Check out our specials page to see if you are eligible for a discounted price on Xero Bookkeeping Courses! You get all 3 Xero training courses for one low price and 12 month access, including new course content for no extra cost. EzyLearn is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and as a course creator we have a commitment to providing you with top quality training courses, which use real world scenarios, at an affordable price. Our focus is on education and on creating new content regularly so all students get access to new Xero Course content at no cost during their membership period. Like our Microsoft Excel, MYOB, WordPress, Google, Content Marketing and all other courses we are regularly developing new content and adding it to our various courses and as an EzyLearn student you get access to this content for no extra charge during your course access period. Unlike some training companies, we include all our training content for one price so our current Xero Course includes Setup and Daily Transactions & Reporting AND Payroll. If you are interested in doing more than one course OR you manage a team of people and are interested in our other courses we have ALL YOU CAN LEARN training programs that might suit your business needs.
In the Xero Daily Transactions Course you will learn about the different dashboards for various parts of the Xero software. How to send or issue invoices to one customer or many customers at the one time, to save a repeating invoice and much much more. Credit notes could not be simpler when using Xero, you wont get confused with them and they take seconds to generate, just like a sales invoice.
These videos below will aid and assist you to get your payroll users and settings correctly set up so then you can start adding employees and processing pay runs. We are convinced from the feedback from thousands of happy students that we offer a money back guarantee.
All Xero training course enrolments are accepted online via our online training course enrolment form.
When you click on the Xero Course Enrolment link, scroll towards the bottom of the course list to see the pricing. Enrol into this course and you’ll automatically get free access to the first course for several of our other online courses.Click the image to see the other courses we offer. XERO Payroll Training CourseSetting our user permissions, Linked Account Setup, Payroll Settings – Payslips Setup, Pay Items Setup, Calendar Setup, Super Setup, Manage your Employees, Employees Details, Employment, Tax Declaration, Leave, Bank Accounts, Pay Template, Opening Balances, Processing Payroll using Xero. Function Libraries WindowMapForce provides an extensible library of data processing functions, which are available in the library window of the design interface. Setting Debug BreakpointsThe MapForce debugger supports breakpoint functionality that will be familiar to developers experienced at debugging source code. Previously, viewing the output of a mapping was a time consuming process of generating program code, compiling it, and then viewing the results.
When mapping to a database, the output preview displays the SQL commands that would be executed against the database as a result of your mapping. This is useful when encountering data that is not stored in a file, but arrives in the form of a string of characters. No matter which of our courses you enrol into you’ll be able to use your login details to access all of these online courses for free!

You will learn your way around the main screen dashboard, as well as your Sales and Purchases Dashboards.
We show you how to set up your linked accounts, take you for a look at the individual pay and line items and also how to add a new (or various) payroll calendars. We provide simple, customised and IRAS-compliant solutions that cover the fields of accounting, Inventory management, payroll, point of sales (POS), fixed asset and ERP packages. The design pane (shown above)is the part of the MapForce interface where you graphically define your mapping components, add functions and filters for data manipulation, and drag connectors to transform between source and target formats.The design pane includes many user-friendly features that help you to easily work with, identify, and redefine even the most complex mappings.
The library window displays the libraries and individual functions in a hierarchical tree structure you can expand and collapse. Breakpoints can be placed on any input or output node, to pause mapping execution at that point, and conditional breakpoints are supported.Debug by StepsMapForce supports several commands for stepping with various levels of granularity to manually debug a data mapping or continue execution after a breakpoint is reached, allowing users to view as much detail as they need. The built-in MapForce Engine allows you to execute mapping transformations, then immediately view and save the result of a mapping as it would be generated in XQuery, Java, C++, or C# - all in one intuitive window. Mappings to flat files have output in CSV or text files, mappings to EDI targets produce EDIFACT messages or X12 transaction sets, mappings to Excel produce Office Open XML (OOXML) markup, and mappings to XBRL taxonomies produce XBRL financial reports. The MapForce Engine also allows you to actually run the SQL script to execute the transformation and make the changes to the database. As you are visually designing data mappings, MapForce is generating an XSLT stylesheet for you behind the scenes. For example, XML data is often stored in a database fields, or a message from a remote server may be formatted as JSON data. You can insert a Web service as a look-up function, source, or target.During execution, MapForce connects to the service and displays the results in the Output window. If you prefer to send us a cheque or make an electronic funds transfer, complete the form and wait for the Confirmation email to arrive – this give you all the information you need. For example, clicking an item name automatically selects it for connecting to another item.
At any time, you can preview the XSLT stylesheet code by clicking on the XSLT tab at the bottom of the main design window.In addition, when you insert a new XML Schema, DTD, or XBRL taxonomy into MapForce, you can optionally supply a sample XML instance document to accompany it. This data can be inserted into a data mapping and now processed further in its native format.
You can also generate Java or C# code to implement the mapping.Legacy Data IntegrationAs technology rapidly advances, organizations are often left burdened with legacy data repositories that are no longer supported, making the data difficult to access and impossible to edit in its native format.
Or, you can choose Java, C++, or C# to automatically generate a turnkey application from your design. Useful pop-ups can be prompted by positioning your mouse over certain parts of the mapping connections where you can view additional information such as mapping target item(s) or datatype.Connections are easily moved by clicking and dragging to the desired target, and duplicate connectors (from the same source to another target) can be created by dragging a connection while simply holding down the CTRL key.
This feature helps you navigate even the largest data mapping project with ease.Schema Generation and EditingIf you do not have an associated schema for your XML instance, MapForce can generate an XML Schema when you open or load an XML document. If you choose to provide sample data, MapForce allows you to easily preview the results of a sample transformation as you are working by clicking on the Output tab at the bottom of the main design window. This empowers you to implement data integration and Web services applications without writing any code.

