We find the word CPA used in many affiliate networks and advertising platforms, each with a slightly different variation of what CPA means.
For advertisers and agencies, CPA marketing means generating a lead or sale on their website. Some affiliate networks use the term CPA to refer to lead generation offers, which are also called “Lead Gen” in some instances. Also, since affiliates are more concerned with how much they get paid, the term PPL (Pay Per Lead) and PPS (Pay Per Sale) is also used in some networks. No matter what actual term is used, CPA marketing is beneficial to advertisers and affiliates. Please check your inbox for a verification email and click on the link to verify your subscription! Free Report: 7 Biggest Affiliate Mistakes!This shocking report reveals 7 things you could be doing absolutely WRONG! Are you like 90% of new affiliates, who can't seem to make a decent buck online? Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money! Whilst there are lots of companies out there looking for leads to help grow their business people often think business to consumer leads are where the internet really does help.

Pay for the lead after it is qualified by you (in most cases our clients have either set up a meeting or sold their service before they even pay for the lead).
With any of our lead generation services, we must emphasise that our b2b lead generation does not replace the internet marketing you are doing at the moment.
In reality, the advertising world uses the term CPM (Cost Per Mille) to track banner impressions, and CPC (Cost Per Click) to track clicks and unique visitors.
In such cases, the traditional model of getting paid a percentage commission based on sale is referred to as “Rev Share”. You could be committing one of these seven deadly mistakes that are eating up your affiliate profits! Here at Twohats Digital we use many of the same marketing techniques like email marketing, pay per click, search engine optimisation and programmatic display. Just like any consumer more and more companies are researching on-line to find a company that they want to do business with which is why at Twohats Digital we have just as many clients looking for us to do b2b lead generation.
The biggest difference from b2b lead generation to business to consumer lead generation is probably in the websites as the conversion architecture techniques built into the website are quite different to that on a business to consumer website. There is no complicated set up for this what so ever, all we really need form yourselves is a phone number and email you want the leads to be sent to.

The email marketing is slightly different as it will need to be more targeted as will the key phrases we go after in any paid search or search engine optimisation. So if you are a company who might already do your SEO in-house or are relatively happy with your current SEO provider yet are still anxious as you still need more enquiries to take the company to the another level.
With our existing clients that we do b2b lead generation for we are getting great results and are really helping them grow their businesses helping them achieve the very best return on investment, better than any other form of marketing that they are doing. Or your frightened or constrained because as a company you just can’t afford to allow your current marketing budget take any more risks on something new without a guaranteed ROI or maybe you have tried traditional SEO before and are angry as it just hasn’t worked as best it could have and are nervous to take the same kind of risks again. Our nor risk b2b lead generation might just be the answer, call today on 0141 278 6711 and let’s see if we can work together.

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