Transferring contact information from an old phone to a new one can be a huge inconvenience, so it’s nice to see that Verizon has an easy service to handle this for you.
There's no shortage of options when it comes to backing up, or indeed cloud services, on Android. The backup system is designed to be intelligent -- completing its work according to a set of pre-arranged parameters that you decide upon.
Considering the pre-order sellouts and pent up demand and for the Verizon iPhone, I imagine this app will get a ton of use. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Despite the tenuous naming link, G Cloud Backup is made by a developer known as Genie9, and sets out to backup all your personal particulars on your Android device.
Pretty sparse on information, yet showing the key things you'd expect -- next scheduled backup, how much of your storage you've used, anything pending and how much has been backed up already.
The settings menu contains options to enable backup only at a certain time, every so many days, only when plugged in, only on WiFi, and even to stop when the battery on the device drops to a certain level.
Whether it's worth paying for at the price they're asking -- $32 a year or $80 lifetime for 32GB -- is a different matter entirely.

As a service to backup those SMS messages, or call logs, system settings or  contacts, it's a great choice. The app looks extremely easy to use, just backup your old phone to their cloud, then put your phone number into the Contact Transfer app to pull all contacts phone numbers and email addresses to your new iPhone. We're not just talking about files and folders, or simply being a cloud locker in which to dump things either.
No doubt at first glance, some of the offered services Google already takes care of, but does G Cloud Backup have enough to make it worth a look? At the bottom are the options for getting extra free storage or upgrading to a paid option, but they take up so much space on this tab collectively, it's a little overpowering and distracts from the real bones of what's on the dashboard. It's all about backing up to your own choices, you just select what you want from the list.
For that kind of price, you really would be looking to use the service pretty exclusively as a backup for everything on your device, music and videos included.
The simple and seamless ability to transfer that type of information between devices is both useful and reassuring.
SMS messages, contacts, external SD cards, call logs, all in addition to such items as photos, videos and music.

All user accounts are given a basic 1GB of storage free of charge, but the upper limit without paying sits at 8GB. But then, one of those buttons makes the developers some money, so it's easy enough to understand why it's there. In addition to regular backup things like photos and videos, there are options to back up such information as system settings, SMS messages and call logs. With competitor services offering equal amounts or more storage for free, it's a premium price to pay. But beyond these areas, it's hard to recommend as a total backup service simply down to the price per GB that is being asked. As with other cloud based services, if you follow some steps such as tweeting about the service, liking on Facebook, you get an extra chunk for nothing. If you ignore the cost aspect though, G Cloud Backup is an impressive tool, and well worth a look.

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