You can auto-save all of the photos and videos from your phone, back up all of the content on your computer, and access any of your content at full resolution from nearly any device. David Nenke, Director of Amazon Drive says the plan means customers don’t need to worry about storage space. Apparently "You can upload photo and video formats not listed below, but previews of those files may not be available in Amazon Drive. Cool, maybe by the end of my three month trial I'll have finally uploaded the 3 or 4 Gb of photos via our blazing fast Aussie ADSL connection.

I've been using Crashplan for offsite cloud backup for quite some time now and am generally satisfied with the service. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has really made it hard to actually find any beasts. The special characters list about the same as what Windows allows, so backup of a NAS may be on the cards. For this and a few other reasons I'm always on the lookout for alternatives - maybe Amazon!

Doesn't look like you could just backup a NAS containing apps and non supported documents for instance. These cheap-arse hoverboards, which usually ran from $200 to $500, had the fatal flaw of randomly bursting into flames due to really terrible quality control of their poorly manufactured batteries.

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    They need to keep data safe, and the quality.

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    Saves your images at full resolution.

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