Online Shopping in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing market and now-a-days a most common trend which people is using to buy any assets. Over these years many new Websites and foreign vendors like ebay have came into play, but not all are able to dominate in the biggest market of the World. Starting with an online shop for Books in India, FlipKart has now grown tremendously and expanded it’s market in each possible industry including Electronics, lifestyle , games, movies, clothing etc. In addition Flipkart Affiliate market is the most popular and top paying networks in India especially among Site Owners. Apart from the Online shopping portal of Homeshop18, the company also runs one of the most successful TV Channel from which you can get all the information related to available products. Although we have consider all the major sites Shopping sites, still the Dominating Online Seller- Amazon who has recently launched it’s online portal for Indian Customers is not included in our list.
Yet another shipping assistance platform called EasyShip has been set up by Amazon which enables its sellers to choose their courier partners for better operations and proceed to ship products on the same day.
Amazon India initiated one day and two day guaranteed delivery in India, the concept was soon lapped up by Snapdeal and Flipkart who promised same day deliveries.
Despite the presence of many third party delivery service start ups, most well established e-tailers prefer to set up their own delivery companies for accelerating their delivery services and reducing dependence on third party service providers who could be delivering goods of competitors too. About LogicserveDigitalLogicserve Digital represents the next generation in dynamic and adaptive online marketing. TRAFFIC BUILDING CAMPAIGNS - Search Engine Marketing Using Search Engines to get in touch with internet public and prospects.Search Engines Search Engine websites give the online public unlimited access to the search engines server containing a massive database of registered websites and their content. 3) Ranking or Scoring - After indexing, the web documents are ranked according to their relevance. 1)Key word and Key word phrase analysis: - Keywords or search words are the words users type into the search engine box to search for their required information.
2) Search Engine Optimisation: - It is a structured approach that internet marketers use to increase the position of a company’s website or its products in a search engines natural or organic result listings for the selected keyword phrases. TRAFFIC BUILDING CAMPAIGNS - Online Public Relations (PR) Public Relations : Maintaining the goodwill and reputation of an organisation in the eyes of the public. Activities of online PR Communicating online with the media > Press releases through emails, on the website or on third party sites (Eg. With the growth of Internet over the last 5 years, most of the Businesses have now shifted online and the most successful among them are those who have invested huge amount for opening an Online Shopping Site in India. The Post that I have made thus comprises of 10 Best Online Shopping Sites in India from which thousands of Indians are buying their requirements and are much satisfied with their services. The site has a very wide reach and apprx 13 million unique visitors and is headquartered in Bangalore. Launched in 2012 by the 3 passionate friends, the site goes viral with the variety of trending products offered especially in Fashion and Lifestyle Categories. The site is much popular and most famous among youths as its top quality products lies in Footwear especially in Shoes. It offers wide variety of products in Electronics, Automobiles and Books and is one the largest online retailer of Automobile in India. According to the recent data, the site is growing exponentially well in India just after its release but it’s not sufficient enough to compare with other sites.
If you have anything that may add value to the article please let us know in the comments section below. Tried tradus too, but they have poor support, so my suggestion is stay away from them…!!
Seller Rating – Sites are not selling their own products, They are just giving a platform to sellers or stores to sell their products.

