Epson releases Google-linked device and new wide-format machinesNovember 21, 2013The OEM’s two new launches are released in the USA and Philippines respectively.
Consumer Electronics Net reported first on the US release of the Epson Expression Premium XP-610, a “small-in-one” inkjet machine that can wirelessly connect to Google Chromebook laptops for printing, scanning and other functions. The printer is the “first […] to integrate” with Chromebooks in such a way, with Epson America’s Patrick Chen, Product Manager of Mobile Connectivity, stating: “Working closely with Google, we’ve made it easier than ever to setup and then print from your Chromebook no matter where you are. Manila Standard Today meanwhile reported on the launch of two Epson wide-format sign printers in the Philippines, both of which utilise 1.5 litre high-capacity ink tanks.

The tanks “can be refilled even while the printers are in operation”, Epson notes, and “represent a superior solution to third-party ink tanks that are not made by the original printer manufacturer”.
Other features included in the two machines are a print resolution of 1440 x 1400dpi, as well as print speeds of up to 69.5 square metres per hour. The machine, set to be exclusively available at US retailer Best Buy, also offers cloud functionality. The SureColor SC-B6070 and SCB7070 feature sizes of 44 inches and 64 inches respectively, and are said by the OEM to be used for “high quality indoor signage printing” using its dye-based inks.

The OEM has also noted that “there is no warranty coverage for their installation or else when non-original inks cause damage”, with both machines utilising Epson’s Micro Piezo thin film printhead. The ink tanks also feature filters “to prevent contamination of the printhead”, and the machines also utilise a “low ink level warning system” to prevent misprints.

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