Because the software is hosted in the cloud, our software platform is constantly being improved with new features which are free to everyone.
All server hardware and equipment use industry-leading components, ensuring very high levels of performance and reliability.
We’ve used eTracktion systems for group tickets and season passes for over 10 years at 7 different parks. As a small waterpark, it was difficult to find a ticketing solution that met our needs at a price we could afford.
Maintain state awareness with multi-layer illumination of workloads and physical and software-defined infrastructure. Know capacity limits up to 3 months in advance with Capacity Planning and ROI-targeted infrastructure reports. Prevent service disruption, crashes, and resource failures, with AppFormix infrastructure risk exposure analytics. The AppFormix product helps Operators improve the agility of ANY OpenStack or Kubernetes cloud. Through its unique “smart agent” approach to data collection and analysis, AppFormix offers deep, meaningful insights in real-time by analyzing the system’s most accurate, high resolution and relevant data—all while consuming fewer resources than other monitoring systems. Real-time data informs the best possible decision making—especially when it comes to orchestrating resources and detecting faults in the infrastructure. AppFormix Risk Analysis uses proven algorithms to synthesize monitoring data and predict infrastructure failure or service disruptions. Cloud infrastructure is shared infrastructure, and therefore resource contention is inevitable.
The result is a cloud environment that is predictable, reliable and responsive to the needs of applications. AppFormix Capacity Planning helps cloud operators to predict resource usage trends, and clearly reveal areas where resources are being wasted or areas where resources are needed more abundantly.

Operators depend on AppFormix, not only for predictive analytics and capacity planning, but also as a quality monitoring solution.
As part of a great monitoring experience, we have created a powerful and highly expressive alarm triggering language that allows Operators to create custom alarms and events. Working in today’s digital age is changing the way companies store, organize, and transmit information.
Here are three reasons businesses are adopting cloud-based business solutions to keep their digital workspaces in order.
It’s no surprise that 87% of businesses are using cloud-based solutions to keep all of their business-related files, contacts, documents and expenses stored in one place. Whether you’re on a business trip, meeting with potential clients, working from home or managing a remote team, the remote access benefits that come with cloud-based solutions allow your team to access the office from anywhere in the world. Make the switch from sticky notes and handwritten lists to digital versions of those to-do lists and documents so you never lose important information ever again.
By introducing project management tools into your daily workflows, you can stop constantly chasing after coworkers and clients for status updates via email and start working more efficiently. Tasks, projects and due dates are gathered and easily viewable in one centralized place, replacing the need for personal organization systems, inefficient handwritten notes and frustrating searches through old emails when you’re looking for a particular email or attachment. Did you know that 51% of businesses using cloud-based solutions report saving time on managing IT? Not only will this save you time from opening, updating and working across various programs, email accounts and folder systems, it will also help you keep track of all tasks that need to be completed across multiple aspects of your business. With no per-ticket fees, we can offer small add-on items like meals or cooler passes and still make a profit.
No technical expertise required, we manage your server hardware, security and back-ups, saving you time and money on IT costs.
Your software and data are protected behind multiple firewalls using industry best practices for network security.

However, through state-driven automation and policy-based resource utilization, AppFormix removes the guesswork of allocating resources and allows operators to manage their infrastructure efficiently. Our Capacity Planning tooling was also designed with CIO's and IT managers in mind to help them track and improve infrastructure expenditure and increase the ROI of their enterprise cloud. The AppFormix dashboard for monitoring is completely customizable and designed with Operators and their daily IT battles in mind. And while the days of filing cabinets and manila folders are not completely over, keeping your digital workspace organized has never been more important.
Not only will this eliminate the need for keeping track of countless pieces of paper, this will ensure that their vital contents are always accessible when you’re on the go. Coworkers can collaborate and communicate digitally in one place with a project management platform.
Consider adopting an all-in-one solution that offers a centralized dashboard from which to run the majority of your businesses, such as customer relationship management (CRM), timesheets, expense reports, project roadmaps and more.
Sign up for a 14-day free trial and begin reaping the time-saving and cost-effective benefits of an all-in-one cloud-based solution today! All of your data is automatically backed up to different geographic zones to ensure against data loss. Can’t remember the last time you followed up with a former client while off-site at a business meeting? affiliate program
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