Bookviser, is a free Windows 8 eBook reader app, that provides you with a really good customizable environment to read the books of ePub and fb2 file formats.
It comes with all necessary book reading tools that includes find, bookmark, table of content, jump to page etc. There’s lot more in the app. There’s no doubt that the app has a good UI, along with a really good-looking reading environment; that makes reading eBooks a really good experience.
The app is aided with all essential eBook reading features, and this includes: changing font style and size.
Another good thing in this app is it gives you enough options to change the settings of the app. Explore exclusive shopping and restaurant offers at thousands of nationwide and local chains. The customization that you can do includes change font style, size, and line spacing, change color scheme, change to night mode etc.

If you like reading, and use eBook reader apps often, then this is a Windows 8 eBook reader app that you must check out. The app automatically syncs itself with fonts that are available locally in your Windows 8 devices.
It does search the words but doesn’t highlights them on the page, which makes you read the page again. Moore and over 100,000 other retail stores, gas stations & restaurants inside The Coupons App. The slider is pretty useful for quickly jumping to a particular page in case, if you don’t remember page number. I liked the fact that it gives enough customization options for both reading as well as app settings.
Plus the app also has some pre-built Open Publication Distribution System catalogs, from where you can browse and download eBooks of supported types.

All these, that is fonts, page colors, and night mode; helps in providing you with the best reading environment. A plus point of using this app to read books is, it resumes a book from last opened page; where you left it. However it does need some improvements like supporting more file types and highlighting searched words on the page. The app also has 4 pre-built eBook catalogs, from where you can search, view details and download it in app’s cloud.
The bottom flyout has the buttons for all these reading features that includes: Font, Color, Settings, Search, Go to, Add Bookmark, Bookmarks, and Contents.

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