We have helped thousands of netizens to have a passive income online just by sitting at Home. Amazon has announced the setting up of Amazon Transportation Services Private Limited (ATSPL), as a subsidiary company to offer delivery services to its online merchants. Currently, Amazon works in sync with many courier companies such as DHL, Blue Dart, Gati and even Indian Post to deliver across nearly 19000 pin codes in India. Meanwhile, Flipkart is very much likely to announce three delivery services sometime during the year. Another major reason being, botched up last mile delivery services could hamper their reputation and imply losing out in the race to lead the ecommerce segment.
We are a fast growing mid-size internet marketing company, Established in 2006 with the intent of offering professional online marketing services. Introduction to Internet Marketing: meaning, scope and importance of internet marketing, Application of internet marketing, Internet versus Traditional marketing. A company’s internet marketing tactics is to become prominent on search engines preferably on the first page. Online PR : Maintaining the goodwill and reputation of an organisation, its products and its website on third party websites and social media. On" title="Activities of online PR Communicating online with the media > Press releases through emails, on the website or on third party sites (Eg.
According to stats presented by IAMAI-IMRB, the data shows an exponential growth from Dec 2009 to Dec 2013 in which the revenue of digital commerce has increased from 192 to 624 billion INR. All these Online Shopping sites have their unique style of selling and are dominating in particular products.
With the unique style of Buying and Selling products that this online shopping site provides, it has helped almost everyone ranging from individuals to Business owners.
Yebhi is headquartered in Gurgoan and it also manufactures and sells products with its own Brand name- The concept that no one uses in the industry. And to be the first one to get the latest and most profitable information on the Discounts and offers available on these sites subscribe for our Email Newsletter.
This is very difficult to know the coupons, There are some websites available for collecting coupons and deals. The Online Money Making ideas guide Published on our site acts as an excellent resource for all the opportunities available on Internet that covers both beginners as well as Advanced users. Interestingly, Amazon is late in setting up its own logistics company as Flipkart delivers via eKart and Snapdeal acquired Gojavas recently.
The additional delivery rates and service does become the decisive factor when it comes to placing an online order. Within a short span, Logicserve has established itself as one of the best online advertising companies in the market.
Business to Consumer and Business to Business Internet Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategy 2. Offline marketing communications: Using traditional techniques such a print & TV advertising to promote a company’s website and encourage people to visit the website. In other words, secure a high search engine page rank and a high position on the search engine results page.In other words, secure a high search engine page rank and a high position on the search engine results page Search Engines scan the internet for new websites and changes in existing websites. 4) Query request and result serving - The search engine interface or the homepage or the mainpage accepts the users search request and passes on the search words to the server alongwith the IP address of the users computer. 2) Quantity & Quality of links on the webpages : The more links there are on the website from good quality sites, the better will be the ranking given by a search engine to the website. In other words, making sure that favourable things are being mentioned about the company, its products and the website on other websites which are visited by prospective customers.

The list includes overall ranking considering the major factors but it completely depends on you to choose the best among those that meets all your need.
Founded by 3 IIT Alumni in 2007 and Headquartered in Bangalore, the site provides a wide range of product including Clothing, Footwear, Men’s and Women’s accessories, Sarees, Kids and Gym essentials and much more. Although the Site provides a very wide variety of products, but is most famous for it’s interiors and Furniture stuff. The key to Logicserve’s success is its years of experience and expertise (through acquisitions of established agencies in UK), well-defined project execution processes, competitive pricing and most importantly the urge to create a superlative business model. They scan registered websites and their contents and list out the corresponding URL’s for later indexing and analysis for ranking websites.
3) HTML Title tag: Search engines identify websites and webpages better by the HTML title tag on each webpage. Payment to the search engine is made based on the number of clicks the advertisement it gets from users.
Adding my personal experience, Snapdeal ships it’s products even to very small towns and the shipping time to deliver the products is also lesser as compared to other Sites. So unless a company’s website is registered and hosted, search engines will not be able to recognise the website.
So if each page title contains the keywords relating to the company and its product, the better are the chances of getting identified and positioned higher by search engines. 4) HTML Meta tags: Meta tags allow keywords and description to be added to the title of the HTML title of the webpages. The more favorably a company, a product or a website and its contents are mentioned on other sites and the more efficiently they handle unfavourable mentions, the better are the chances of getting a good rank and a good position in the natural listings of the SERP.
Also called ‘FEEDS” Managing brand perception & feedback > Monitoring product reviews, comments, blogs, etc. Business Models & revenue models over Internet: Introduction to E-Business - Electronic business, Electronic Commerce, Types of Electronic Commerce, Benefits, E-Commerce Models, Value chain in E-commerce, E-commerce in India, E-governance, Digital Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Strategies for E-commerce, Internet based Business Model, Emerging trends in e-business, 6. Slim Fit denim jeans), about their company (Levis) or similar kind of company (Lee, Pepe etc), etc. Electronic Payment Systems: concept of e-money, Electronic payment system, types of electronic payment systems, smart cards, stored value cards and electronic payment systems, B2B electronic payments, infrastructure issues in EPS, Electronic fund transfer.
ACTIVITY: Suppose your company sells all kinds of balloons from birthday balloons to hot air balloons. Of course film studies students have to watch a lot of films, even four to five movies in a day.
Product related or company related information is circulated through interesting emails, videos, etc. They are people with jobs who take leave form work just to sit at home all day and watch movies. Thanks to digital and cable television and improvement in sound and picture quality of modern day television sets, movie buffs can get the experience of the cinema hall without spending almost anything at all. It is about how keyword density in webpages can be used to get a good ranking by search engines.

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