With BYOD policies, proliferation of consumer cloud applications, and increased privacy and data-residency regulations, data breaches and compliance failures are becoming real concerns.
Egnyte has a comprehensive approach to security that offers complete control (choice of storage a€“ cloud or on premises), data protection (at end points, in transit, and storage) and universal visibility (over all data, users and activities). Egnyte transforms business through smarter content allowing organizations to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content. Redefining the cable, the PhotoFast Memories Cable is not just a charge & sync accessory, but also a phone backup and storage solution for photos, videos and music designed for iOS Lightning Devices. The PhotoFast offers the ability to easily transfer, store and share all of your favourite videos, music, photos and personal data between your iOS devices.
PhotoFast also features its own Media Player, so you can enjoy a wide range of popular file formats on your device wherever you are without using any of your mobile data allowance. The PhotoFast can also be used as a charging cable, using either a USB mains adapter, a computer's powered USB port or a portable power bank.
Stream content to your AirPlay compatible receiver, so you can view videos, music and photos on the large screen.
One of the biggest challenges I have faced during my experience as a Solution architect is having to take over a mature Salesforce instance. Workflow Rules, Process Builder processes, Flows, Validation Rules and any other business logic in the org that can cause automatic actions to trigger or prevent users from saving records ought to be chewed over. In case you want to do something similar, Johan Yu has explained the above setup quite well in a related blog post. Minimize the number of Profiles in an org otherwise field and record security can become harder to manage. Teach users and admins to write better formulas to avoid limits on compile size and character size.
Automate anything that you possibly can and when you do, build it to be scalable and maintainable.
Make your super users and admins go through a mandatory training on Trailhead, an interactive learning path designed by Salesforce. I also suggest going through the 25 Configuration Commandments help article focused on Salesforce best practices.
Organizations today are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of cloud and cloud-managed services like Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. The worldwide use of public cloud services will grow at a 19.4% annual rate over the next five years, from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 billion in 2019.
But to be able to reap the benefits that cloud has to offer, an organization must first overcome migration challenges, especially those created by vast volumes of data. The enormous tomes of email information, stored in both Exchange servers and PST files, that organizations typically accumulate create logistical challenges of migration that have a significant bearing on upload and storage costs. This holds true for especially PST files – that contain as many as thousands of emails and attachments, in addition to hundreds of contacts, calendar items and task lists that combine to form gigantic volumes of data backup, recovery, corruption and discovery challenges. Some organizations have resorted to file and message archiving, eDiscovery, and PST management solutions to eradicate the use of PST files by locating and migrating data stored in PST files to their opted cloud stations. Take for example, reducing email storage helps in simplifying archiving into the cloud and looking for files across appliances and cloud-based data. A cloud-webbed message archiver can extend archives into the cloud for offsite, long-term, and cost-effective storage.
Another yet common challenge is the internet connection’s lack of bandwidth to upload or relocate significant numbers of files, large capacities of historical email and other such data from an organization’s own data center to the service provider’s data center. One approach to deal with this is to shift PST file data on a message-by-message basis, instead of a whole file in one go, to the cloud.
This process of relocating data from the on-premise source to the cloud also helps in averting any potential network bottleneck. To gauge cloud distributions, high-performance load balancing and application delivery boost obtainability and speed for workloads running on the cloud or across hybrid environments. For example, such solutions may offload compute-intensive SSL transactions, and offer optimization features such as caching, compression and TCP pooling. Cloud computing and mobility have exposed organizations to a radically larger and vulnerable attack surface. Evidently, enterprises are required to protect multiple threat vectors, including email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile internet and network perimeters.

