Product development. These consist primarily of costs associated with product developments efforts, including the development of next generation platform architecture, migration of certain platforms, seller tools, and payment services projects. Gross Merchandise Volume (or GMV) is defined as the total value of all successfully closed transactions between the users on the Marketplace platforms during the applicable period, regardless of whether the buyer and seller actually consummated the transaction. Total Payment Volume (or net TPV) is defined as the total dollar volume of payments, net of payment reversals, successfully completed through eBay’s payments networks including PayPal Credit, Venmo, and payments processed through Braintree’s full stack payments platform.
Gross Merchandise Sales is defined as the retail value of all sales transactions which flow through eBay Enterprise commerce technologies.
Marketplaces Transaction Take Rate is defined as the total net transaction revenues earned through eBay Marketplaces segment, divided by Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV).
Enterprise Transaction Take Rate is defined as the total net transaction revenues earned through eBay’s Enterprise segment, divided by Gross Merchandise Sales. Yesterday (July 11th, 2016), on the first day of 2016 Farnborough International Airshow, Boeing released its annual market outlook for the aircraft market.
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PayPal enables individuals and businesses to send and receive payments online easily, quickly, and securely. Similar to the Marketplaces and Payments segments, eBay derives majority of Enterprise revenue from a take rate on the Gross Merchandise Sales enabled through commerce technologies and omnichannel operations suite of services, with the remaining value coming from marketing solutions.

The omnichannel solutions provide the retailers and brands with fulfillment, freight, and customer service functions.
The marketing solutions provide marketing technology solutions as well as digital agency services. It consists primarily of costs associated with payment processing, customer support, site operations, fulfillment, and interest expenses on borrowings incurred to finance PayPal Credit’s portfolio of loan receivables. These costs include employee compensation, contractor costs, facility costs, and depreciation on equipment. These expenses consist primarily of advertising costs and marketing programs (both offline and online), employee compensation, contractor costs, facility costs, and depreciation of equipment. These expenses consist primarily of employee compensation, contractor costs, facilities costs, depreciation of equipment, employer payroll taxes on employee stock-based compensation, legal expenses, restructuring, insurance premiums, and professional fees.
It excludes payments sent or received through PayPal’s and Braintree’s payment gateway businesses. It also includes eBay’s vertical shopping sites, classifieds sites, and advertising services business.
PayPal connects with the financials institutions around the world and allows the consumers to make purchases using a broad range of payment methods. It supports on-premise, hosted managed (via partners), and on-demand (cloud deployment via partners) deployments.
The fulfillment and freight solution includes regional or central distribution models, warehouse management systems, inbound and outbound logistics, returns processing, value added services like custom packaging, personalization, and gifting and assembly. The marketing technologies solutions include a suite of demand generation capabilities such as affiliate marketing, attribution, database and CRM, email & mobile marketing, and online advertising display targeting.
Online marketing expenses represent traffic acquisition costs in various channels such as paid search, display advertising, and affiliate marketing. In addition, eBay also generates revenues through marketing services, classifieds, and advertising.

Consumers can fund their PayPal accounts by credit card, debit card, or electronic fund transfers from their bank account.
The customer care services are provided via telephone, IVR, live chat, email, social support, and a network of customer support agents.
The digital agency services include analytics and optimization services, creative services, studio services, media services, search engine marketing, user experience design, and usability research. The transaction and loan losses and the amortization of acquired intangible assets expenses were $958 million and $258 million respectively.
PayPal also offers PayPal Credit, where a bank or other licensed lender issues credit products and extends credit to the customers. The retail order management solution helps manage orders received from multiple customer touch points, determines most efficient source for order fulfillment, and includes an extensive set of reporting capabilities. PayPal derives majority of revenue from a take rate on the net Total Payment Volume (or net TPV) that it enables. The payments module provides a robust online payment processing engine with capabilities including price, tax and shipping calculations, address verification, order review, fraud prevention, credit card authorization, settlement and alternative payment processing.
Merchants and individuals can choose to list their products through fixed price listings or an auction-style format. The store fulfillment solution provides ship-from-store, in-store pickup, and ship-to-store capabilities that provides retailers full visibility into inventory across stores, distribution centers, and even suppliers.

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