3 ways solve, fix ipod, iphone show , 3 ways solve, fix ipod, iphone show itunes sync [ recognized itunes ] july 19, 2010 abhishek 1 comment. How iphone show itunes 11 consistently?, I upgraded itunes 11 today iphone rarely shows itunes. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. However, if you find your iPhone screen not working properly, you need not worry as like other smart-phone problems, this issue also has solutions. First of all try to remove any protective screen cover on your Apple device, since it might be obstructing the touch screen from working. At times, you may find your iPhone screen unresponsive when too many programs are being run at the same time. If the above steps fail to fix the ‘iPhone Screen Not Working’ issue and the screen still remains unresponsive then you may need to perform a factory reset i.e.
In case iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, it may be necessary to use recovery mode to restore your device as shown in the following step. If none of these steps resolves the iPhone Touch Screen not working issue, physical screen display defects cannot be ruled out as the cause of the problem especially if you have accidentally damaged your phone. My phone screen worked once I had restarted it by holding the power and home buttons, I was stuck with my alarm going off for a whole 2 hrs, every 8 min because I could turn it off.
If none of these steps resolves the iPhone Touch Screen issue you will have to take the phone to an experienced repair shop where skilled hands can evaluate and fix the problem. My touch pad doesn’t work at all so I can’t unlock the touchpad to restore what do I do next?
I have got my phone fixed many of times, ran diogonstics on and have been on the phone and in the store with the the great apple folks and still no work.
After struggling and finding solutions for a while everywhere with my iPhone 5s, with unresponsive and ghost touch issue, I could get my iphone working with a temporary solution. I dropped my fone the screen is not responsive but i can use siri to text n call i still see all the messages coming in i just cant tyoe and if i reset it. The original version of this article was published in 2010, but lot has changed since then. Unlike 2010, we faced quite a lot of problems in finding the software that are good alternatives to iTunes for Windows. We found that there are very few iTunes replacement software that can actually fully replace iTunes for transferring music. All these freeware work nicely, but there are some which require specific requirements to be fulfilled, before they can transfer songs effectively.
Now, let’s get started with these freeware which I am very excited to share with you all.
Syncios is a famous freeware for transferring files between iPhone, iPad and PC, and vice versa. The Local Resources section lets you manage the files which are stored locally, like the files on your system or on iTunes.
The final section, Your Device, is the option which lets you transfer the files between iPhone and PC. If you are one of those who prefer to store their photos on PhotoStream via iCloud, then don’t worry, this freeware even lets you transfer Photostream photos to PC. PhonTunes is a freeware which has no extra features like the other freeware mentioned above. If you want to add songs to your iTunes or Local list, then simply click on Add option and select your songs’ location to transfer. The freeware displays the images with their name which was used by you to save them while the songs are displayed with some random 4 alphabet name. Before You Begin: As I have mentioned it already that this freeware displays the files and folders in raw form, so don’t try to mess with any of the folders or files unless you exactly know that what are you doing.
If you don’t like to plugin your iOS device to your PC whenever you have to transfer songs, then you can use these apps that let you wirelessly transfer songs between PC and iOS devices. Tonido is one of the most widely used tool to wirelessly transfer music, videos, and images between iPhone and PC.
Now, launch the Tonido iPhone app and tap on + button at top right corner to enter the details of your account. If you want to transfer files from your iPhone to PC, then you need to first navigate to the location where you want to transfer the files on your system.
I found three software in this category that let you transfer songs from iOS to PC, or PC to iOS.
The tool also has an option which lets you add the selected songs to iTunes  Library simultaneously while you are transferring them to PC.
My biggest concern is that iTunes HAS folders and even sub-folders within playlists (and I have many of these), but when I sync my iPhone playlists the folder structure is completely absent! Hi Ishan, what kind of problems did you experience with your iPod Touch and CopyTrans Manager?
By the way the shuffle is fine … if I go to a friends computer running iTunes I can add content and it will play.
GUys, in my opinion, Media Moneky is too complicated, Copytrans solved all my itunes problems LOL,, btw, please help me , cause I want game sin my itouch and my iphone , where do i get free games? After restoring the new phone from my previous backup it gave me a warning message stating that there are number of items could not be synced due to not enough local storage left on it.
This is mainly due to the fact that operation of iPhone or iPad is entirely based upon the Touch feature, and this feature is the primary mode of interaction between you and your apps.
Here are few simple steps you can try when you find your iPhone or iPad screen becoming unresponsive. This takes up a great deal of memory causing the screen to freeze and hang and you cannot close the applications. In such a case, it may be necessary to reset your iPhone which means the phone will be forced to shut down without going through the usual process.
