18 Aug 2012 Anyone know where I can find an.apk for Backup Assistant for the Revo VZW upgrade assistant software and I am now unable to uninstall it.
Only thing I don't want to lose before I root and flash Jelly Bean are my contacts and apps.
I have never installed ROM's or rooted before, but am sick and tired of waiting for Verizon to get their shit together! IN MY EXPERIENCE, when you login to your google account on your new rom all your other apps will automatically start downloading as well. BTW, is there any point or advantage to taking the 'official' OTA from Verizon when they finally do release Jelly Bean? The ONLY advantage to waiting for Verizon's OTA is that everything is guaranteed to work. If you are rooted and have a custom recovery installed like ClockworkMod or TWRP, you might get the notification but can't flash it. Ok, so if I get the OTA from Verizon, then I have to flash back to my stock backup ROM (which is obviously the VZW approved ROM), and then check for update and flash new 'official' VZW update, correct? Will rooting my phone or flashing it erase my data because i am using the RootDroid2Update. True Image is another alternative which I like (and have used personally for years) which is made by a company called Acronis. Whatever backup you choose, whether one of these or a different one, you should thoroughly test and document the restoration process.
My on-site professional services are, of course, available to those in the Puget Sound area to assist with these and any other technology needs you may have. A client recently picked up a Droid 2 from Verizon and we spent some time getting it all set up.
Verizon likes to use their own Backup Assistant which, in all fairness, does do a pretty good job. The Verizon staff got my client set up with a new Gmail account and restored her Contacts with Backup Assistant but the new Gmail address was difficult to spell, let alone give to anyone else.
Anyhow, most of the Google results for wiping the phone entailed powering the device up while holding X then using the Volume Up and Camera button. Turn off the phone by pushing and holding the Power Key on top of the device then tap Power Off in the resulting menu.
Slide the keyboard open, hold the X key on the keyboard and hold the Power Key for 4 seconds to turn on the phone.

It is quite important to know your data is backed up and, probably more important, know how to restore your it with ANY device you’re about to wipe out. For those who don’t know, the Antikythera Mechanism is a mechanical computer which appears to have been used for calculating, predicting or modelling the movements of astronomical events. The Fuze is a bit of an odd shaped device on the back and many cases just won’t fit or work for it.
I urge you, if you’re in range of a store and looking for a protective covering for your phone, to get this stuff installed.
It’s somewhat funny to me that not long after I finally get around to writing up a post on ESET, one of the few legitimate antivirus vendors to offer Mac OS X protection, a security firm announces a fake AV app is now making the rounds on OS X.
To be clear, it’s my opinion that you are no more inherently secure using any one operating system as opposed to another.
I hate how, regardless of the item, whenever Apple has some sort of product released or The Steve sneezes, the tech news community can do nothing discuss and analyze all aspects of the darn thing.
Holy crap, but the news of God Himself Steve Jobs taking some time off to heal has been all over the place today.
So I uninstalled every trace of Apple form my system, reinstalled and got the same darned errors. I install iTunes on that system, download the iPod update because it says it has to wipe it and then go through the same bunch of errors. Now to see about making this thing do something useful, like scan barcodes and track me some geocaches!
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Will rooting delete these as well, and if so, is there any way to back them so i can load them into my new ROM once I root and flash. Bat file and i need to open the sbf to flash my phone before i go root it will either of these processess erase data on my internal memory or external sd card?
Regardless of what backup program is used, it’s my considered opinion that 99% of a backup strategy must be how well you can recover from a catastrophe. Not even a month later, the poor thing managed to get the phone all wet so she had to get another. They’re nothing more than buzzwords to make old things seem new and cool rather than old and still useful. In most cases the build will leak prior to the Official release and you'll be able to flash it then.

Just wanting to make sure you don't end up confused or receive advice that may not apply to your situation.
These can be simple, such as a hard drive failing after a week of solid work, or they can be more complex such as a virus infection that spreads among multiple systems. When she did, the Verizon tech couldn’t get the original Gmail account set up properly so they made her another.
So I needed to plan on wiping the phone since Google saw fit to not allow any other way to change the primary Gmail account associated with a device.
When I first heard of the Antikythera Mechanism, I was frankly not terribly surprised at the complexity of it. Best used when you have a different hard drive on which to put this system image, this sort of backup is generally too large for online storage.
Now, as many folks know, having your Contacts, Calendar and such synced to the cloud* is one of the cooler functions of a modern smartphone*.
Oh, I know there are indeed model numbers somewhere in there but hoping folks referenced in their posts is often an exercise on futility.
It’s long been a pet peeve of mine that the ancients are so looked down upon as uneducated or savage. While Acronis offers storage online, it can take a ridiculous length of time to restore the data. It’s quite important to recover data in a timely fashion so you should ensure you have a local copy and only use online storage for true emergencies where no other option exists.
As with Dropbox, True Image allows you to password protect your backup image in order to keep it out of the wrong hands.
Part 4 The latest version will, in fact work, but you need to Cosmos book backup free osmos hd apk putting assistant-wireless backup also for looking for the vzw backup assistant apk Motorola Droid X: Verizon Backup Blackberries have Backup Assistant now? My VZW Droid 2 Global will not update to Gingerbread all of them, there are some he would wish to get back, such as backup assistant and visual voice mail.

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