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IT organizations need the right tools and technologies to make hybrid cloud strategies a flexible and efficient reality for their organizations. Learn how to address inhibitors to cloud adoption, recognize data challenges in the cloud and seamlessly move data in the cloud with this FREE EBOOK!!.
A study exploring the business case and carbon emissions reduction potential of using cloud computing as part of the business IT estate.
Across business, executives are looking for ways in which they can operate more sustainably and thereby increase their competitive edge.

This study used detailed case study evidence from 11 global firms and assessed the financial benefits and potential carbon reductions for a firm opting for a particular cloud computing service.
SSL certificates make it possible for users around the world to communicate sensitive information with the confidence that it is safe from malicious hackers. Learn about the many ways in which code-signing certificates are being used to create more secure, more trustworthy, and more accepted software. Learn about the various features of the components that comprise the View family, improvements in version 6, and any notes or requirements for implementation. Quick Start: Setup CentOS 7 as a DHCP Server In our EARLIER POST , we saw how to configure a DNS server on a CentOS 7 system.
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Information Communications Technology (ICT) is seen as a key area of focus for achieving sustainability goals. It also demonstrates how projected cloud computing adoption could drive economy-wide business benefits from a financial and carbon reduction perspective in the US.

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