Are you a blogger looking for the best affiliate programs in India to monetize your blogs and other online content?
Affiliate programs help bloggers make revenue by referring visitors to other websites, services and online shops. Affiliate marketing in IndiaAffiliate marketing is still in its infant stages in India and only some of the premium bloggers really make money out of it.
Related ArticlesHow to join Walmart Affiliate Program As an icing to a cake, here is another Affiliate program lined up in the series of reliable affiliate programs. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. How soon must IT groups patch vulnerable servers? The following windows of exposure timelines show the varying levels of risk enterprises face once a vulnerability is found or an exploit is in the wild. When the referred visitor makes a purchase or sign up for a service, the website which referred the customer gets a commission from the provider.For example, a blogger who write reviews of Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone can provide a link to the product sale page at Flipkart online shopping page. I have seen several bloggers using affiliate links in their websites but I rarely see optimal use of affiliate programs that really convert in to revenue.
Take a quick look at the guidelines of Walmart Affiliate program.How to sign up for Google Apps referral program in India Are you looking for a genuine and reliable referral program? Being an Amazon company, they can offer best commission but I could find no information about affiliate programs from Junglee. If the visitor who follow the link visit Flipkart and make a purchase within certain time period, the online shop will pay a commission to the site which referred the customer to them. Google has started offering Google Apps referral program in India, which is a nice way to make some money online for Indian publishers.Earning opportunities by Indiaplaza Affiliate Program Affiliate programs can help you earn huge amounts. Typically, the customer will never know the link he clicked was an affiliate link and there was an affiliate commission paid to the site which referred him to Flipkart.Most bloggers make money by putting advertisements in their blogs.
Affiliate Networks - you will join one or more affiliate networks and they will give you some scripts to use in your blog.
However, they themselves are partners with many other sellers and they get their commission when we make a purchase from a shop referred by Junglee.
If you are interested in minting some cash by smart work, read on this article to find about Indiaplaza Affiliate program.Online earning - 4 best affiliate programs in India There are a lot of affiliate programs in India which allow you to get commission on sales done by you. Affiliate marketing is not really the cup of tea for beginners since it requires a lot more skills to write appealing content that could actually convert in to sales. Direct Affiliate Programs - you will sign up for affiliate programs offered by various online shops and service providers and you will use their affiliate links in your blogs.

FlipkartFlipkart is the most popular affiliate program in India, which is very easy to get started.
They being the most popular online shop, the conversion rate is very high and you can make good money provided you have a niche blog that offers coupons, deals, discounts, product reviews, gadget news etc. In my opinion affilate marketing is good but it will not give as much income in some cases. While we talking about Flipkart affiliate programme it only gives a very small amount as affiliate fee and it will not help the affiliates to earn lot and full fill their needs. I am not very impressed with the commission structure of Flipkart Affiliate program but they have the best conversions in India. However, Tradus affiliate program is not very popular among the Indian bloggers since they are as popular as Flipkart as an online shop.
IndiaTimes Shopping, part of the Times of India Group, is one of the oldest online shops in India, which has established good credibility in Indian market. Being in business since 1999, they do have lot of great deals for customers which will increase the conversion rates but unfortunately their commission structure is very disappointing for small publishers.
If your total sale volume per month is less than Rs 5 lakhs, then your commission will be a flat 1% for all products. Event though many other affiliate programs offer only 1% for electronic devices, other items like apparels come with commission rates up to 10%. You can refer your visitors to GoDaddy website and if your referral visitors by any GoDaddy services like hosting, domains etc, you will get the referral commission. If you already have an account with GoDaddy for any of their services, that will double as an affiliate account.Below is an example of my GoDaddy affiliate Ad. If you are planning to buy any hosting or domain related services, follow the below affilaite banner of mine and sign up!
Flipkart gives me an id which i can add to any flipkart product link and promote it to facebook( i have an own facebook page). Their affiliate program sounds attractive and claims to offer up to 50% commission for the business inquiries sold. Instead, you will be integrating their inquiry form in your website and you will be paid commission for the business inquiries originating from your blog. Organic India - Earn by selling organic products or referring customers.Programs Indian Bloggers are waiting forHere are some programs Indian bloggers are waiting for, which are expected to offer exciting opportunities. They do not update their software, they keep on showing huge amount as commission and then suddenly reduce the amount to meager value.

Be aware that these programs do not exist yet in India.eBay India Affiliate ProgrameBay India is very popular in terms of online shopping but they do not have a dedicated affiliate program for India.
However, Indian bloggers can join their global affiliate program and still monetize from their Indian visitors. Now the interesting part is, the rate per click depends on the quality of the clicks, which indirectly means the conversion rates or sales made from the visitors you refer to them.Amazon IndiaAmazon affiliates, one of the most preferred affiliate program among bloggers in USA and many other countries, has not yet entered into the Indian market directly. For example, if I am into affiliate network of Payoom or Vcommision or any other affiliate network, how do I get the affiliate links?
They are using Junglee as their eCommerce wing to test the Indian market and are expected to launch its full eCommerce website early next year.
When you join any affiliate network, they will provide the mechanism to generate affiliate links for the products. Junglee uses a simple concept - they list out the prices of products from various sellers in India. When you search for a product, Junglee will show you the best prices among various sellers. If you click on any of the listings in Junglee, you will be redirected to the seller website and if the sale happens, Junglee will get an affiliate commission from the seller. As an affiliate marketer, you should focus on the conversions rather than the commission percentage alone.
What is the use in having the highest commission rate but no one will buy from that provider? Got paid every time on time without any issues.Guest Author: Rohit19 Dec 2014What is better? If you can keep track of all the offers that are going on, you can smartly switch between programs and use appropriate program that offers the best value for your visitors, which will significantly increase your conversions. Cuelinks or Payoom or DGM or any other?Guest Author: Linkpool13 Feb 2015Now managing your affiliate links are very easy and will not be more link breaks.

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