Follow us on LinkedIn to stay on top of new trending and useful updates just like this one. Follow us on Pinterest to stay on top of new trending and useful updates just like this one. Every Office 365 user now has access to 1TB of free online storage, Microsoft announced this week. Office 365 Home users will be able to share the 1TB with up to 5 people, while Personal and University users only get 1TB per account.
In order to compete with Google Drive, Microsoft also lowered its storage prices by up to 70%. We’d love to hear about your experiences using Office 365 and how you are making it work for your personal and academic needs, so do leave comments below. I have been using Office 365 to manage the Software Review, the process by which staff in school and departments can request software to be available in cluster rooms. A recently added function to O365 is called Delve, and provides a handy view of files I have been working on regularly.
We recommend that if you do not intend to pay for access to Office after your time here, you download your files elsewhere. Online storage has pretty much surpassed traditional methods of data storage and backup, as a more cost-effective and secure option for backing up and storing data.
On average, a 2-hour video can use close to 1.5 GB of space, while a single MP3 file will take up to 8MB of space.
Nowadays, even the more expensive cloud storage companies give a better bang for their buck than most 1TB hard drives. But like anything else, you’ll need to shop around some to find the best prices for online storage, as even for 1TB of storage, prices can vary greatly from around $260 per year, all the way up to $1000. Among the benefits that online storage offers are less downtime and data loss, heightened security, and the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world at anytime. And while external hard drives have increased their storage potential (in some cases up to 4TB), they’re really not the best way to save and back up your data.
The hard drive can also get damaged by extensive use over time, which can create the possibility of losing everything. China's official media reports that a high-speed Beijing-US railway could be underway, and according to the state-run Beijing Times, the line would start from north-east China, rush through Siberia, pass under the Pacific Ocean, cut through Alaska and Canada, and arrive in the United States.
As well as accessing Office online, you can also download Office for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, giving you the option of using Office online or downloading it for use on your device or computer. You can also link Office 365 to your Dropbox account which, for example, makes it easy to open and edit Word documents that you already have stored online.

Via the share we mange the process from initial request, packaging, expert testing and finally release of each software request. Yet when faced with the unlimited storage capacities that most online storage companies offer, most of us are left wondering how much data storage do we really need? The truth is that although 1TB is a considerable improvement, especially when compared to the traditional storage amounts, it’s really not all that much. A 200 page PDF file can also use up to 12MB of memory—of course this varies, but if you have a bunch of these files, your space will undoubtedly gradually diminish over time. And the extra benefit of cloud storage is that it won’t break down on you within a few years.
Considering the alternative of pricier hard drives that will break down on you, online storage appears to definitely be the more cost-effective choice. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered By Martin Brinkmann on September 5, 2015 in Internet - Last Update:September 5, 2015 26How much online storage space do you need, and what do you need it for? Consider the various types of data you use and store on a personal level alone—from music to films to photos to documents, etc.—then think about how fast these eat up your computer’s memory. Some companies also offer incentives, like giving you 2GB-5GB free for just the first year. External hard drives are basically a temporary method for storing information, which is great if you don’t plan on using it consistently.
There are valid reasons for not wanting to host your data in a country, for instance if connections to it are slow, if you don't speak the language and cannot read the Terms of Service or follow instructions, or if you don't trust the government of that country.Weiyun gives away 1TB of storage space to users. I think Oosah online storage services perhaps is the biggest online storage offers in the world.
Sign-up is a bit complicated, and it is not only the language that you may have issues with but also the process itself.First thing you need to do is signup for a QQ account id. All you need to do however is tap on the blue link on the first page, enter the email address in the first and the account password in the second field and tap on the big blue button afterwards to sign in.You can now sign in on the Weiyun website and start filling up the online storage space with data.
A quick Google search turned up a list of terms and conditions which also makes mention of a separate privacy policy. That's still a lot and some comments on the Internet seem to suggest that you get more once you fill that space.Others on the other hand mentioned that they have received prompts to upgrade their account once they have uploaded a certain amount of data. This kicks in for instance when you try to upload files larger than 1 Gigabyte using the account.Now You: Are you hosting data in the cloud? Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you coveredDescriptionChinese storage provider Weiyun offers 1 TB of storage space to free users.

We walk you through the sign up process.Author Martin Brinkmann Please share this article About Martin Brinkmann Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered Use the classic Personalization panel in Windows 10Microsoft should recommend Edge like Google recommends Chrome Responses to Need 1TB+ of online storage? Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered intelligencia September 6, 2015 at 3:08 am # NO Ma'am .
Yes I read that a Chinese company is involved with them but as long as it is based in NZ I am OK with it.
Reply DP September 6, 2015 at 1:01 pm # I would certainly think twice (or even thrice!) about trusting my data to a Chinese outfit.
Am I reading this incorrectly, or is this only available for Android or Apple powered devices and not a desktop PC? Reply Tom Hawack September 6, 2015 at 1:48 pm # I wonder if we, myself included, are not elaborating on cliches when it comes to today's China.
Private companies adhere more to the International Business Community than to a political regime, be it Chinese.
But I don't consider China (nor Russia by the way) as an enemy of the western world, more as a strong competitor.
With their respective strong men(Xi and Putin) they have control over everything from the internet to companies.
Those are not cliches!.Yes I know that in the Western world we also are in a way monitored but this is not comparable to Russia and China. Reply Tom Hawack September 6, 2015 at 4:35 pm # But as I said I believe business nowadays is it's own master if not the master of all. Capitalism is worldwide whatever the regimes, and capitalism is tied to none and to no one.
In a way it preserves peace even if it indirectly triggers winds of war when it goes too far, but wars against what, against who? Against more and more an economical system as people get aware that the real masters are no longer politicians, whatever the regime. Always better than communism but perfectible :) So, be fed or starved by a Chinese, a British, French, American company, who cares about the company's citizenship?
Reply beergas September 6, 2015 at 7:19 pm # Maybe good choice for Hillary in case she needs to 'leak' some backdoor secrets but for ordinary folk why bother when Google or OneDrive will do.

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