Activating the autoconnect child items icon allows you to automatically connect all child items of the same name under the parent item.When you move a component in the mapping window, visual auto-alignment guidelines appear, allowing you to align the component to any other component.
You can edit any XML Schema using Altova XMLSpy by right clicking it in the MapForce design window and selecting the Edit Schema option. MapForce-generated code is royalty-free, so you may deploy it without additional fees or deployment adaptors. We are able to see to your company operation and advise on which brand or functions suits you the most. When you connect to a database, MapForce displays its tables in a hierarchical tree in the browser pane.
Connect output components to the Web service to pass the result to another component or write it to a file.MapForce also supports generic HTTP Web services that typically carry custom request or response structures in the message body. Executing data transformations with the MapForce Engine greatly simplifies the process of testing and perfecting complex mappings, saving time and increasing productivity.
MapForce supports both JSON or XML data in the request or response body, allowing you to call virtually any HTTP Web service that requires or returns XML or JSON structures.Manual definition of settings in the Web Service Call definition dialog allows developers to define settings based on a template URL.
Meanwhile our extensive, well-trained and readily available team of engineers is waiting to help you.
The debugger allows users to single step through a mapping and see the data actually flow from the sources to the target nodes step by step along the way.
With additional support for automating data integration, MapForce is an ideal middleware product for connecting distributed applications in any enterprise, Web-based, or even Cloud architecture.The data integration process can often seem overwhelming, and this is often compounded by the vast number of large-scale, complex, and costly enterprise integration applications available on the market. This is a convenient step when developers test and refine Web service calls in a Web browser window, since they can copy the URL from the browser to become the template.
You can easily integrate data from multiple files or split data from one file into many, and MapForce supports chained transformations to empower complex mappings in which the output of one mapping becomes the input of another. The MapForce debugger is supported with menu commands, a special toolbar, and helper windows that are opened automatically while the debugger is running, so users can trace the intermediate processing operations and examine data values during mapping execution.In the image at right, the highlighted word a€?truea€? indicates the last generated value before execution paused at a breakpoint.
Other intermediate data values are also displayed directly on the data mapping window.The MapForce data mapping debugger provides deep insight into the exact inner workings of data integration and ETL projects in a way that was never possible before, not even in much higher-cost mapping products. This means that you can re-use your data integration mappings again and again as your business data changes.If you need to make changes to your mapping along the way a€“ to accommodate for underlying schema changes, for instance a€“ MapForce offers a variety of automation features that help ease this process. That’s why our range supplies you with only the most premier software available, software that will bring a new era of efficiency, simplicity and co-ordination to your operations.
Our brands are at the head of the industry,…Clients Say After using Sage_Ubs Accounting, I am very pleased with the results I received. I think the best part of the system is the flexibility of their report writier, With their intelligent queries wizard, ICharade EnterPrise Pte LtDWe can even customize our own format or report, simple and easy to learn. A button has been added inside the component diagram that allows the user to set string processing vs.

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