If you're using an external hard drive for backup or supplemental storage and want to carry it around, it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you're traveling outdoors or in rough environments, it may be worth it to invest in an external hard drive designed to tolerate abuse. Silicon Power's Armor series puts a 2 TB 2.5-inch hard disk drive mechanism into a suspension system and a rubber casing. There's also A65M, which is a special Mac version introduced in March 2015, formatted with HFS+ and clad in white and grey.
The ev RaW comes in a shock-resistant case and is equipped with a "Rugged Bumper" to withstand getting knocked around.
Thanks to a connector seal on the USB port, Adata's HD710A is dust-resistant and watertight for up to 60 minutes in up to 1.5 meters. Buffalo's Ministation Extreme NFC supports USB 3.0 and touts a fully integrated USB cable to keep you from losing it.
Unique in this lineup, the Ministatation Extreme NFC supports Near Field Communication (NFC) unlocking, using a provided smart card. Mac-friendly storage maker LaCie (now a business unit of hard drive maker Seagate — as I like to think of it, LaCiegate) has long made the orange-clad Rugged series of external hard drives for mobile users on the go.
Transcend's StoreJet 100 is a USB 3.0-equipped 2TB hard drive mounted in a suspension damper, inside a grippy silicone-covered case. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! Here are our picks for the best shock-resistant external hard drives you can get for your Mac!
It's harder to find, though, and the original A65 works the same way — you just have to reformat it using Apple's Disk Utility software (in the Utilities folder on your Mac).

That's half the size of every other drive on this list, but it's still worth considering because the ev RaW is a uniquely flexible device. It's actually pricier than the 2 TB units we've listed here, so if you want to get the most for your money, make sure you actually need the Evolution chassis compatibility before buying.
Adata has also designed a clever wrap-around system that enables you to clip the cable in place when it's not in use, so you can take it with you without having to worry about where your cable is.
It's also harder to get, though, so you can pick up the PC version and reformat it using Apple's Disk Utility software.
Formatted out of the box for NTFS, with PC compatibility in mind, so you'll need to reformat the drive using Apple's Disk Utility before working with your Mac. They've continued to refine the line over the years with new offerings, and are quick to adopt new Apple technology like Thunderbolt. This one is a 2 TB external drive with shock protection, drop protection, rain and pressure resistance, and a USB 3.0 interface.
A single blue light around its power button lets you know when the drive is connected, it flashes when active. Let us know which one you're using and, If we missed your favorite, tell us about it in the comments below! Won't say I've been rugged with it, but it (and the files within) did survive a couple of drops from the desk. It's simple enough if you own a Mac Pro, and the drives in the current MacBook range are designed to be user-accessible.
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In addition to being able to work on its own as a USB 3.0 external drive, it can also work as part of G-Tech's Evolution series of drive enclosures, which can work within a RAID chassis equipped with Thunderbolt.

LaCie formats the drive for the Mac and includes security and backup software, if you prefer to use theirs. Transcend includes backup software, but the drive is pre-formatted with HFS+ for maximum Mac compatibility, so you can just plug it in and get going.
But if you're running an iMac or a Mac mini, replacing the HDD is a task for the professionals. Plugging in an external drive is far more convenient and gives you an extra drive rather than a replacement one. For this group test, we're looking at mains-powered desktop devices, based on 3.5-inch form factor hard drives.
To make sure we're comparing like with like, they're all 1TB, though most models are available in more than one capacity. The advantage of these drives is that their price-per-GB ratio is better than that offered by portable drives, which are smaller, use 2.5-inch HDDs and are powered through their USB or FireWire data connection. Why bother with a logo (and the headache) when it looks great without. cyberb0bI like the logo but would buy it without. Macs recognise Windows formatted drives, and reformatting is a simple task anyway, so we've not taken out-of-the-box formatting into account when awarding marks.

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