Once the restore is completed, you can either set your iPhone as a new phone, or restore your entire data including videos, music and other content from a backup. It is not rare for an iPhone to slip out of hands by chance and get damaged making its screen unresponsive.
Try soaking your motherboard in witch hazel for 5 minutes, then vacuum it thoroughly (it works better than a blow dryer) and wait about 10 minutes. I did not want to do a full reset and setup as new phone as I was too lazy to set everything up again. Most of the software that we covered either became paid, or did not work with new generation of iPhone and iPod Touch. We were actually quite surprised by this, as with passage of time, newer and better software should have been introduced, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

There are many other software, though, that can do one way transfer of music (iPhone to PC, or PC to iPhone).
Simply go to your local playlist stored in Media Monkey and select the songs which you want to transfer.
So, you might be wondering what is the use of such software if I anyway need to have iTunes installed? The best part is that this freeware lets you transfer almost everything from your iPhone to PC, like: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Applications, Books, Audiobooks, Ringtones, and Voice Memos. The great thing about Syncios is that it also lets you transfer images between iPhone and PC. One more feature of the freeware is that it also lets you transfer music files between multiple devices, no matter they are iOS devices or Android. The option of connecting the Android devices works with only Android version 4.0 or higher. This freeware looks really complicated while using it for the first time, but you will get comfortable with it after using it for quite some time. When you have reached that location, tap on Actions followed by tap on Upload Files to this Folder. Most of these software are actually light versions of popular paid software that provide many more features. Simply select the song and click on Edit or Delete option to perform the corresponding task. The interface of the software is very simple with all the songs stored on your iPod being displayed directly on its home screen. You just need to click on Export to iTunes for performing this task, instead of Export to Folder. I hope you had a great time reading about them and you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. However, I tried installing latest version after reading your comment, and found that it is working flawlessley. Actually I’m looking to transfer some music videos in my 5th Gen Ipod, and anapod explorer supports video files to be transfered into Ipod.
Why the heck can’t these media players utilize simple drag and drop features like the rest of the computing world (and some medial players that unfortunately will not support Apple’s quirky hardware)? There are plenty of players, copiers and transfer programs but the point is that a true alternative would replace rather than handle elements. Tracks that are in the iTunes catalogue will be added automatically, without the need to upload. I didn’t pay much attention at the time, and thought the new iPhone’s OS is probably the reason to blame. This is besides the fact that you have spent a considerable amount for owning these Apple devices.
In such a situation when you find your iPhone touch screen not working right and is frozen up, it is best to force the running applications to stop.
However, you need to remember that restoring your iPhone to factory settings shall delete all your data on the device. In such an event, realigning or replacing both the glass and the LCD could be the solution. Proper care is, therefore, essential to avoid malfunctioning of these touch screen devices and you may consider carrying cases and protective screen covers for your iPhone or iPad. In fact, we had to spend many days researching for this article to find any software that even works. Yes, you read it absolutely right that if you have Media Monkey then you will not need iTunes to transfer media files. Right click to get the right-click context menu and click on the option Your Device Name (Synchronize) to complete the process.
You can also use this freeware to manage your iTunes library apart from transferring files between iPhone and PC.
The section also has tools for audio converting, video converting, ringtone making, and iTunes Backup.
Besides this, the freeware has File System, Information, and More which lets you explore your iPhone to a greater extent like you can manage your Contacts, Notes, Bookmarks, and Messages. The freeware has simple options called Import, Export, Delete, and New for helping you to manage transfer files from iPhone, iPad to PC and vice-versa. For the apps which need update, the app also shows the current version as well as the available version. The reason for the complications in operating the iBrowse is because it displays the files and folders to you in raw form.
Now to add songs to your iPhone, right-click anywhere on the freeware screen and click the Add files option. After successful addition of your account, tap on your account’s name to access all the files stored on your PC directly from your iPhone.
While editing the meta information, you can edit the following sections: Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Artwork, etc. To transfer the songs, simply select the songs you want to transfer and click on the Transfer option at top right. The reason I am listing it here is that there is no time limit on trial version; only limit is that you can transfer 10 songs in one go, but transfer unlimited songs, 10 at a time.
If you have any questions or suggestions then you are more than welcome to share your views with me in comments section below. But, somehow I’m looking for another better or say an alternative to anapod explorer which can support videos also.
I noticed some of these will load onto the ipod and then you can use it on other PC’s, will this work with any of the other smartphones?
Although the touch screen problem doesn’t occur that easy, but still one can come across several symptoms relating to the touch screen of an iPhone or iPad. While handling your device try to keep your hands clean so that the screen remains free from dirt and grease which begin to damage the internal components and eventually you may find your iPhone screen not working or responding to touch properly. The best part is that the process of transferring the files between iPhone, iPad and PC is as easy as pie. Now, select the songs which you want to transfer and right-click to reveal the right-click context menu. If you want to transfer all the songs at once to your iOS device then click on the Sync Device option under Tools from the menu bar at the top. The biggest reason for using these software would be to transfer songs from any PC to your iOS device, or vice versa, without going through the hassles of iTunes automatically syncing songs.
