Design and SetupThe DCS-5020L has a dome-like appearance, measuring 5 by 4 by 4 inches (HWD). Setup of the DCS-5020L, like other D-Link cameras such as the Cloud Camera 1150, is easiest if you own a modern D-Link router.
The QuickStart instructions would have you think you must connect the camera to the router and launch a Windows or Mac desktop setup wizard. The Web interface and mobile app also offer the option to turn on the DCS-5020L's Wi-Fi Extender mode, which is handy if you have limited router range.
Features and PerformanceAs no-frills as the D-Link 1150 was, the DCS-5020L doesn't come with much more.
The DCS-5020L is still limited to streaming VGA video (which actually looks pretty great in high-light conditions). The DCS-930L, Cloud Camera, is a versatile monitoring solution for your home or small office. The DCS-932L, Wireless N Day & Night Home Network Camera, is a versatile monitoring solution for your home or small office.
The DCS-5010L provides the performance of a professional home or business surveillance solution at a fraction of the cost. The DCS-2132L HD Wireless N Cube Cloud Camera is a mydlink-enabled IP surveillance camera that lets you monitor an area 24 hours a day. The DCS-2310L Cloud Camera is built for outdoor use, with weatherproof housing that protects it from dust and rain. The DCS-2332L Cloud Camera is built for outdoor use, with weatherproof housing that protects it from dust and rain. The DCS-6010L 2-Megapixel Panoramic Wireless Cloud Camera is a Cloud-enabled IP Surveillance camera built with a fisheye lens and a 2 megapixel sensor, making it ideal for monitoring large areas with a single camera.
Elle se connecte a votre ordinateur par le port USB et est vue comme une classique cle USB de 8 Giga octets.
Security is turning from a major investment and a service only for the rich into something widely affordable and even aimed at do-it-yourselfers. Motion detection has improved greatly- it used to be that a shadow or even changes in light would trigger alerts, but that’s no longer the case. Footage is clear- better than many other cameras in this category, with crisper images and less blur than most competitors. Greg Greg dreamed up the idea for the Truly Network while living in Hawaii, which began with a single site called TrulyObscure. Formerly the head technology correspondent for the Des Moines Register at age 16, he has since lived and worked in five states and two countries, helping a list of organizations and companies that includes the United States Census Bureau, TripAdvisor, Events Photo Group, Berlitz, and Computer Geeks. Greg has written as a restaurant critic and feature journalist for a number of national and international publications, including City Weekend Magazine, Red Egg Magazine, the Newton Daily News, Capital Change Magazine, and an arm of China Daily, Beijing Weekend.

Still, the camera and mydlink service do a good job with streaming VGA video at a low cost with no price gouging extras.
If you don't have it sitting on a table or shelf, it can mount to a wall or ceiling with the included plastic bracket, which ads about 4 inches to the height.
Sure, it's got a 340 degree pan plus a 120 degree tilt, and about 10 infrared LEDs (compared to 4 on the 1150) so it's night vision capabilities are decent, rated to a distance of about 26 feet. To their credit, they do so quite well, making the most out of a VGA stream—when they load. But without much higher quality video and the cloud-recording option (or, indeed, any recording option that doesn't require buying a D-Link Network Video Recorder, or NVR device), it's no where close to beating out Dropcam Pro for Editor's choice. View your home and keep an eye on your children, pets and valued possessions from wherever you are. Unlike a traditional webcam, the DCS-930L transmits high quality video images and audio for home and remote monitoring.
Unlike a traditional webcam, the camera transmits high quality video images and audio for home and remote monitoring, even in complete darkness courtesy of the built-in Infrared LEDs.
Unlike a standard webcam, the DCS-933L is a standalone system that can transmits high quality video images, without the need of a computer. It features pan, tilt and digital zoom function to allow you to see a wider area with a single camera, built-in Wi-Fi extender to effortlessly expand your wireless coverage, night vision up to 5 metres, sound and motion detection for the ultimate in peace of mind, and H.264 video compression for a high-quality image. A megapixel image sensor gives you high-quality snapshots and video with resolutions of up to 720p HD. A durable, rugged housing and a powerful IR LED illuminator make it ideal for all-day outdoor surveillance.
Whether for small business or home purposes, it’s certainly nice to have some peace of mind knowing that your house, apartment, pets, or office are in good shape, safe and sound.
Audio is only so-so, but connected to an 802.11n router, streaming was pretty solid and range as well (over 50 feet). In 2010, when advertisers and readers were requesting coverage beyond the scope of that site, TrulyNet was launched, reaching a broader audience over a variety of niche sites. He also served as the Content Strategy Manager for HearPlanet, a multi-platform app that has reached over a million users and has been featured in the New York Times, Hemispheres Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Fox Business News, PC Magazine, and even Apple’s own iPhone ads. In addition, he has served as a consulting editor for the Foreign Language Press of Beijing, as well as a writer and editor for the George Washington University Hatchet, the school newspaper of his alma mater. When first powered up the camera goes through a full twist and turn to calibrate, then faces forward.
It was a lot more hoops to jump through than it should be, making it feel like a punishment for not having compatible a D-Link router (or being able to read WPS buttons).
The "zoom" is only digital and limited to 4X—but when the source is only VGA, any zoom looks pretty bad after 1X.

The only comparable option for the DCS-5020L (without buying extra hardware from D-Link such as the $99 mydlink Camera Video Recorder) is to setup motion or audio detection to send an emailed alert to you with a snapshot.
With mydlink™ included, this camera provides the simplest way to access and manage your camera, whether via your computer or app on your iPhone, Android or tablet.
Furthermore, the built-in wireless extender function improves your existing wireless network to give your home or office a more complete wireless coverage.
You can even get a closer look with ePTZ viewing, which lets you zoom in, zoom out, and pan across, so you can survey a large area easily. We’ve seen complete systems that help just about anyone get a pretty sophisticated setup up and running quickly.
They worked well- once setup- which was the only real issue we had with this solid hardware package.
Compare that to DropCam Pro, which has an 8x digital zoom—but it zooms on an 1920x1080 image taken with a 130 degree wide-angle lens so you rarely need to pan or tilt to take in a room.
The only other option for alerts is push notification on your mobile device, but those don't come with a snapshot, of course. Whether you're out for an evening, at the office or away on holiday, with mydlink™ cameras you can keep a close eye on all that is important to you. Elle possede un tout nouveau design extremement agressif, un couvercle LED anti-reflet amovible, un passe-cable renforce et un verrouillage ameliore pour une resistance maximale. The D-Link cloud features can be hit and miss, and though the free app (iOS) is decent, it can be hard to get it working well outside of the local network.
We do recommend using the app, and definitely relying on the SD card slot for local backups just in case.
This one offers 720p resolution at 30 frames per second, and like most others has a limited night vision mode and no optical zoom but does offer digital zoom. This isn’t a problem unique to D-Link, of course, but a bit more vexing is that their web features were a bit difficult to access, control, and use from other tablets and smart devices. Good security doesn’t have to cost much- and the D-Link Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera is a great entrant that will hold up to some rough environments, perfect if you have an outlet above your door or entrance. A l’interieur se trouve un fabuleux appareil photo 14 MP avec une vitesse de declenchement de 0,2 seconde, une couverture photo nocturne etendue et une autonomie de 1 an.
Unlike many, you can backup footage directly to a microSD card, allowing you to store video in case of networking problem or other issue. Plus, D-Link built this one with inclement weather in mind, as it has a full IP65 weather-resistant housing, and held up even in snow and rain and sub-zero temperatures.

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