Plantpal is designed to be placed in any type of rounded planter or plant pot, it helps plants flourish by automatically releasing water to the plants only as they need it.
Plantpal automatic self watering system lessens your work load and waters your plants when away: The potting soil stores water and fertilizer naturally and Plantpal automatic self watering system serves as a reservoir to re-supply the soil with water and nutrients as needed. This reduces your work load and helps insure that your plants are well taken care of even when you are away or on vacation.

For indoor potted plants the average time between watering with Plantpal automatic self watering system is once every 2-4 weeks depending on the season and type of plant.
For outdoor plants you may need to water more frequently depending on the season and the exposure. If you are travelling for an extended period, we suggest moving the plants out of direct sunlight to conserve water.

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