On the engineering side, we’ve made great strides in a short timeframe, bringing together Office 365 and Yammer teams to deliver regular updates against our roadmap. The threats and challenges you face havena€™t changed much in the past year, but youa€™re finding a better recipe for protecting your corporate data and networks, according to our eighth annual Global Information Security Survey. Of the 12,847 business and technology executives surveyed worldwide, 67 percent place a priority on security procedures that help your organization minimize risk.
Your customers want to spend their money online and use more fancy apps to do ita€”and onA mobile devices, too. The financial meltdown two years ago may have stalled some of your security initiatives, but 56 percent of you said increasing risks have elevated the role and importance of security at your company.
Sixty-two percent of you have little to no confidence in your ability to secure any assets that you put in the cloud. Asked what they think is the greatestA risk to their cloud computing strategy, respondents said they were uncertain about their ability to enforce security policies at a provider site, and were concerned about inadequate training and IT auditing. James Pu, CIO for the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (Lacera), is among the skeptics.
Larry Bonfante, CIO of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), on the other hand, is among those IT leaders who are cautiously moving to the cloud.
Hea€™s moved all internal back-end systems to the Amazon Web Services (AMZN) platform, believing that Amazona€™s security resources will supplement those of his own organization.
Before cloud computing can become universally accepted as a secure option, a few things have to happen, says Ken Pfeil, CSO for a large mutual fund company in the Boston area and formerly CSO for financial companies Capital IQ and Miradiant. First, he says, security experts must come up with moreA specific guidelinesA for which kinds of data are acceptable to store in the cloud, be it customer information or intellectual property.

Hea€™s not satisfied that those questions have been answered, especially when it comes to the kinds of financial data that can go to the cloud.
Yammer and Microsoft have come together with a single vision – to bring enterprise social to all businesses by weaving these capabilities into the apps people use every day.
Right now our teams are actively focused on foundational work around identity, content and messaging that will drive seamless connected experiences across Office 365 and other applications. On March 1, we began offering Office 365 and Yammer together as part of Enterprise Agreements. They are excited about the transformational potential of enterprise social and recognize the combined value of Office 365 and Yammer. In March, Microsoft detailed the transition and how Yammer will co-exist with Office 365 and Sharepoint. It’s going to be critical to have universal identity in order for these systems to talk to each other and for IT to control access and permissions. But you realize you must make do with more targeted spending on technology and bring in outside security expertise to manage what your IT staff cana€™t. So you have to guard against vulnerabilities attackers can exploit to steal your customersa€™ private data and other core assets. Even among the 49 percent of respondents who have ventured into cloud computing, more than a third (39 percent) have major qualms about security.
He says he loves the flexibility and agility cloud computing could provide, but hea€™s wary of the inherent availability and security risks. From a security standpoint, his greatest concern isA protecting consumer dataa€”a tall order given that, for example, approximately 80 percent of tickets for U.S.

Bonfante says the benefits include lower costs and fewer servers for his IT staff to baby-sit, which has allowed him to deploy new solutions more quickly. He also wants clarification from regulatory agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission as to how financial reporting controls should work in the cloud.
Sales have increased 259% year-over-year, marked by 312 new customers and their best user engagement statistics ever for the month of March 2013. Realizing this vision requires close alignment in product development, sales and marketing. We will further simplify the customer buying experience and increase global scale by fully integrating our sales teams this summer. He says the cloud has also reduced the USTAa€™s carbon footprint: Less on-site hardware means less energy is used to power the IT shop. We’re going from about a hundred sellers at Yammer to several thousand Microsoft sellers around the world bringing customers the benefits of enterprise social. Meanwhile, increasingly complex business relationships are forcing you to give outsiders greater access to your internal systems.
He isna€™t ready to let those transactions happen in the cloud yet because he is not convinced that all the technological pieces are in place to do it securely. You need protection from an attack against a business partner that might spill over to your network.

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