Security solutions like firewalls that span private and public cloud deployments can be deployed as physical appliances, virtual appliances or SaaS, or through public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Simplified application authentication and access by integrating a web application firewall (WAF) with Azure Active Directory, for instance, enables organizations to relocate on-premises applications to the cloud without significant application re-writing.
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The Cloud Computing Oriented Customer Behavior Analysis Platform for Power Distribution, make use of large computing clusters, data storage clusters and online payment platform, avaliable in market; in order to give an integrated service for information processing.
The platform operation process begins with the web access procedure from the energy distribution company, before an autentication security validation; user can upload his information to the platform ( this procedure might be an automatizated process). Besides other important elements of critical importance for a smart decision making in the power distribution grid. Understand customer behavior would generate a set of strategies and procedures oriented to reduce losses and create a rational energy use culture in the customers. Company will access this service when it need it, where it need it, and how it need it; without make big invests in technology,space, and consulting procedures. Make use of a service in the cloud computing reduce cost considerably, and make possible repply the procedure each time company need it.
Know and understand the customer behavior is the first step to introduce a solid energy waste reduce, that generetes a CO2 reduce indirectly. What benefit the utility will gain by using cloud computing instead of using its own facility to get the grid data?
Beside the user portal (which can be a separated system securely interconnected with the AMI system) what benefits cloud computing will bring? Bernard Chew of NTUC FairPrice believes that constant improvements to the company's IT systems is key to ensuring that the company remains the leading retailer in Singapore.
Even though NTUC FairPrice has embarked on numerous IT projects, Chew believes that there is still a need to continue investing in innovative solutions that will improve both the front and back end of the company's operations. NTUC FairPrice has embraced e-commerce and mobile commerce well by allowing customers to shop via your website and My FairPrice + mobile app.
Apart from the development of the app and web portals and backend integration, we had to also ensure proper coordination and alignment across various departments and external vendors. Security is another important issue that caused many sleepless nights as we had to ensure a robust online security system in place for online transactions and that customers' personal details are well-protected. Enterprises looking to take advantage of Asia’s economic boom are fueling demands for data center capacity. Many organizations recognize the need to improve business processes, benefits of automation and a need for BPM.
Where once prevention was the primary focus of data security, today quick detection and response is more critical.
Today, the increased focus on customer experience has led to other line-of business leaders become increasingly involved.
There are multiple tools like CRMfusion DemandTools, Cloudingo & RingLead Data Cleanse that can help you identify and eliminate unwanted duplicates. If you are from a developer background or have developer assistance, this shouldn’t be extremely challenging. Now the million dollar question is that where and how exactly do you start digging in to analyze the above. Since formulas are an integral part of the Salesforce CRM with widespread usage across formula fields, validation rules, workflow rules, process builder etc, it’s important to optimize when building them. I try my level best to follow most of them during my day-to-day Salesforce activities and hope that you incorporate them as well. That’s six times the growth rate of enterprise IT spending as a whole and will cause cloud spending to double during that time period, according to market researcher IDC. The cloud migration checklist should include managing legacy PST files, ensuring optimal traffic for cloud services, and providing a layered approach to information security and management. This puts forward a need for organizations to design a data retention and deletion strategy and leverage policy-based migration tools to automatically identify, delete and relocate redundant or duplicate data, and only migrate prioritized data.
Policies determine data to duplicate to the cloud for disaster recovery or as a secondary tier of storage, with data replication for reduced or condensed overheads. Infact, web application attacks, point-of-sale intrusions, cyberespionage and crimeware were the leading causes of confirmed data breaches, according to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Report.

For administrators, restructured and simplified arrangement, management and supervision can lessen the operational pressure on IT. Energy Distribution companies will place his hitoric, operational or sensorical information in a completely secure data storage system; and make use of a smart platform of information processing, this platform manage processing querying for hight performance computation clusters, ensuring speed and quality of information analysis. Then user can obtain a speciallized report about Customer Behavior, in order to make smart decisions. While this implies that ensuring a smooth operation is no easy feat, it doesn't mean that it can't be done, as evident by Bernard Chew's efforts over the past 13 years. In an interview with us, Chew talks about his company's past and future IT projects, as well as provides advice on how to be a good CIO in today's world. What challenges did you face when embarking on these projects and how did you overcome them?The entire process from conceptualisation, development, integration, testing, training, launch, and maintenance of both our FairPrice + mobile app and online portal is a rigorous and ongoing process.
Our FairPrice + App, for example, requires two-factor authentication (TFA) for account registration. Check out this report on how Hong Kong, as the most connect city in the region, helps enterprises for their future data center strategies. Learn how Singtel can help your organisation anticipate future security trends before it is too late. As CIOs become more and more customer driven, find out how they solve this, for an improved customer experience. The PhotoFast is here to save the day, providing additional storage space for your Lightning compatible device so you can store more photos, music and videos while also creating more space for your favourite apps and games. Appexchange is a great place to go start exploring and finding the data de-duplication tool that best serves your data cleansing needs. Your goal should always be to make life easier not only for the current users but also for the ones who will be using or administering the system in the future. This approach alleviates the risks and dangers associated with storing enormous volumes of unmanaged files and emails.
Find out the perceptions of BPM, business drivers, benefits, requirements and purchase plans of various organizations. Taking a look at Data Storage and File Storage is a great way to  find out which objects and users are contributing the most to data and file storage in an org. Using  a robust third party app, you can easily analyze data, find duplicates, merge them and block them from feeding into the org via different sources. It’s important to whip it all into shape to ensure better data quality and an enhanced user experience.
These are some of the questions which baffled me every time I began working with a mature Salesforce org. With too many and overlapping page layouts, it becomes harder to keep a track of which field is on which page layout.
The reason why I lay so much emphasis on tidying up a mature org is that I deem it risky business to start working on a new implementation or project when the current state of an instance is in a disarray.
Are all of these System Admins worthy of having the View All Data and Modify All Data superpowers?
Moreover, when creating a new custom field, you have more-than-needed page layouts to consider which can be time consuming. These are the few questions that everyone should ask and care about when fixing the security and sharing configuration in an org. Believe it or not, I worked with a client that had 49 system administrators, a majority of who didn’t know how to administer the system. With a little bit of investigation, seven time dependent workflow rules were found to be the culprit. It’s vital to have documentation for every code piece that you have, either in form of a wiki or a comment header inside the code piece itself. The org had almost 600-700 custom fields across most of the standard objects, haphazard business rules scattered all over the place, a ton of page layouts and records types and a missing governance framework with sub-par change management. I immediately cut down the number of system administrators to 5, narrowed down access via OWD, created sharing rules to open up access as needed, re-evaluated and re-configured the role hierarchy and enforced best practices around change management. I also transformed a major chunk of validation rules and workflow rules to utilizing Custom Settings thus making them more maintainable in the long run.

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