Do you know that Dropbox, a file-storage and syncing service, offers you extra free storage space? You can store your videos and photos, hosting static websites, and sharing much other stuff with your friends. You can get social with Dropbox by your Twitter account by performing some simple tasks related to social media on ‘free’ page of the Dropbox and get free 125 MB storage space. You can get social with Dropbox by also your Facebook account by performing some simple tasks related to social media on ‘free’ page of the Dropbox and get free 125 MB storage space. You can get social with Dropbox by following Dropbox on Twitter account and get 125 MB free space. A majority of the users who have been on Dropbox for a short time will most likely have experienced the “Get Started” tour, Dropbox Basics 101. You can get 125 MB by describing reason to the Dropbox team why you have a great liking for their most popular and preferred cloud storage facility. Referring your social circle, your friends, to Dropbox might be easy if most of your friends are not already on Dropbox. Some certain Samsung smartphone devices which were launched between 2012 and 2014 are entitled for free Dropbox space of 48 GB. If you are using an HTC smartphone device, you have the option to get free Dropbox storage apace of maximum 23 GB for 2 years.

Just like Acer Dropbox promotion, you can also earn 23 GB as free Dropbox space if you have a HP Device you have purchased before Oct 2015. If you connect .Edu email address to your account, this approach will increase the storage space you acquire from referrals. Occasionally different challenges are launched by Dropbox for its users on the Dropbox blog.
WPS Office launched by Kingsoft lately added integrated Dropbox with their office collection and commenced a promotional activity for users to enjoy the app by downloading it on your Android set.
You simply need to complete any five quests out of seven, through which you will be taught the ways you could setup Dropbox on your PC or smartphone device. You will see they’ll be cheerful by offering you a reward in terms of additional space in your Dropbox account. You can get them to join by using your referral link and through this approach you will get 0.5 GB per friend.
If you have bought tablets of Acer in 2016 following May 2015, you can earn some free space, up to 23 GB, on your device. It is available on all major mobile platforms and integrated with both PC and Mac, supporting you to access your important files at any time where you are, provided you have an Internet connection.
With a cap at 16GB space, it’s a maximum of 32 friends who can join Dropbox by your invitation, regardless of number of your invitation.

Remember, it will rely on whether the promotion is valid on your devise and if the Dropbox app is already loaded on your HTC mobile set. Through this way you can get free 500 MB storage space for every single referral rather than 250, so if 4 people are referred by you.
By using this, you can get 5GB free storage space and for this you need to solve puzzles or simply looking up a walkthrough online.
However, you should keep in mind that after expiry of the promotion, you will have to return to your previous original storage volume. It is nice approach, mainly considering numerous non-students are still using .edu email address. So, it is essential to carefully keep in touch with potential scavenger hunts, beta tests, new and innovative features, and other amazing events.

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