F-150 was able to top individual votes given by the 57-member jury, made up of writers and editors from the US and Canada. Mindful of the fact, Ford has shifted its marketing focus toward the vehicle’s towing capability, portraying 1,200 pounds of towing capacity in advertising campaigns. At Bidness, we are developing the most comprehensive and easy to use institutional financial data platform for investment management and investment banking. The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the website, including but not limited to the Bidness Etc logo, are marks or registered marks of Bidness Etc and others.
The Michigan-based automaker anticipates re-establishing the turning signals, which will be fitted in the hood vent of Mustang 2016. Moreover, the premium models of Mustang 2016 will have Sync 3 system installed, which is an in-car software for communication and entertainment. As for the apparels of the vehicle, the car maker has manufactured bodies for Mustang GT and Mustang EcoBoost, with silver or black racing stripes and an option of having a black roof.
Furthermore, in the press release issued by the automaker and published on its website, it said, “For the 2016 model year, Mustang fastback and convertible welcomes the return of the iconic California Special Package and Pony Package, two iconic Mustang trim levels made popular in the 1960s. Along with the series of packages being offered with Mustang 2016 model, one of them is a California Special Package for the Mustang GT Premium.
Buyers of the Mustang GT convertible or fastback will have options for the Black Accent Package that will consist of a spoiler at the back, tail-lamp trim, logos, and murdered-out wheels.

A Performance Package will also be offered on the Mustang GT convertible, being run on manual transmission. Chevrolet Colorado won second place, while another one of Ford’s vehicles, Lincoln MKC, secured third position. The truck, which has gone through tens of millions of dollars in the revamp process, previously lost the Motor Trend’s 2015 Truck of the Year Award to Chevy Colorado. The company completed the production overhaul to revamp the most popular truck brand in the US, and turned it into an all-aluminum vehicle, thereby cutting its overall weight by 700 pounds. Our mission is to be the worlda€™s most trusted financial data search and discovery platform. The upgraded model will come with minor updates, accompanied with new packages and a wider range of styling options.
This package will comprise of an exclusive grille, a side stripe, windows surrounded with chrome polish, and alloy rims of 19-inches. This package is more or less the same as the kit being offered for fastback; but is provided for the convertible version. From a total of 570 votes, F-150 got 297 votes, while Colorado and Lincoln MKC got 205 and 68 votes, respectively. However, many analysts are of the view that the truck will not generate the expected sales.

However, the hood vent with turning indicators will be a standard feature of the Mustang GT.
The hood and the side of the vehicle will have stripes along with mirror and hood vents, a rear black-painted spoiler, 19-inch black colored alloys, and a splitter at the front, accompanied with dark tail-lamp accents.
The Performance Package encompasses the Brembo brakes technology, 19-inch alloys in black color, radiator with a bigger capacity, strut tower brace accompanied with K-brace, improved suspensions, a Torsen limited slip differential, a machine operated instrument panel, retuned electronics along with an advanced splitter, and the deportation of the spoiler at the back. The unique selling point of the F-150, its fuel efficiency, is redundant because of plunging gasoline prices, which diminishes the truck’s completive edge.
The Mustang GT Premium will also have an exclusive grille and gas cap with a strut tower brace. The interior will be designed with black leather, aestheticized with suede patches and stitched by red threads.

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