Earlier this week Adobe announced it was abandoning traditional boxed product in favor of Creative Cloud, Creative Suite’s digital and subscription-based equivalent. VentureBeat sat down with Adobe Software Marketing Executive Scott Morris at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles to discuss the reaction to the controversial announcement. VentureBeat: In all of your time with Adobe, has there ever been a more divisive announcement than the one made this week about moving to the cloud? Scott Morris: I don’t think I’ve ever had a time in my career, at Adobe or Macromedia or any other company I was at, where we’ve been going through as massive a change as what we’re going through at Adobe right now.
From a controversy perspective, we know that a lot of customers are ready for Creative Cloud, because they’ve moved there in really big numbers already. Then, what they saw over time was that the value they were actually getting from the Suite was high.
What I also saw was, there were very specific examples of people who’ve been complaining about the Creative Cloud model – customers of ours on very public forums, like on Creative COW. VentureBeat: Did Adobe look at something like Steam or any similar digital distribution service to reference what works and what doesn’t for Creative Cloud? Morris: We’ve definitely looked at all the different models and the different examples of what other companies have done, peer companies. We brought that knowledge in-house to help us with the transition and we examined what other folks had done. Yet when I watched the keynote and the Sneaks from MAX, everyone from Adobe was very genuine and really enthusiastic about what they were talking about.
Morris: The business decision, in terms of the path that we chose forward, is made at a pretty senior level, but with input from people all throughout the company.
And so you really see that, as an employee, without someone telling me what we’re going to be doing… For me, one of the reasons why it’s been so exciting working at Adobe is because customers who are moving to Creative Cloud really, really love it. I think that as a company, it’s been so thrilling over the last year to see that happen and have customers just love Adobe again. VentureBeat: Everyone from starving students all the way up to Disney animators use Adobe’s products. Morris: You know, we actually don’t, because that’s a really interesting idea, especially with things like Kickstarter. Touch Apps – Starting with the six Adobe Touch Apps announced at MAX , 2011 – Adobe Collage, Adobe Kuler, Adobe Carousel, Photoshop Touch, Adobe Debut, Adobe Proto and Adobe Ideas.
Community –Collaboration features that allow members to share their creative work with other Creative Cloud members and forums to discuss and inspire new ideas. Adobe at this point will continue to offer the stand-alone version of its products, according to the blog post. Note that there is no information at this point to suggest that Lightroom users on Lightroom 1 or 2 will not be able to upgrade directly to Lightroom 4. If you want to save the 20% and upgrade to CS5 before December 31 because you know you want CS6 when it comes out, you may have to do so without knowing whether the stand-alone version of CS6 will have the features that you want. Often when a new company dramatically changes the way it offers products and services, it takes a while to iron out the details, identify customer questions and issues, and clarify policies. I’m just really glad that Lightroom has been (and hopefully will continue to be) made even more powerful, so that I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to use CS!
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Today, Adobe announced its new Creative Cloud apps and services, which will be the only way to get the newest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro.
Although Adobe maintains that many customers have already made the transition to Creative Cloud and have no intention of looking back, the comments on the coverage across the web have been notably negative on the move.
The introduction of Creative Cloud last year was huge for Adobe, but even then, even though we had two very discrete and different offerings, both new and both available at the same time with the introduction of CS6 and Creative Cloud, it took a while for customers to really understand what Creative Cloud was about.

Did you feel the reaction to the Creative Cloud thing kind of overshadowed all of the features that were announced for CC? You’re the first person to ask me that, and also, since we’re doing this a [couple days in], you’ve had a chance to see those comments and that reaction, so you have kind of a unique perspective.
We looked a lot harder at what Autodesk does and what Microsoft has done and what some of our competitors or peer companies in the creative space have done. It’s always extremely forced and usually extremely awkward as a quick search on YouTube can attest to. Not only are these the people who make it and make decisions around it, but they’re also people that use it, which is not always true of other companies and industries. But actually, having that change be socialized throughout the whole company and getting the whole company on board is a huge effort.
We were very deliberate in terms of getting feedback from employees, from customers, from partners all over the last year and a half. When the decision went down throughout the organization that we were only going to focus on this, I don’t think it surprised a lot of people.
Recently, in the past year or so, crowdfunding has surged in popularity, especially on Kickstarter. In fact, someone who is a big influencer for Adobe in the video space just had a Kickstarter project funded on Sunday.
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After a decade of Creative Suite programs, Adobe is going subscription only with the CC family of apps and services. The value we could give them by integrating the tools really tightly, where work flows between the apps, was significant.
I like what I saw with CC so much, even though I’m hesitant about this, I just signed up.” We have a specific example of that with this one guy who was really, really upset on Creative COW the last couple of months, and then just yesterday, one of my colleagues showed me his tweet. I’m sure there are customers who right now are so focused on the change that they’re not taking a good hard look at what the actual offering is.
We also have a lot of people who have joined Adobe in the last two years who came from some of those companies and worked on those businesses, companies that transitioned from a traditional shrink-wrapped software business to a services-based business.
I think even if you look at Microsoft, they offer their subscription offerings, but they also offer their perpetual… The subscription offering actually hasn’t been as successful. So with that said, when the entire company make such a dramatic shift in one direction, who is involved in that decision? So while this whole change is difficult for some, when you look at the enthusiasm that the people who have moved to it have… Just look at what they’re putting on social media, like ratings and reviews on our site, or things like Yelp reviews. I think it was easy for the company to get on board, because it feels like a different place even internally now than it was a year and a half ago.
You see a lot of creative projects popping up, whether it’s an indie film or a game or even an artbook or whatever. It is still true that email is a great way to communicate with people and, as it is so personal, many will read and respond to an email more than they would to a Facebook post or your latest Tweet. There are free email scripts out there that you can install on your web site but then you have no customer service support and run the risk of having your website taken offline and domain banned for spam. They are releasing new features with each upgrade that are extremely helpful to producer types like you and I.
You can publish up to 10 hours of content completely free and once you’ve hit the limit there are some very reasonable paid plans.

