Tags: console, gamers, Gaming News, In Stock, playstation 4, Playstation 4 games, playstation4, playstation4 games, ps4, PS4 Accessories, PS4 Console, PS4 Games, sony. Sony Playstation 4 console is the best place to play with dynamic, connected gaming, powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalisation, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features. I don’t believe for a second that a comparison such as this would sway any of us to choose the Xbox One version even if there are people out there buying both consoles.
PS4 has an advantage on resolution over the Xbox 1 as everybody no doubt already knows; 900p vs 720p respectively.
I think once the final product hits both versions will be totally playable and look the part. The same can be said of the frostbite 3 engine, barely a day off of the operating table and it’s mean’t to be capped and optimised? People think that BF4 looks better on the PS4 because it’s 30-50% faster than the Xbox One. And since the PS4 is basically a pc, there won’t be as much optimizing as there was with the PS3.
People aren’t saying PS4 looks better than the other one due to being 30-50% faster, they say it looks better because the resolution is 50% higher than Xbox 1. The fact the they may be similar to PC also does not discredit either consoles customisations.
Given the fact that the PS4 resembles a pc so much, companies can pretty much use the same code as they do for pc. Ever since Crysis came out in 2007 every pc game that was ported to the PS3 had to be downscaled. If a game is optmised and built for the ground up on either PS4 or Xbox 1 for eg; An Uncharted or Halo title respectively as a series. Actually the Wii U is able to handle the Cryengine 3 on max settings at 1080p, while on the PS3 and Xbox 360 can’t even run it on high setting. It is true, its fact ?? Sony did research on the blu ray so with every Xbone you buy, you are basically giving half the money to Sony. But if you’re are guna bring the PS4 and One into this for some reason, then maybe we should bring up how the two are able to handle the engine so much better than the Wii U ever could. And it was because of the fact that non of these consoles can achieve max settings is why I chose to complete your original post to better reflect reality. Since COD is in bed with Microsoft, they would never give the PS4 version a higher resolution than the XO. PS4 version is sharper and brighter which is why you see that fog or haze in all of the PS4 examples so that the dark aspects are slightly brighter and the brighter aspects are sightly dark.
I will still pick the PS4 because I don’t like dark objects being emphasized to a new level!
Xbox one looks allot darker to me and PS4 look lighter witch u are able to make out more detail.
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The Power of the FOX Engine – Ground Zeroes showcases Kojima Productions’ stunning FOX Engine, a true next-generation game engine which revolutionizes the Metal Gear Solid experience.
Introduction to Open-World Design – The first Metal Gear Solid title to offer open world gameplay. Unrestricted Stealth – Imagine classic Metal Gear gameplay but with no restrictions or boundaries. Multiple Missions and Tasks – Ground Zeroes boasts a central story mode and additional side-missions ranging from tactical action, aerial assaults and “covert” stages that will be sure to surprise. Redesigned Interface – Ground Zeroes users will benefit from a clean in-game HUD that shows the minimal amount of on-screen data to give a more intense gaming experience. Various In-Game Weather Settings – Ground Zeroes will test the player in a variety of time and weather environments that will be central to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Check out the trailer below, Looks like the the metal gear saga is going to be one to take advantage of Next Generation Console Technology! PS4News.de informiert euch in den nachsten Jahren uber alles Wissenswerte rund um die PlayStation 4. Wie Druckmann ausfuhrt, hatten es sich die kreativen Kopfe von Naughty Dog im Prinzip recht leicht machen konnen, indem sie Drake kurzerhand sterben lassen. Er fuhrt aus: „Wenn man sagt, dass es das letzte Mal ist, sagen die Leute oft ‚Oh, ihr werdet ihn toten‘.
Combining unparalleled content, immersive gaming experiences, all of your favorite digital entertainment apps, and PlayStation exclusives, PS4 centres on gamers, enabling them to play when, where and how they want. The differences can sometimes be tough to tell, or so we should believe given the similar system architecture the PS4 and Xbox One. Remember when we were able to rent the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis from our local Blockbuster?
In this still shots the light Blur effect of the PS4 seems not so good, but yesterday in a comparison video i thought the effect was good in motion.
If none of these soon to be released next gen consoles can run a CURRENT pc game in 1080p it’s only going to get worse from now on.
These consoles should have had 2-3 times the power they currently have in order to even keep up with games released over the next few years. You obviously lack the technical acuity to know the difference between having to code for a fragmented environment with varied levels of performance over a ground up effort in a closed system over time. Sony stated themselves that they wanted make something that was easy to program for, so that developers could start pushing polygons a lot sooner than with the ps3. And it’s pretty clear that the new generation of consoles are under powered compared to the last gen.
Also, look up Shadows of the Eternal which is a PS4, Wii U and PC exclusive because well, the Xbone is just rubbish when it comes to supporting indie devs.
Not like Sony will be rolling in the amount they make from each Xbox and Microsoft won’t be hurting either.
Microsoft is hurting already seeing how the Kinect itself costs over $500 to build and they are selling it alongside the Xbox One which means they’ll be losing a lot of cash from that.

Anyway giving my bias opinions, I see that the XO version is glossy and exaggerate with the details by darkening the darker aspects and brightening the brighter ones. Ground Zeroes offers total freedom of play: how missions are undertaken is entirely down to the user. Players use intelligence and cerebral strategy to sneak their way through entire missions, or go in all guns blazing. Unsere Redaktion setzt sich aus Mitarbeitern zusammen, die in der Spielebranche eine langjahrige Erfahrung vorweisen konnen.
Uber dieses lie? sich Co-Director Neil Druckmann in einem aktuellen Podcast noch einmal aus. Allerdings wurde der Tod des beliebten Protagonisten zu keinem Zeitpunkt ernsthaft ins Auge gefasst. PS4 enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a system that is tuned specifically to their needs. Let’s let our eyes do the walking, and you can do the talking in our comments section and the PS4forums.
Any game that utilizes the frostbite 3 engine or anything as demanding as that will most likely not run in full hd.
So we’re literally talking 10 times the gap that there is between the PS4 and the Xbox one. Again this statement does no imply these latest consoles will match or better the best of PC as it is constantly changing. In other words, developers are able to push the PS4 at an earlier stage than with the PS3 that only really started to shine 3 years into its life cycle. Had they chosen a desktop cpu and highend pc gpu, that wouldn’t have happened for a few years at least.
Have fun with your horrible indie games that little kiddies made, while use normal gamers play far better games. Big Boss), players are charged with the infiltration of Camp Omega where both Paz and Chico are held.
It only addresses the comment made by you that they will not see noticeable gains throughout their lifespan, which of course they will.
The hostages hold key information concerning Snake and his private military organisation that Snake and his ally Kaz Miller must prevent from being exposed.
Ground Zeroes charts the rescue and the subsequent fallout that leads into the beginning of the The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes also acts as a bridge between previous Metal Gear Solid titles, easing players into the vaunted open world of MGSV.

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