I use Godaddy for domains and so I will share first how to get the domain cloaking done in Godaddy.
Select domain forwarding with masking to forward your domain to your affiliate landing page. Apart from Meta’s there is not much you can do about SEO but then it is better than nothing.
Government agencies, medical institutions, your doctor, and the media have told you calcium was the holy grail of nutrients for decades.
As a result, calcium has been pumped into everything from milk substitutes (soy, rice, and almond), juices, tofu, breakfast cereals, other baked goods, and more.
So take a minute, open my link and read this explanetary  article where you can get this eye-opening book.

Encrypted link are not user friendly and links with usernames can be manipulated very easily. It means you cannot do much on for SEO nor you can run Google Adwords text ads very effectively. In fact, now you want people to type the domain name instead of clicking on the an ad to not only save you from PPC cents but also get affiliate commissions. They are ideal for Clickbank products because most of the advertisers won’t have any issue with you using your own domain name but if you try to create a domain name for well known brands, you can be in trouble.
I help motivated but overwhelmed Indian freelancers, bloggers and entrepreneurs simplify Internet marketing, so they can create successful businesses online. You cannot get any organic traffic or advertising traffic because it is implemented using frames (At least in GoDaddy).

The reason I say very effectively is because Adwords Text Ad requires final¬†destination URL to be displayed in an ad and many a times people try to do you a favor by typing the URL instead of clicking it thinking clicking on an ad can cost you money but in reality they saved you few cents at the cost of a big affiliate commission. Unless you know, it’s almost impossible to tell if a domain is just a normal site or a cloaked affiliate landing page.

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