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I have an iphone 4s and I got an error message saying it can't do a backup because I have more than 5 GB to backup (more details listed on my question here). I got suggestions on this answer to download files onto computer and then delete them off my phone.
The issue is that i just went and deleted all of my videos (which must have been over 1 GB) but when i go to the iCloud settings page it still shows the Camera Roll as having 5.1 GB. Is there anything that i need to do to have it realize that i just freed up a lot of space? Backup settings allow you to save space in iCloud by excluding app data in the next back up.
When you turn off data under iOS 7 where it says Backup Options: Choose the data you want to back up. Assuming you have data you are willing to risk losing or is backed up to iTunes on a computer, then you can clean enough space and add things back slowly (triggering another backup after each addition) once a small minimal backup has been completed successfully. Furthermore, if you go to the above screen and turn off Camera Roll backup, it will prompt you to delete these files from the iCloud server backup, freeing the space immediately (just because you delete the videos on the device, they take up backup space on iCloud until you purge the backup by category or delete it entirely and start over).
Your iCloud space has to remain full of files that were backed up and now deleted on the device for it to function.
Does turning the slider off and on again temporarily leave you with no backup if you haven't backed the photos up on a computer somewhere?
I had expected there to be a lag like you mention, but in several days of testing, it is surprisingly immediate when I delete classes of data or change backups.

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When the available storage space is not enough on iCloud, it might result in many troubles. You may face more other unexpected issues due to not enough storage on iCloud, so it is necessary to fix the problem if you do not want to run into any trouble resulting from it.
You can manage storage space on iCloud so as to turn off the application or data that you do not want to backup it anymore.
I think the easiest way to share contacts among iOS devices is to share one Apple ID, just as the above mentioned. The limitation of this method is that when you delete some contacts on your iPhone by accident, those deleted contacts will also be missing on your iPad. So, if you want to use this way, go to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly: Windows version and Mac version. Come recuperare la cronologia chat di Wechat cancellata accidentalmente dal vostro iPhone 6?
You can toggle on more and more buckets of data until the estimate is low enough to allow the next backup attempt to succeed.
After a few days of backups, the old backups expire and no longer take space but in your case you might want to purge them intentionally rather than wait for it to happen programatically.
As it stands, this is a me too - go to the genius bar and more of a comment than an answer. Usually the message says "This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available.

You will get the "not enough storage" alert message when the available free space is not enough for new backup. Therefore, the easiest way to fix the insufficient storage problem is to buy more storage on iCloud. You will fail to recover deleted files from iPhone without backup, recover data from iPad without backup, etc since you delete the backup data to free up storage space. I can't help but wonder, if somehow, someway, what it says for the camera roll is at least somewhat accurate. If it still fails, then you should probably import your Camera Roll in its entirety to your computer and then sync the photos back – they'll end up getting downscaled when being synced back and will take up less space as a result. It was quite the process but I walked out with lots of room in my iCloud and the problem was resolved. If you do not fix the problem as soon as possible, the iOS or Mac device cannot timely backup. Those error messages include, "The last backup could not be completed", "iCloud backup failed, there was a problem enabling iCloud backup", etc.
Choose all contacts after scanning and then, click Recover to Device button to transfer all contacts to your iPad. You can connect your iPad to the computer so as to move all contacts from backup to your iPad.

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