But one thing that wasn’t immediately clear is why celebrities had come to store their deleted photographs online, with many of the naked photographs seeming to date back years. Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Jet-setting celebrities rarely have time to connect to a Wi-Fi network and leave their phone charging. Jennifer Lawrence actually admitted to being lax with iCloud backups in a red carpet interview with MTV. The news that Lawrence doesn’t know how to use iCloud would have been music to the ears of any hacker looking for a target. Irregular iCloud backups mean that photos can remain online for months after they were deleted from the camera roll of the device.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has explained that the company will roll out a number of improvements to iCloud security over the next month. Even the edits that you make on your devices go up live to the iCloud Photo Library, and sync with all devices, including the Mac. You can even upload videos, and save the original and full resolution versions of both photos and videos.
The new Photos app in iOS 8 brings a bevy of awesome new features to the photo managing and photo editing experience in iOS 8. As you might have guessed, being able to store such massive amounts of data comes at a cost. So for less than $50 bucks a year, you can have 200GB of storage space for all of your photo and video content in their original form. Just because you have full versions of all of your photos store on iCloud doesn’t necessarily mean that you need those full versions downloaded to your iOS device to enjoy them. Previous versions of iOS have allowed you to perform basic edits on your photos directly from the stock Photos app, but iOS 8 takes that premise and strengthens it. These tools allow you to do things like automatically adjust photo rotation to straighten horizon lines, or crop the image in at just the ideal ratio.
Yes, the Photos app has been opened up to other developers, which is huge news for anyone who likes to mess around with Photos directly on devices without syncing to a Mac.
I don’t think anyone saw this coming, but you can now create time-lapse videos directly within the iOS 8 Photos app.
Needless to say, the stock Photos app in iOS 8 is a pretty large upgrade over previous iterations of the Photos app.
Could you explain why they said “photos NOW sync with iCloud and are available on all devices” ?
Photo Stream was like a dumbed down version, which didn’t include all of your photos, let alone videos.
At 4:50 PM, someone got into my iCloud account, reset the password and sent the confirmation message about the reset to the trash. I went to connect it to my computer and restore from that backup—which I had just happened to do the other day. Apple tech support couldn’t verify any of my information—my address, my credit card number, anything — as supporting information. At some point in this time, Joe Brown, my friend and editor from Gizmodo, called my wife’s phone to make sure we knew what was going on.

As kai pirkau telefa is lombardo tai buvo prisijungta ir prie facebook, gmail, twitter :P bet nieko nedariau nes nenoriu sugadint zmogaus gyvenimo. Telefone gmail praso ne slaptazodzio, o naujo permission is pacios OS Google account, del ko be problemu vel ji gali gauti.
We’re not saying this is the precise, proximate cause of stars stashing a mountain of their private material online. They probably don’t trust hotel wifi services either — would you, when you’re a frequent target of privacy invasions? If, for example, an actress took a photo of herself to send to a friend, went to sleep, and her iPhone ran an iCloud backup overnight, that photo is then stored online.
Amongst the changes, Apple plans to send emails and push notifications when iCloud backups are accessed, as well as modifying its two-factor authentication system.
Most importantly, Photos now sync with iCloud—a feature called iCloud Photo Library—so that users can access all of their photos from all devices at any time. Apple is working on a new build from the ground up photos solution on the Mac, which will be shipping later next year.
Users can max out at 1TB of data, which is a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that much for prolific photographers. The new Photos app is smart enough to download screen-optimized lightweight versions of your content for optimal space savings and performance. With that in mind, Apple is introducing a suite of smart tools to help you get your Photos looking right.
Starting with iOS 8, developers can now create their own app filters and editing tools for use directly in the Photos app. The camera will snap photos at dynamically selected intervals, and compose a finished product all by itself.
Apple has done an awesome job of adding the needed glue between the joists and therefore has created a more solid product. Because, a long time ago, I had linked my Twitter to Gizmodo’s they were then able to gain entry to that as well. When I opened my laptop, an iCal message popped up telling me that my Gmail account information was wrong. I tried to log into Gmail again, and now it told me that my Google account had been deleted.
We did, but I seriously appreciated the moral support, and felt like a jerk for fucking up Gizmodo’s twitter.
Dar idomiau, kad sugadinti visiskai visus zmogaus iDaiktus, uztenka pavogti ar atspeti vieninteli iCloud slaptazodi. Taip, Jusu telefono ar kompiuterio slaptazodzio taip lengvai niekas nepakeis, paciu aparatu per interneta neistrins, bet yra kita problema.
Po to galvojam, ar ne laikas jau butu israsti kazka gudriau uz slaptazodzius, ypac mobiliems irenginiams? Arba kaip mano paskutinio telefono atvejis, kai pas zmogu is vis nebuvo pasto app, bet as parsiunciau gmail app ir be slaptazodzio is kart zmogaus pasta galiu skaityti telefone.
It’s puzzling why, at the same time, they were storing nude images of themselves online. But the iPhone backup process sure doesn’t make it easy if you want to stop that from happening by accident.

But if she deleted the photograph from the iPhone Camera Roll before heading out for a two-week business trip to Los Angeles, that photo will live on in iCloud.
In fact, iCloud can store more photos on the cloud that your physical device can hold, meaning you can get to all of your photos and any time courtesy of the cloud. Even photos show in RAW format, which can be notoriously large, are saved in the original format.
All you need to do is place your iPhone in an ideal location, swipe over to time-lapse mode, and have at it. Two minutes later, an email arrived notifying me that my Google Account password had changed. The way to restore it was to send a text message to my phone which I didn’t (and still do not) have access to. After nearly an hour and a half on the phone, I realized they were spelling my last name incorrectly. O juokingiausia, kad pastarasis nera apsaugotas net nuo primityviausiu slaptazodzio generavimo ataku. Praktiskai visi siandienos mobilus irenginiai leidzia tikrinti pasta be jokiu slaptazodziu. Deleting the photo from the device won’t erase it from the iCloud backup until a new backup is created.
All of these files can be accessed from any device, and all of your changes, albums, favorites, and edits are synced everywhere. I couldn’t reset it either because the backup went to iCloud, where my password had also changed. Because I’m a jerk who doesn’t back up data, I’ve lost at more than a year’s worth of photos, emails, documents, and more.
Jei pamesite savo telefona ar tablet, kiti tures priejima prie Jusu pasto, o tada gales pakeisti daugumos kitu servisu slaptazodzius nuo Twitter iki Steam. Share your experience with us using comment box, your feedback are welcome to improve articles.
My other concern is that Apple is said to be building new apps for the Mac but that’s not scheduled until next year. Gudresni dar padarys viso turinio ir laisku kopija, nes didele tikimybe, kad juose ras dar galybe slaptazodziu, banko korteliu numeriu, asmenines informacijos, o gal siaip tiesiog idomiu nuotrauku ir video. My guess is they used brute force to get the password, and then reset it to do the damage to my devices. Pas mus darbe vienas jau 3-cia iPhone pamete, o ten kontaktai, laiskai ir kiti konfidenciali informacija. Although they did set an appointment for me at the Genius bar tomorrow. Actually, I did that, later, when I called the store myself.

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