Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SugarSync are convenient, efficienta€”and notoriously insecure. Documents such as business plans or other sensitive files (say, a copy of your birth certificate) should be protected. Client-side encryption of files: All of your files are encrypted locally on your device before being sent to the cloud, which ensures that even on a non-encrypted transfer, no readable data would leak out. Zero-knowledge password policy: Only you know your password, and therefore only you can access your account. Tresorit is a cloud storage provider that claims to offer a€?a truly secure cloud storage service.a€? Security features include client-side encryption, secure data transfer, and secure data centers that are equipped with physical security measures against intrusion as well as uninterruptible power and backup systems. Tresorit lets you secure any folder on your device, not just special ones the service creates. Like Wuala, Tresorit encrypts your data on your local machine to help ensure that your files are protected at all times. Tresorita€™s main difference from Wuala, and other mainstream cloud storage services, is the ability to turn any folder on your device into a secure a€?tresor.a€? What this means is that you do not have to drag and drop files into a special sync folder. McAfeea€™s Personal Locker is a cloud storage vault that you manage via your smartphone or Windows 8 device.
The app requires voice recognition, biometric data (facial recognition), and a PIN to verify your identity before giving you access to your files. While definitely not the sort of service you want to use for everyday cloud storage, Personal Locker would work well for sensitive documents that you may need to access from anywhere, such as legal documents, medical records, or copies of your passport or birth certificate.
Switching to a different cloud storage provider can be frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially a bad financial decision a€“ especially when providers such as Copy offer 20GB of free storage right off the bat. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Even today, when some cloud and hosting providers offer automated backups for VPS’s at a relatively low cost, you will do well to create your own backup strategy using your own tools in order to save some money and then perhaps use it to buy extra storage or get a bigger VPS.

Once the installation completes, we will exclusively use sftp in various scenarios, both to back up and to restore the data.
Our test environment consists of a CentOS 7 box (to be backed up) and a Debian 8 machine (backup server).
Let’s begin by creating the SSH keys in our CentOS box and transfer them to the Debian backup server. The below commands assumes the sshd daemon is listening on port XXXXX in the Debian server.
To create the entropy needed for the creation of the keys, you can log on to the server via another terminal window and perform a few tasks or run some commands to generate entropy (otherwise you will have to wait for a long time for this part of the process to finish). The string highlighted in yellow above is known as the public key ID, and is a requested argument to encrypt your files.
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Files are rarely encrypted, data transfer is typically not protected, and companies are usually able to access your files (even if they state they wona€™t, they may be legally compelled to do so). You can utilize a special, ultra-secure provider such as Wuala or Tresorit, or you can encrypt files yourself before uploading them to larger storage services, such as Dropbox.
This process is more secure than a secure transfer, mainly because it means that nobody except you ever has access to your data.
Wualaa€™s employees cannot see your password, nor can they see your data except in raw form (how many files you have and how much storage space they take up).
Simply download Wualaa€™s application and the service will install a special sync folder to your device, where you can drag and drop files to store both locally and in the cloud. It, too, practices a zero-knowledge password policy, which means that nobody in the company can ever access your password or decryption keys.
Instead, you can simply right-click on an existing folder and a€?tresor it.a€? This is especially convenient if youa€™re digitally organized and youa€™d prefer not to rearrange your files into one sync-able folder.

It can store up to 1GB of data, which you can access from anywherea€”but only after youa€™ve jumped through a series of security hoops.
If youa€™d rather not start from scratch, you can still use client-side encryption to keep your files safe and secure, while continuing to use your insecure, mainstream cloud storage provider. When it comes to protecting and preserving precious data, it is best to go the extra mile and make sure you can depend on your backups if the need arises. In this article we will show you how to use a tool called Duplicity to backup and encrypt file and directories.
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So even if the government came knocking on Wualaa€™s door and asked them to turn over your files, they simply wouldna€™t be able to do so.
Wuala also offers backup and versioning, which means youa€™ll be able to access previous versions of files or restore files should you accidentally delete them.
Of course, the drawback of such a policy is that if you forget your password, youa€™re basically out of luck (youa€™ll have to create a new account, and youa€™ll lose all of your data in the cloud). Free applications such as TrueCrypt, for instance, will let you encrypt your files inside your Dropbox folder. Nor will you be able to get to your stuff if you forget your password, so keep it carefully. You can choose to set certain files as low priority (youa€™ll only have to enter a PIN to access them), but wherea€™s the fun in that? For more tips on encrypting your files, check out our guide on how to encrypt (almost) anything.

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