what purpose does Dropbox serve?

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