D-Link High-Definition Cloud camera : D-Link breidt zijn Cloud camera assortiment uit met de High-Definition Cloud PTZ (Pan, Tilt en Zoom) camera DCS 5222L, een op afstand bedienbare, 340 graden draaibare, HD Cloud camera. Dankzij het compacte design kan de HD Cloud camera op verscheidende plaatsen binnen huizen of kleine kantoren geplaatst worden.
Om de beste beeldkwaliteit te garanderen, neemt deze geavanceerde HD Cloud camera beelden op in 720p HD met 30 frames per seconde voor extra helderheid en detail.
De D-Link DCS 5222L HD Cloud camera met bewegingsherkenning heeft een advies verkoop prijs van € 279,- Incl BTW en is vanaf heden verkrijgbaar. Design and SetupThe DCS-5020L has a dome-like appearance, measuring 5 by 4 by 4 inches (HWD). Setup of the DCS-5020L, like other D-Link cameras such as the Cloud Camera 1150, is easiest if you own a modern D-Link router. The QuickStart instructions would have you think you must connect the camera to the router and launch a Windows or Mac desktop setup wizard.
The Web interface and mobile app also offer the option to turn on the DCS-5020L's Wi-Fi Extender mode, which is handy if you have limited router range. Features and PerformanceAs no-frills as the D-Link 1150 was, the DCS-5020L doesn't come with much more. The DCS-5020L is still limited to streaming VGA video (which actually looks pretty great in high-light conditions). This great and highly-recommended D-Link Wireless-N IP Camera is a must especially when you need to see and hear for yourself that everything is well when you leave a room, the house or workplace.
This entry was posted in Reviews and tagged 1100, baby monitor, best buy, cloud camear, d-link, DCS-932L. De HD Cloud camera DCS 5222L is de meest recente toevoeging aan de D-Link Cloud familie en een veelzijdige bewakingsoplossing voor in huis en kleinere kantoren.
H.264 videocompressie maakt het mogelijk om vijf keer zoveel beeldmateriaal op te slaan op een microSD card dan met MJPEG. Still, the camera and mydlink service do a good job with streaming VGA video at a low cost with no price gouging extras. If you don't have it sitting on a table or shelf, it can mount to a wall or ceiling with the included plastic bracket, which ads about 4 inches to the height.

Sure, it's got a 340 degree pan plus a 120 degree tilt, and about 10 infrared LEDs (compared to 4 on the 1150) so it's night vision capabilities are decent, rated to a distance of about 26 feet. To their credit, they do so quite well, making the most out of a VGA stream—when they load. But without much higher quality video and the cloud-recording option (or, indeed, any recording option that doesn't require buying a D-Link Network Video Recorder, or NVR device), it's no where close to beating out Dropcam Pro for Editor's choice.
Aside from the mydlink, you can also find D-ViewCam management software which will let you record from the camera, start motion detection, set recording schedules and support up to 32 cameras, if you’re setting up many units of the same kind. Eenmaal geinstalleerd, is de live video feed op afstand te bekijken via de mylink web portal voor de pc en de mylink app voor iPhone, iPad of Android.
Met de infrarood LED nightvision kunnen details tot op vijf meter worden vastgelegd in het pikdonker. When first powered up the camera goes through a full twist and turn to calibrate, then faces forward. It was a lot more hoops to jump through than it should be, making it feel like a punishment for not having compatible a D-Link router (or being able to read WPS buttons). The "zoom" is only digital and limited to 4X—but when the source is only VGA, any zoom looks pretty bad after 1X. The only comparable option for the DCS-5020L (without buying extra hardware from D-Link such as the $99 mydlink Camera Video Recorder) is to setup motion or audio detection to send an emailed alert to you with a snapshot. The security is in the peace of mind that you always know what is going on while you’re away and in the fact that if in case anything bad happens, you have a proof of recordings of the incident.
Its LED lens has these amazing features such as, it can still cover footages even when the lights are out and the room is completely dark. I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link, at no additional cost to you.
Keeping an eye on loved ones and valued possessions is easier than ever with greater Wi-Fi coverage and higher quality viewing and recording day and night. Met deze D-Link HD Cloud camera hebben gebruikers een nog beter zicht op hun bedrijf en bezittingen. Compare that to DropCam Pro, which has an 8x digital zoom—but it zooms on an 1920x1080 image taken with a 130 degree wide-angle lens so you rarely need to pan or tilt to take in a room.

The only other option for alerts is push notification on your mobile device, but those don't come with a snapshot, of course. There are now a lot these kinds of cameras and their prices are just eye-popping, especially during the early years. And, if there are some things you can’t trust anyone to handle it like a new babysitter, this D-Link Wireless camera is definitely useful for security and safety purposes. And, the new AC Cloud Routers give today’s connected homes with multiple user and high-bandwidth activities the ultimate in network performance and remote management capabilities.”Both of the compact Cloud Camera 1050 and 1150 are a snap to use, where they are mydlink-enabled and come with integrated CPUs and web servers to deliver high-quality live streaming video which will be sent straight to the network. Bovendien bezit de D-Link HD Cloud camera extra functies zoals bewegingsherkenning en email alerts bij verdachte binnendringing en storingen. But, with the D-Link Cloud Camera 1100, security comes in a friendlier price without compromising quality and performance. Simply connect the cables, plug in the camera, run the short installation wizard and setup is complete.
Their online shop alone is enough to speak for their outstanding service of giving the lowest prices on quality products and the D-Link Wireless IP Cameras are no exception.
When working in tandem with mydlink, users are able to view the live video stream from a PC or notebook remotely, or do so in real-time video straight on an iPhone, iPad or Android device using the free mydlink Lite app. So go ahead, visit Best Buy now and be in awe with their low prices—and probably grab one of those D-Link Wireless Cameras while you’re at it!
Let us look at the Cloud Camera 5000 in greater detail first.This versatile surveillance solution is perfect for an average-sized home or a small office environment, and the ability for cameras to pan and tilt deliver a greater degree of security as well as flexibility. A microSD memory card slot allows you to record and stash 720p high-definition video at speeds of up to 30 fps. There will also be enhanced security options accompanied by e-mail alerts whenever there are intrusions or disturbances that happen.

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