The Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-636L) allows you to create a high-speed home network with security features that are great for families. Additionally, this router features a built-in Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall to minimise the threats of hackers and intruders as well as analysing network traffic. Not only is this a powerful Wi-Fi router for creating a fast and secure home network, you get the added benefit of cloud access. With some routers, all wired and wireless traffic, including Voice over IP (VoIP), video streaming, online gaming, and web browsing are mixed together into a single data stream. Connect a USB storage device to your Cloud Gigabit Router N300 to create a shared storage space, making it easy to share files between computers and devices connected to your network. This router is ready for the future of the Internet with support for the upcoming move from IPv4 to IPv6.
Peace of mind- With mydlink™ you can monitor your home network from anywhere and block unwanted wireless intruders.
Speed- Get up to 300Mbps wireless performance – great for video streaming, Web surfing and much more, especially in medium-sized and large homes. The Cloud Router also gives you a fast home network – up to 300Mbps1 - for sharing broadband Internet, sharing files and more. You can count on the Wireless N300 Home Cloud Router (DIR-605L) for a safe and secure network environment – great for families.
A D-link anunciou o investiomento de R$ 15 milhoes para o lancamento de uma linha de produtos Cloud. Para o presidente da D-Link Brasil, Victor Proscurchin, o lancamento da Cloud Series esta em linha com as tendencias mundiais em tecnologia, que apontam a computacao em nuvem como a grande aposta de tecnologia para os proximos anos.  “A D-Link desenvolve seus produtos e servicos visando um futuro onde todos os recursos de uma rede estarao disponiveis no clique de um mouse ou no toque de uma tela”, afirma Proscurchin. A Cloud Series da D-Link esta totalmente alinhada as ultimas tendencias e permite que os usuarios criem a sua “nuvem particular”, podendo acessar, gerenciar e compartilhar informacoes em qualquer lugar. O DIR-905L pode alcancar a velocidade de ate 300Mbps e possui ainda um botao WPS, para facil configuracao de criptografia para sua rede, de maneira pratica e sem necessidade de conhecimento em informatica. Com 4 portas Fast Ethernet e 1 porta Wan Fast Ethernet, esse roteador garante conectividade para todos os equipamentos de sua rede.
Facil de configurar – Utilitario online de instalacao inteligente ou via aplicativo gratuito QRS da D-Link. D-Link High-Definition Cloud camera : D-Link breidt zijn Cloud camera assortiment uit met de High-Definition Cloud PTZ (Pan, Tilt en Zoom) camera DCS 5222L, een op afstand bedienbare, 340 graden draaibare, HD Cloud camera.
Dankzij het compacte design kan de HD Cloud camera op verscheidende plaatsen binnen huizen of kleine kantoren geplaatst worden. Om de beste beeldkwaliteit te garanderen, neemt deze geavanceerde HD Cloud camera beelden op in 720p HD met 30 frames per seconde voor extra helderheid en detail. De D-Link DCS 5222L HD Cloud camera met bewegingsherkenning heeft een advies verkoop prijs van € 279,- Incl BTW en is vanaf heden verkrijgbaar.
Netgear Media Storage RouterThe Netgear Meda Storage Router won't be available until summer; price has not yet been determined.
D-Link Cloud CameraD-Link's cloud-computing lineup also included a couple of new network cameras, which let you monitor your home or office remotely. D-Link also showed a nifty new accessory for tablet and smartphone users who need a way to access content stored on a thumb drive. D-Link All in One Mobile CompanionThe All-in-One Mobile Companion can also function as a Wi-Fi access point, and a charger for USB devices. Netgear joined a growing parade of CES exhibitors who as inviting third-party developers to create mobile apps for their devices. D-Link did not announce a third-party developer program, but said it planned to expand its cloud services over the coming year.

For more blogs, stories, photos, and video from the nation's largest consumer electronics show, check out PCWorld's complete coverage of CES 2012. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The router also supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless encryption to keep your network traffic secure.
Connect the device to a broadband modem and wirelessly share your high-speed Internet connection at up to 300 Mbps. By handling data this way, applications such as streaming video may stutter or have an unstable connection.
It carries the IPv6 Ready Gold Logo, meaning that it not only supports the IPv6 protocol, but is also compatible with IPv6 equipment from other manufacturers.
The  DIR-636L supports Green Ethernet technology, which reduces power consumption by setting Ethernet ports in stand-by mode if no traffic is detected. The wizard will guide you through an easy to follow process to install your new hardware, connect to your network, and add new devices.
See which websites are being visited by your children, block unwanted devices and receive automatic email alerts when unauthorized connections are attempted. Wireless N technology offers more speed, extended coverage and virtually no dead spots while still being compatible with previous wireless network standards. A novidade visa incorporar o conceito de Cloud Computing, aos seus produtos, como cameras, roteadores, e storages para uso domestico.