That means that, no matter how popular you become, you’ll always pay the same monthly fee to host your media files. There were some similar reactions at the time, where a lot of customers were upset or frustrated or angry and didn’t understand what Adobe was doing. Now fast-forward to 2013, when pretty much everyone is on Creative Suite, or now Creative Cloud. Because Adobe’s products do play such a large part in the projects that are being made through crowdfunding, do you have any initiatives that might be of interest to creative teams with really small budgets, such as a sponsorship program for particularly creative indies?
Bluehost offer a one click install for WordPress in their control panel so you can have your first blog online in minutes.
I much prefer to trust a company that make a business out of sending emails to large amounts of people. They give the perfect mix of sound and comfort for my needs and if I’m working away from my studio I can take them with me! You can even add on your own plugins like the Waves packages (here’s my affiliate link).
The podcast statistics they provide are cool and the whole service is designed to be easy to use even for beginner podcasters. Adobe introduced the service last year as a complimentary offering alongside Creative Suite--Creative Cloud consisted of both free and subscription-based versions of Adobe's core products. It’s going to be part of people’s process for figuring out what they want to do moving forward. Evaluating companies that had to do that, that had to manage the traditional shrink-wrapped software and the new model of services… That’s really tough to do.
For example, Epic Games will still license the Unreal Engine to smaller dev teams who can’t pay for the fees up front. I’m using Adobe Audition as part of my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud which gives you cloud storage for your files and access to all of the fantastic software from Adobe including two other packages I like Photoshop (for photo editing) and Dreamweaver (for websites). Starting today, though, Creative Cloud will be the only way to get the newest versions of those products. We’re going through a change that is at least as significant and probably more so, because we’re also pretty dramatically changing the whole model.
I love what the CC apps have in them.” So I think there definitely was some of that negative community reaction from people just not being ready for this big of a change. Some of them will just sit on CS6 for a while, some of them will move immediately to the cloud, and some of them are going to wait and see what happens and then take a deeper look. The backend arrangement changes, but they don’t want to exclude anyone from being able to use their product. Plus, GetResponse are always adding new features (so you can make your email newsletters look pretty), you can add a form to capture names and emails to your website with ease and you can try them out for free.
For Photoshop users, that means tapping into hyped features like Camera Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpening.So how does it work? We didn’t know, back then, that we were going to choose one path 18 months later and basically stop any further development on Creative Suite to only focus on Creative Cloud. We do have a program, a community involvement program, where we actually give free software, and in some cases funding, to community organizations or people who are doing really interesting projects, non-profit things. My podcast mailing list works really well to remind people to come back and download my latest episode.
It caught us by surprise in terms of… We knew Creative Cloud would be successful, but it was even more successful than we thought it would be. The subscription will allow you to run CC apps without an Internet connection, though Adobe will run checks to provide software updates.
CS6 licenses will still be available for sale, though Adobe will not continue to develop for it, aside from bug fixes and ensuring that it works on the next versions of Windows and Mac OS.The more interesting announcement was that of Project Mighty and Napoleon, two pieces of prototype hardware that will eventually be real consumer products.
Mighty is a pressure-sensitive stylus designed to work on the iPad in concert with Adobe iOS apps.
Styli accessories for the iPad have traditionally not been great, due to the fact that the iPad uses a capacitive touchscreen and doesn't have native pressure detection.
Mighty incorporates pressure sensitivity in its tip, relaying that information to the iPad (and Adobe's cloud servers) using Bluetooth. The video demonstration shows that it works, but still has a degree of latency and a soft touch that you wouldn't see on a Wacom (or even the Microsoft Surface Pro). Napoleon, on the other hand, is another bluetooth connected device that works as a ruler on the iPad. It projects digital guides onto the drawing app, allowing you to draft perfectly straight or curved lines using the Mighty.Watch Adobe's promo video for Mighty and Napoleon below, which does a good job showing how these tools will work on the iPad.

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