Antivirus are one of the most important applications everyone must have to keep your PC secure from any types of threat.
Cloud Antivirus are just like any other antivirus but the scanning of the files are handled on a remote server rather than on your PC.
Kingsoft Free Antivirus provides effective and efficient protection solution with faster operation and lower CPU utilization.
It has got great reviews by reputed tech blogs and is considered to be a new breed of security software since it relies on cloud, the community, and collective intelligence, rather than just signatures. Immunet Antivirus is a light AV not known to much people currently but its better than other Cloud AVs.
Moreover, If you find any virus that Immunet couldn’t detect then you can help the developers behind Immunet to know about it. All Most of the above antivirus are compatible and can run along with existing antivirus to add an extra layer of protection. VirusTotal Uploader is NOT an antivirus, rather its an online file scanner with the help of which you can upload any suspicious file to have it scanned using 41 different antivirus software with latest virus definitions. One of the best feature of VirusTotal Uploader is that it does a pre-upload check if the file is already present in the VirusTotal database.
So if you didn’t like the above 3 Cloud AVs, can you always use VirusTotal to get maximum security. Now a days,  it has become a mandate to have antivirus application in your Smartphone, as they have become highly susceptible for Malware and malicious programs. McAfee is one of the leading and highly rated Malware solution, trusted by more than 3 million users through Google play store alone. Panda security service happens to be the first b software released while all other security softwares consuming more system resources instead of cloud server. Compared to other free security suites, Panda normally consumes limited system resources and shows very little impact on the system’s performance. The latest version Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 has added some new features such as improved scanning speeds, less CPU consumption, improved silent background scan, advanced configuration and nonetheless the new graphic installer. The installer downloads the local files for computer’s offline protection and because of this course of action, the installation process takes about 5 minutes to complete.
The interface remains the same with little changes in feature presentation, but the fact is this is not the best interface in attractive sense. It offers real-time antivirus and antispyware engine which protects most of the viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, malware and other potentially dangerous threats.
Behavioral Analysis Protection – Detects and removes malware that operates zero-day vulnerabilities before it infects your PC.
Process Monitor – Determines any suspicious processes running that vulnerable in nature and neutralizes them instantly.
If you wish to have a lightweight antivirus program which offers basic cloud-based real-time protection, go for Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1.

Nowadays, a lot of mobile devices are using Google Android Operating System such as smart phones, Apad tablet (iPad Alternative), HTC and others mobile phones. Therefore, mobile security is an important measure to protect your android devices from malicious malware and viruses. For other android device users, you can download AVG Android Free Antivirus from Google Android market. AVG antivirus 2.1 is a cloud based security solution that able to detect malware in real-time scanning. Before downloading the Free AVG android Antivirus, you can read the comments by other users to find out whether it’s worth to use it or not.
Click Download button as shown below and you will see a popup asking for email and password. Touch screen to start scan for viruses or click the menu to configure the Antivirus settings. AVG Android antivirus just taken around 20 seconds to scan whole Apad contents including apps, settings and media. Free AVG Android Antivirus will suggest how to fix the suspicious item found in your device.
AVG Free Antivirus for Android is a wonderful app designed to protect your Android devices. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
It detects emerging threats and remove hidden threats from your computer and the comprehensive defender ensures your computer be secure from any potential risks. It requires an internet connection to function, though if internet is unavailable it runs using a cache of well-known threats. Its like Firefox’s Submit a Bug feature, you just to upload that virus to Immunet and the folks can mark it as a virus. It calculates a hash of the file before uploading it and checks if it is already in the database.
You would be astonished if i tell you, almost half a million of android phones are affected by malware in first quarter of 2013.
The same AVG family has also developed an optimized software for android platform, which has become immensely popular and widely used Antivirus for Android. It offers wide range of features such as automated data backups (Which includes calls, sms, images, pictures), keeping an eye on your app activities, includes an intuitive features, to block receiving phone calls from a certain phone number . Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 is the latest version which comes as free with amazing detection rates and lesser PC performance impact.
As it offers maximum performance for PC, some of the features are missing that are present in other security softwares. Various errors and bugs were also fixed like registering with Windows Security Center, etc.

The process contains a toolbar which is optional, but upon installing your default browser search provider and home page. The security status and the scanning process are shown at the top with Firewall, Processes and Vaccine. If there is any other security program which is already installed in your PC, Cloud Antivirus blocks them without any notice.
Based on the comments feedback, almost all the users are satisfy with this AVG android antivirus. You can download and read more information about AVG Antivirus for Android from AVG website.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. It also provides you with several convenient tools, such as USB Device Protection, IM Protection, Disk Cleaner, History Cleaner, LSP Repair etc.
It does most of the settings by itself automatically so people who are new to computers need not worry much. So here’s a detailed list of Best Free Antivirus for Android, to defend your smartphone. So in order to keep your mobile is secure make sure you have an anti virus app installed in it . So, it is recommended to place those programs in exclusion list to get rid of this problem.
I love to write articles and share information related to Free Software Downloads, PC Security, OS tips and tricks, and latest technology aspects.
It can perform most of the tasks just like our normal PC, play games, listen to music and browse internet.
In regard to save your valuable time we have done enough research and shortlisted Best Android antivirus apps, available for free.
It offers outstanding features such as firewall protection, blocking unwanted calls, track your stolen device and defends you from visiting infected websites .
Es una de las mejores opciones, y cuenta con funciones para todos los gustos.De hecho, avast!
AdemA?s, nos ofrece reportes de privacidad que nos muestra los diferentes accesos a nuestra informaciA?n que provienen de cada una de las apps que tenemos instaladas.Un elemento muy interesante de avast! Web tampoco decepciona en su incursiA?n en el mundo de las aplicaciones, con opciones variadas para todos los gustos, y, lo mA?s importante, para todas las necesidades.Por un lado, es importante destacar que Dr. Web, completamente gratuita, una versiA?n de pago, y la posibilidad de comprar una licencia vitalicia (que, por supuesto, tiene un costo bastante elevado).

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