Bullhorn provides crm and relationship management software for service-based industries such as staffing, recruiting, pr, marketing, consulting, and more..
Best customer relationship management (crm) software, user friendly & affordable cloud based crm software.
Free 30 day trial, sage crm offers customer relationship management solution ability connect understand customers.
Salesnet crm leading provider crm solutions & customer relationship management software. Customer relationship management (crm) term refers practices, strategies technologies companies manage analyze customer interactions. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Each of these packages are current (released within the last few years), cloud-based and feature tools that are great for small teams.Want a custom price quote for different project management options? It’s how they discuss project details, share files, schedule appointments, etc.Can this software replace email? Not only does it have all the features essential for small teams, but the tools are very strong.
Basecamp displays your uploaded files, allows you to start discussions and collaborate on text documents directly on the project page.
This makes it easy to stay organized and makes it more likely team members will actually use the software instead of email.Secondly, Basecamp does a great job of filtering information so you only have to see what’s relevant to you. If you want, however, a project manager can easily view the progress of individual employees or the team as a whole.Visit BasecampWhen Basecamp Is Not The Best Project Management SoftwareBasecamp excels at task management and collaboration for teams. However, because of the time it takes to set up a project, it may feel inefficient for drawing or visualizing small projects.Trello is great for very small teams (2 to 3 people) who want a tool for planning projects. Trello is not good at managing tasks or monitoring progress on a team level, but it’s flexible design makes it great for visualizing project steps.Visit TrelloInsightly combines CRM software with project management and is great for small teams who work on a lot of projects at once (more than 10 or 15).

Also, the Insightly project menu has excellent tools for sorting through projects.Visit InsightlyTrello vs. There’s a single “main” page and it just takes one click to start drawing out a new project.
You can click to view latest updates and discussions, but otherwise these details are hidden from the main page.
If you have more than 10 projects, however, this can get cluttered.A little more complex than Trello, but also a lot more powerful. Basecamp also has several tabs on the top menu that give you different “views” of your project(s).
You can view a calendar of upcoming tasks, your personal to-dos or the to-dos of any employee. You can also use the “Everything” tab to search through all files, discussions and more.A simple, easy to navigate system. Also, there’s no easy way to add or reorder the steps of your project.Asana is designed like a desktop. This keeps the layout simple when you first open it, but finding a specific file or discussion can be difficult.Best Project Management Software Free OptionsYes. Trello has a free option for an unlimited number of users with an unlimited number of projects. It has most of the same features as the paid version except admin positions and permission levels. The free version of Insightly has most of the same features as the paid version but you can only add 3 users. You can have up to 15 users on the free version with unlimited projects, but like Trello, there’s no permission levels.
You can’t control what users can view and edit.Best Project Management Software Paid OptionsFor a team of 8 people, these packages range from $240 to $670 per year.

The cheapest option is basecamp at $240 per year, however there is a 10 project limit at this level. Trello is in the middle at $360 and Insightly and Asana are the most expensive at $600 to $670 per year.
For teams of 2 to 3 people you can probably use the free version of each app (except Basecamp, since there isn’t a free version.)If you have more than 7 or 8 team members, you’ll probably want to update Trello for the permission levels.
Trello is the best software for drawing to-do lists, but Basecamp far excels at managing tasks.To-do lists are at the core of the system. You can instantly draw out projects step-by-step and edit or rearrange them with a single click. To do this, you have to scroll through all the projects and find which cards have your initials tagged on them. Also, there’s no advanced task management features like time tracking or expense tracking.Basecamp isn’t as great as Trello for quickly drawing and visualizing projects, but the task management is very strong. When team members are assigned tasks, they’ll show up on a personalized dashboard, so they don’t have to sort through the clutter to find what they should be working on.
If you want to re-use the steps of a project, basecamp lets you save details as a template so you don’t have to re-type them later on. Also, you can integrate 3rd party tools to track time and expenses for each task.There’s no quick way to draw out projects in Insightly. You can set up a project so that once a stage is finished, all the tasks of the next stage are automatically sent out to employees.

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