Return of the Start Button!August 15, 2013 by Effective IT0 CommentIt has been almost 12 months since Microsoft released the latest version of its flagship product, Microsoft Windows 8.
It seems however, after listening to their customers, Microsoft will be bring back the old faithful start button to the Windows 8 platform. The release date for the much anticipated update is October 18th worldwide, however a preview is available already. About the AuthorChris Herbert is a self confessed nerd and an expert in the field of small to medium business IT solutions.
Criticism reaching the web in the last few days accuses the company of launching an unfinished product, pointing to the number of errors experienced by users as living proof. Such an error is 0x80070032, which, according to a number of complains posted online, shows up when trying to synchronize the sent folder in the Mail app. Microsoft hasn't yet replied to this long Community forums discussion, but it appears that there are several other Mail errors encountered when trying to access the inbox. Data backup – the software allows the user to copy files in an external location when transferring files.
Synchronizing – Contact in Google, outlook and yahoo can be synchronized between the phone and PC using this software. Notifications – when online the software will notify the user when new applications arise and will ease the updates for the old ones.

File exchange – Samsung users can exchange files between the PC and the phone which makes the application practical.
Multi-media management – the software gives the user freedom when it comes to multimedia management. The latest version of Kies allows you to connect to the phone using Wi-Fi and synchronize it. Feel free to contribute!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
However initial adoption was slow and the tech giant received much resistance and flack for the removal of the beloved and familiar start button. There are other features and updates that are coming with Windows 8.1, however we believe that no one will really notice as they will be too busy smiling and the return of their much pined for start button! One can also synchronize, photos, videos and playlist which enhances your entertainment experience. One can manage the photo albums, create slide shows for the photos, created audio playbacks and visualize videos.
The software has intuitive graphic user interface making it easy to create a bridge between your phone and the PC. I was able to sync the Inbox but for (an) unknown reason(s), The Sent Items folder will not sync.

Kies will give you such features as enhanced speed, improved functionality and Android software updates. How long it takes depends on how many contacts you’re importing.Do you want to delete your Gmail Contacts?
Verify you’ve downloaded your contacts and then proceed to delete Google Contacts.Would you like automatically and directly sync Outlook with your devices?
There's no waiting or pressing a lot of buttons, it's as simple and easy as a piece of paper ;) Memo Notepad is a perfect place for your thoughts, email drafts, journals, lists, or study notes. You can use Memo Notepad offline or online, all your notes made offline will sync when you get back online. You can search through your notes, and find what you are looking for instantly as you type.

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