To start backing up your device data, make a connection to Wi-Fi and plugged in and locked.
The time taken by back up process to complete depends upon the amount of data that you have chosen to be backed up. Restoring process will take some time depending upon the amount of data and on completion of restoration process; your iDevice will restart automatically. Before initializing the backup and restore process, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes as well as of iOS installed. Using iTunes, backup the data stored on your current device and transfer it to your computer.
Switch on your new device, select your preferred language and your country and choose Wi-FI network when asked to choose your preferred network services. Establish a connection to iTunes installed on your computer (on which backup was taken) and when prompted to choose from backup, Select the Back up your old device.
Comentatios y puntuaciones para Remove duplicate contacts -- Support backup and merge now! Realmente útil si por culpa de iCloud, whatsapp o cualquier otro motivo se te han duplicado contactos.

Quizas se podrian visualizar todos los telefonos disponibles para elegir mejor cual borrar y cual no!
Justamente hace lo que promete, borra los molestos duplicados, algo que Apple aún no ha resuelto. Aplicación excelente para borrar contactos sin tener que hacerlo uno a uno, recomendable para personas con poco tiempo. I can’t find any newer responses in the discussions since 2013 so thought Id ask again. The email address listed beside my name in iCloud is not the same as my Apple ID email address and I cannot change it. The Box team has released a new version of its Android app, which includes new features that focus on editing and adding new files to your Box account. We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups. Today’s update for Android allows Box file storage customers to get updates on the files they’re collaborating on all from a home screen widget. The most helpful addition if you’re a Microsoft Office user and own its apps for Android, you will be able to create documents from within the Box app.

Box has become a leader in personal and enterprise cloud file storage, but with Apple’s own iCloud entering the market, the company will have to continually add new features like this for all of its apps.
The backup data may include your email accounts, settings, videos, photos, music files, application programs (apps) and much more. To backup manually, tap on Back Up Now (it is important if you are migrating to a new device). Itunes is Soo Complicated that i couldnt find a Way to tranfer my Pics from Iphone to IPAd.. Tengo una base de datos de unos 2.000, pero las sincronizaciones con varias cuentas de correo me generaron hasta 20 entradas de un mismo registro.

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