This may sound crazy, but everything inspires me; God, my wife, my family, my friends, world problems and the idea that there are solutions for them, young kids, etc. Your newest album, The Phoenix, is a personal victory for you as well as being a commercial success and well-received at radio.
From 2004 until late 2006, Three Keys and Marcus Johnson were going through their disruption phase.
Both iOS and Android users will be able to filter stats by date and tap into them to expand additional information.
Management team is amazing, it's a great team of girls, and by far the property that sets the standards for the rest of Las Vegas. I think the challenge is in the fact that the two sides of my brain work as one and battle each other at the same time.
As we understand it you set out to be more than a recording label, rather an artistic outlet to better serve society and the world. I've made a deal with my higher power: If you get me up in the morning, I will use everyday to make a difference. I often catch myself stopping mid-sentence and in the middle of a point, switching to another point that is related tangentially, then switching back.

Honestly through the roughest times of the company, the community is the only thing that kept us alive. I had to reevaluate everything about me, the company, my moves in the past, and what we were going to do in the future. I stick by that article in that I hope that smooth jazz uses technology to truly incorporate the views of its listeners into the programming.
To go from near elimination in 2005 to The Phoenix and our other 2007 releases is a true journey from the ashes. I also sat with the program director and got a different perspective which I could definitely appreciate. I often speak with my sister who is an entrepreneur and we both swear that all successful entrepreneurs suffer from ADHD.
The idea that we control our destiny through our acts is the most inspirational thought of the day. I was reading a book the other day by Henry Beckwith that said the most disappointing tragedy in life is to die with unfulfilled potential. They must be reconciled one day or this format will be overtaken by something new.Additionally, I think that the format needs to include some local features in its programming.

National radio programming can work, but I think there is a duty to the local community to introduce it to and support its own members. We are about to launch the "Fly Away with Me." Series in association with HMS Host in airports around the country. The first features Smooth Jazz Artists from the Atlanta area and will be featured in retail outlets in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. And that is why they have been able to build great names for themselves.After all doesn't music move the world?
I look out at the different audiences that I perform for and see eyes closed, necks moving, and smiles on faces. Additionally, my "keyboard pulpit" allows me to let other know that things are possible through faith.
However, when I let it in, it uses me as an instrument to let people know that when you appreciate the little things, like eyesight, hearing, speech, and life itself, there is no need to ever get depressed or down.

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