Para acessar sua nuvem particular atraves de dispositivos moveis como smartphones e tablets, a D-Link disponibilizou seus Apps na Apple Store e no Android Market, agora chamado Play Store. De HD Cloud camera DCS 5222L is de meest recente toevoeging aan de D-Link Cloud familie en een veelzijdige bewakingsoplossing voor in huis en kleinere kantoren.
H.264 videocompressie maakt het mogelijk om vijf keer zoveel beeldmateriaal op te slaan op een microSD card dan met MJPEG. At CES, home network giants D-Link and Netgear are showing a range of equipment that leverage cloud services to give consumers more access to and control over home networks--and network content--from mobile devices. Netgear's ReadyShare technology also lets you turn any USB-connected printer into a Wi-Fi printer.
The Amplifi HD Media Router 3000 (DIR-857) with SharePort Cloud boasts hardware-based quality of service technology (called HD Fuel) designed to improve streaming media performance over a Wi-Fi network.
The D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L) delivers 720p HD video and offers remote controls for panning and zooming as well as a microSD card slot for people who wish to record the video they capture. The All-in-One Mobile Companion, about the size of a iPhone or iPad charging accessory, plugs into a standard wall outlet on one side and has USB and Ethernet ports on the other wide.
The company expects to see apps that afford consumers even more fine-grained control over their network devices (assuming these are all Netgear products).
This Cloud Router is a great way to easily detect if anyone is trying to access your network without being authorised, or for concerned parents wanting to know which websites their children are visiting at home. With the D Link Smart QoS technology, wired and wireless traffic is analysed and separated into multiple data streams. Using a dual-stack architecture, this router can handle routing for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks at the same time, so you can be assured that your router is forward and backward compatible. The WLAN Scheduler function turns off your wireless network when it is not needed, for example at night or during weekends.
It configures your Internet Service Provider (ISP) settings to quickly establish broadband Internet connectivity. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate.

Now, parents can view what sites your kids are visiting and what devices are on your home network. Keeping an eye on loved ones and valued possessions is easier than ever with greater Wi-Fi coverage and higher quality viewing and recording day and night. Eenmaal geinstalleerd, is de live video feed op afstand te bekijken via de mylink web portal voor de pc en de mylink app voor iPhone, iPad of Android. Met de infrarood LED nightvision kunnen details tot op vijf meter worden vastgelegd in het pikdonker. It connects to your network via either Wi-Fi or Ethernet; you can then access content from a plugged-in USB drive using an Android or iOS mobile device equipped with D-Link's free SharePort Cloud app.
Netgear also announced the Powerline 500 Nano (XAVB5101) HomePlug AV adapter, which the company bills as one of the smallest HomePlug AV adapters on the market. To ensure that your router is always up-to-date with the latest features, mydlink™ Cloud Services will even notify you when an update is available for your router.
The router uses Wireless N technology, which offers increased speed and range over the 802.11g standard. Different applications like voice, video, and data will be automatically detected and the transmission sequence will be automatically prioritised. You can even customise your shared storage space by creating separate accounts to control access to the USB drive, so you can share your music with everyone but keep your personal files private. The Cloud Router includes 4 Fast Ethernet Ports giving you the flexibility to connect wired devices to the network. And, the new AC Cloud Routers give today’s connected homes with multiple user and high-bandwidth activities the ultimate in network performance and remote management capabilities.”Both of the compact Cloud Camera 1050 and 1150 are a snap to use, where they are mydlink-enabled and come with integrated CPUs and web servers to deliver high-quality live streaming video which will be sent straight to the network. Met deze D-Link HD Cloud camera hebben gebruikers een nog beter zicht op hun bedrijf en bezittingen.
It features NAT (Network Address Translation), allowing multiple users to connect to the Internet by sharing a single IP address. The Cloud Router uses Intelligent Antenna technology to transmit multiple streams of data by bouncing multiple wireless signals off of walls enabling you to receive wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home1. Wireless range and speed rates are D-Link RELATIVE performance measurements based on the wireless range and speed rates of a standard Wireless G product from D-Link. Bovendien bezit de D-Link HD Cloud camera extra functies zoals bewegingsherkenning en email alerts bij verdachte binnendringing en storingen. The Cloud Gigabit Router N300 also includes four Gigabit Ethernet ports that give you the flexibility to connect wired devices to the network at the highest speeds. When working in tandem with mydlink, users are able to view the live video stream from a PC or notebook remotely, or do so in real-time video straight on an iPhone, iPad or Android device using the free mydlink Lite app. It uses Intelligent Antenna technology to transmit multiple streams of data by bouncing multiple wireless signals off of walls enabling you to receive wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home.
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