This fast, fully loaded all-in-one churns out great-looking documents and photos, but the high cost of ink offsets its bargain price. And it's even better when the price reduction is the only significant change: All the original features and quality are still there, but the printer costs a third less! As far as we can tell (and we looked long and hard), the WorkForce 845 is essentially the same all-in-one (AIO) inkjet we saw last year, right down to the print engine and ink cartridges it uses. Like those more expensive models, it prints near-laser-quality documents at laser-like speeds, and it goes the HP and Lexmark AIOs one better by providing dual 250-sheet input drawers, which offers a wider range of volume and paper-handling options.

Since it uses the same ink cartridges, which Epson still sells at a premium price, this AIO is a bit expensive to use.
Other inkjet manufacturers have made significant cost-per-page (CPP) reductions, not only on high-volume printers but across the board.
During our tests, it printed great-looking business documents and photos at respectable speeds. One of the advantages of high-volume AIOs, however, should be that they provide day-to-day value—hundreds, even thousands of pages each month without exorbitant per-page ink costs.

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