Simply select the songs and click on the option corresponding to the task you want to perform.

This iTunes replacement has a very simple to navigate interface with all the tools available at the left side.
The freeware even lets you add new Contacts, Notes, Bookmarks; along with the option of managing the old ones which are already residing in your iPhone. The available options are: Import, Export, Reload, Make Ringtone, New Playlist, Check All, and Check Invert.
Besides this, you can surf the built-in App Store for finding the best apps for your iPhone, iPad. These two sections are displayed on the left side while the device, connected by you, is shown on right side.
Now, click on Media and look for DCIM folder (for photos) or iTunes_Control folder (for songs). While if you want to transfer the songs, the right-click on that particular song and select Export to folder option. While creating the account, you will be given a unique URL which you will use to transfer files using Tonido.
This app is also very simple to use, so you will not be facing any issues, even if you are a beginner level user. The only limitation is that it lets you transfer only up to 5 songs in one go if you are using the free version.
There would be little to no improvement if people just had the thought, “But this does it all for me, why try anything else?” Are you a communism lover too? But a few days later I realized there are duplicated voice memos that are being synced from my backup.
For some users, it is found that the iPhone screen not responding fast enough while for some others certain portions of the screen or whole of it do not respond to touch.
However, if you don’t know how to realign or replace your iPhone screen you may have to take help of the professionals. The calibration of the screen may also start to falter over time and you should consult your operating manuals for instructions on how to recalibrate the touch screen if necessary.
For this 3 months i usually use home button to turn on my iphone and to lock it i use option from accesibility touch.
You first need to select the songs you want to transfer and its source: from iTunes, Local Music, or your Device. For users who haven’t used iBrowse yet, I am going to tell you the steps involved while using it for the first time.
Now, select Export to Folder option and choose the folder where you want to export the files.
Give me something that handles every piece of content on my iPod, or your app means nothing.
And there is a playlist named “Voice Memos” that’s invisible on my iPhone now showing up in the voice recording app.
Most of the times the iPhone touch screen problems arise due to LCD screen, but in a number of cases a simple restart or cleaning the connectors have done the job right.
You can go to an Apple service cenre or make an appointment at the Genius Bar inside your local Apple Retail Store and let an expert do the realignment or replacement of the screen. When my iphone not responding i try to hold lock screen option from accesibility touch with home button for 10 seconds. But then after 4 days, it turns out to be like technical glitch and touch screen unresponsive. If you have connected more than one device to your system, then don’t forget to select the correct device name before proceeding.
You can use this option to refresh your iTunes or iPhone’s music library and cross-check whether the changes made by you have taken place or not. The jailbreak version of the app can be downloaded by you from within the Appandora while the iTunes version option opens the link in the browser. If you have selected DCIM folder then you will find the folders for accessing photos on next step. Now, go to the exact location of your songs, videos or images whichever you want to transfer. The only limitation is that you can only transfer up to 10 songs at a time in trial version. Even if you have not purchased the AppleCare plan you are still covered under 1 year warranty which is normal for all Apple products. But for songs, you further need to click on Music option after clicking on the iTunes_Control option. Here, you need to specify the locations of folders, containing songs, on your system which will be used by Tonido PC client to scan for songs and make them available for transferring.
You can also click on + icon at top right to get the dialog box and look for the song location. Once you have selected the category, click on the Add option at the top right corner to open the dialog box. I’d thought the option “Sync only checked songs and video” is already manually manage what music and playlist to sync but it doesn’t. However, make sure you do not jailbreak your iPhone as this may void the warranty of your phone. When you have reached the exact location of the files, tap on icon at bottom right corner to select multiple files at once.
It will sync your voice memo as an auto generated playlist that you can’t even delete from the iPhone.
Alternatively, you can take the phone to an experienced repair shop where skilled hands can evaluate and fix the problem with no hassle. After selecting the files, tap on Actions button at top right corner to reveal the options.
If you have a lot of old MP3s that are encoded at 128kbps, or perhaps lower, then iTunes Match is a quick and cheap way to upgrade.
Read article ?? 19, 2016 • Mac, ???? • ?? ! 13 ? 4GB ??? Macbook Air ?????? Macbook Air ???????? ?
It's a download service, not a streaming service Once your music is on iTunes Match, you will be able to play your music on up to 10 devices, including a maximum of five computers.
When you want to play an album, you will need to find that album in your library and then download it to the device that you want to play it on.

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