Are you looking for the best free cloud-based CRM for your business? We’re here to help!
Add all of your leads, customers, and accounts and access them from any device or computer in the world. Your customers and contacts are important, it’s time to start remembering all of the important details about them. A company without CRM is like fish out of water – continuous growing competition, high customer attrition rate and frequent change in customers’ buying trends are most common challenges for an organization to sustain and grow further. Most of the CRM applications with free basic plan allow only couple of users to have free account but Bitrix24 allows 12 users to create free account with 5 GB space. Main drawbacks of Insightly CRM Free plan – it limits to store only 2500 records and allows to create 8 custom fields. Really Simple Systems CRM is really simple application with great functionalities like Sales automation, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Task and Activities handling, Reporting. There are many other cloud based free CRM applications as well like Podio, Clevertim, Raynet, Highrise, FreeCRM.
Though we have listed down 5 cloud based free CRM applications here, we highly recommend an organization to try Bitrix24 and Zoho CRM.If you want to know which FREE CRM suites for your business most, please contact us to get free quote. Very Informative article, After database crash I’m looking for CRM for the magazine our family business produces monthly. Retailer CMOs are the hardest hit, while tech and financial services sectors are increasingly looking to the consumer sector for new hires. Digital is the new currency in our new hyper-connected era, enabling new business initiatives and marketing campaigns that may have been too costly and impractical in the past. Pokemon Go successfully delivers on user experience, adoption, monetization and growth potential, according to Madhusudhan Gurumurthy of MediaMath. Pioneering companies are showing that it’s possible to understand each customer to such an extent that you can genuinely market in context. This case study follows how Belgian banking and insurance group, KBC, simplifies its monitoring and forensics operations with Gigamon.
For hundreds of years, businesses have relied on keeping their contact list up to date with phone numbers, email addresses (not applicable to cavemen), and important details about their leads and customers. Contact management comes into play when a business must know more information about a contact than just a phone number.

Manage all contacts and related activities from a shared, centralized database with your team.
Stay organized and work smarter by putting more emphasis on your leads and previous customers. Start remembering their birthdays, children’s names, hobbies, and favorite products by entering them online and pulling it up when needed.
CRM is the only solution for an organization to nurture existing contacts properly and capture new customers. It has web apps for almost everything that a SME needs like CRM, email integration, file sharing, social networking.
Its free version provides very basic CRM functionalities with 2 free user accounts and 10 MB file storage. But free edition of these CRM applications have more limited features like Podio does not include user management facility, Clevertim has no file storage and FreeCRM is free for 1 year only.CRM market is ever changing and highly competitive place, so it is really tough to tell which one is best cloud based FREE CRM. If you are a 1 person operation or a small to large business, you can rest assured that everything is safe, secure, and encrypted. Invite others to participate in tasks or events and get in sync with your new shared calendar that synchronizes with Google. But it is really tough for a small or medium organization to spend a good amount to setup CRM application.
It’s free edition allows an organization to create 10 free accounts with 1 GB space and limited functionalities but all these are sufficient for a small or medium company to generate leads, manage contacts and increase revenue. It can be synchronized with various Google apps as well like Google calendar, Google contacts.
It provides the capability to import contacts from Gmail or Outlook or a simple spreadsheet. But if these limitations are acceptable and want a simple way to start CRM, it is worth to give a try.
Beside CRM functionalities like contact management, opportunity management or task management, it has an unique feature called List. It also includes integration with KashFlow and SageOne accounting applications, custom reports, custom fields on all objects. We contact advertisers and book in adverts, our system also sent out email invoices which were later typed into sage.

Think about the last time your computer or software crashed and how much money was spent on a technician to fix it and the cost of downtime on yourself and your organization. Also it provides web to lead and web to contact form facilities to capture leads or contacts in web forms. List uses filtering criteria based upon any possible options in CRM like name, updated on, type or status to group similar kind of contacts or opportunities or cases. Drawbacks: Free plan supports only sales automation, not marketing automation or customer service management. PayPanther guarantees a 99.9% up-time so you can focus on what matters most – making money! With CRM object navigation bar at the top, there is a text link bar as well to bookmark contacts, cases or opportunities that you have accessed recently. Also it limits to create only 100 accounts with unlimited contacts, tasks and opportunities. But there are lots of free open source CRM software with rich functionalities and number of such free CRM applications is continuously growing which is bit confusing for an organization to choose the right CRM for business.
Though it has good integration capability with other third party applications, free version has very limited integration features. Another drawback with free plan is that it allows to store only 250 contacts with unlimited opportunities and unlimited cases. Here we will discuss best 5 cloud based free CRM applications which could be life saver for a small or medium organization. The company was founded in Ireland in 2012, and provides cloud based business services to over 1000 companies worldwide."As a collaboration medium, an internal social network is much better than email. Users can click on the name of a person mentioned in a note about a phone call, and instantly view all other notes written earlier about that person. Browsing relationships this way, managers and sales professionals can instantly get a detailed history of any customer, or business opportunity.Bodru also lets users attach files to their notes, including photos, PDFs, word processing files.

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