Encryption is probably the best method by far to secure your files (and especially those which you don’t want others to know of). IDrive transfers and stores your data using 256-bit AES encryption, which makes your data highly secured. You can backup files from multiple devices in one account and manage multiple accounts through its client.
Comodo is an online security provider, selling products like antiviruses and Internet Security software.
They have an easy-to-use client software for Windows and Android and they also offer 5GB free storage. Wuala uses the 256-bit AES, 2048-bit RSA and SHA-256 algorithms for encryption, signatures and integrity checks for your data. CloudSafe transfers your data using the highest SSL standard (EV SSL with AES-256) encryption. SpiderOak uses a layered approach to encryption to store your data, using a combination of 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES.
SpiderOak client is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, Mac OS X and 32- & 64-bit Linux packages for Ubuntu and Debian. TeamDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to secure your data while transferring or storing it.
Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Read the information in the dialog box to set up the required settings for the new network drive in the next step and then use "Connect". Choose the required drive letter and insert the path to the network share for the new network drive. Use the offered options to configure the connection and click "Finish" to establish the network drive connection.
Mark the network drive and use the menu item "Edit" or right-click at the network drive and choose "Encrypt" in the context menu to encrypt the network drive. Start the assistant who will guide you through the process of encrypting the network drive with "Next".
Check the "Advanced settings" option to select the used encryption algorithm in the next step. After successful encryption you will be logged in to the encrypted network drive automatically. For each additional network drive you want to be encrypted you will have to repeat this procedure. If you need additional users to access the encrypted network drive you can add them and configure their permissions. In the "Manage users" dialog you can add new user, delete existing user or edit their access rights. In this dialog box you have to enter the username and password of the new user you want to create.
In the upper part of the dialog box the permission level for a new user is set to "User" by default. If you wish to give administrative rights to a user you have to choose the permission level "Manager".

To change the permission level of a user please mark the username and choose the option "Change permission level".
All changes in this dialog box will only be applied when you confirm them by clicking "Close". If you have changed the permission level of a user these changes are only submitted after the user logs on the next time to the network drive. The path to the online storage has already been generated automatically so that you only need to confirm by clicking "Finish" to connect the network drive.
After the network drive has been connected successfully you can close the assistant for connecting the network drive to an online storage by clicking "Finish". To encrypt the network drive of the online storage please confirm the warning by clicking "Yes". Create a new folder in the Dropbox folder which will be connected later to a network drive.
NTFS privileges will have "Full Control" to the shared folder while a user with insufficient NTFS privileges is not able to access the share.
In the configuration settings the folder is the own computer followed by the name of the shared folder. The cloud is a revolutionary new technology that allows you to store the files on your hard disk in a safe, secure place. Every cloud storage provider will use different security standards, including the encryption protocols they employ to transfer your data to and from the cloud. There are other considerations to bear in mind when you’re looking for a secure cloud storage provider. Once you’ve completed your search for a secure cloud storage provider and you’re happy with the security options they offer and the rights they allow you, there are extra steps you can take yourself to make sure your data is secure. Every day, many electronic devices get stolen and despite advancements like tracers or theft protectors, only few lost gadgets are eventually found while the rest lie in the hands of strangers. It stores data at their own servers, which are monitored by their own, multi-level security concept and their computer center fulfills the highest security requirements according to ISO 27001 and PCI. They started SafeSync after taking over Humyo (encrypted online storage which used to provide 10GB free storage).
Your logon data can be stored so that you can access the encrypted network drive automatically. It provides you with a back-up alternative that will never face the same potential disasters a hardware alternative is at risk from; it can’t be damaged in the same flood or fire that harms your computer, it is safe from thieves and hackers and it can be accessed wherever you are in the world – even by other people, should you want to grant them permissions. To find the most secure cloud storage, you will want to be sure that the company you choose has a reputation for security and encrypts your data when you upload and download it (to be sure, look for the padlock beside the URL in your browser). If you are interested in sharing your documents with other people, for example if you want to give friends and family access to your holiday photos or you want to collaborate on a work document with a colleague in a remote location, you’ll need to know that the cloud storage you choose allows you to share just the files you want to share.
Firstly, make sure your password is strong and not copied from another website or service you use – it should be unique, and should never contain full words. Unlike some other file sharing apps, Wuala encrypts and decrypts files directly on the iPhone or iPod Touch, using client-side encryption.
The data you keep in these devices is important and sensitive and should be kept secure in even at the event of your gadget being stolen. They use military-grade encryption algorithms to protect your data on their servers and while you upload or download them.

Comodo Online Storage transfers your data on a 256-bit SSL secure connection and stores it in encrypted form in Comodo’s highly secure storage infrastructure. Although this is a rare online storage product which provides Solaris client, I didn’t find any information about client for mobile devices.
The terms of service will tell you whether your data will also be encrypted while it’s in the cloud – for your most sensitive information, you’ll want to make sure this is the case. Otherwise, Great Aunt Maud will be able to browse your health insurance documents while she’s viewing a video of you surfing in Hawaii – which is probably not a good thing! As a result, files you send to your Wuala account are so secure that even Wuala staff can’t access them, because the password never leaves the device.
While this may be reassuring for many users, some prefer to add encryption of their own to important files on top of that. Let’s take a look at ten of these encryption-enabled online storage solutions you can put to good use.
Just in case the company is hit by hackers or a high-level employee turns out to be corrupt, the most secure cloud storage will include encryption while your data is being stored, which will render it useless to anyone who attempts to access it.
It’s also a good idea to check the terms and conditions to be sure what rights you have if something should happen while you’re using the service.
In that sense, I can see it being used by organizations such as Wikileaks and their sources for sharing confidential documents.Users can browse, share and view files on their iOS-powered device as well as open them with selected applications.
The core reason is to prevent access to the files even if someone gained access to the account.
Say, someone managed to steal your account password for your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or whatever-online-storage-service-you-are-using account. With added encryption, the attacker would not only have to steal the username and password, and maybe even intercept a two-factor authentication code, but also the password the files are encrypted with.You have several options to encrypt files before they are uploaded to a remote server. One of the folders is encrypted during the sync process, making it an ideal program to encrypt data before it gets uploaded.The basic idea is the following here. You select a folder with data that you want to host online as the originating folder, and pick a local cloud drive folder as the destination folder. CryptSync encrypts the files during the synchronization using a password you specify.To create a new folder pair click on the new pair button in the program interface.
One of them is the original folder, the other the encrypted folder which some may see as redundant. Still, if you are looking for an automated way to protect files that you store at online storage providers then CryptSync is definitely one of the programs to do just that. Reply Michael March 27, 2013 at 5:58 pm # From what I understand and my experience, Dropbox only needs to upload the portions of the container file that have changed.
Avantages of using TC is that you decrypt all the files in one go and you don't have 2 copies on your hard drive.

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