Interestingly, one of the key things that most people think is a disadvantage of solar (hint: $$), is actually an advantage!
As we are keen to note, the average 20-year savings across the US were found to be over $20,000, with savings in some of the most populous states being over $30,000, and savings in Hawaii being over $60,000.
Furthermore, while there are clear benefits to buying your own solar power system, about 75% of people with the choice now go solar by leasing solar power systems. What you may not know is that coal and nuclear power plants use a ton of water, and natural gas power plants also use a lot of water. The possibility of much greater energy security is a major advantage of solar power that many people are not aware of. Energy independence is another big advantage of solar energy, particularly for the consumer. To be honest, I’ve been racking my brains for a couple days trying to think of some real solar energy disadvantages.
But for freelancers, figuring out how best to charge clients for work completed can be a nightmare. In the world of web design, there are two basic ways most designers charge: per hour or per project.
Charging an hourly rate is incredibly common in the world of freelancers, both for designers and other professionals. Another drawback is that a lot of clients don’t understand why designers charge as much as they do.
Clients may look at your hourly rate and the hourly rate of another firm and go with the one who’s rate is lower, even though the overall project price might end up the same.
If you’re not incredibly organized, charging by the hour can also be a logistical nightmare.
This can work fine if you’re one of those people who focuses in on a single project for an extended period of time. When designers charge for the overall project, rather than just an hourly rate, they generally base that pricing on one of two things: either they base it on the amount of time the project will take (in effect, an hourly rate) or on what the market will bear.
There are pros and cons to both methods, though a lot of it depends on how the designer works and what suits their clientele. It’s most commonly seen with rural web design firms who mostly deal with local clients who are only interested in simple websites. A lot of designers who quote on a per-project basis come up with their quotes based on the number of hours they expect a project to take them. As was already covered under the section above about charging by the hour, hourly rates are a relatively easy way to figure out how much to charge for a project. If you’ve been designing for any length of time, you probably have a good idea of how long most aspects of a project will take you.
Even established designers can’t always be sure about things like that, as every client is different. Pricing a project based on what the market will bear often seems, on the surface, as something dishonest (to those who see the market as willing to pay way more than what a site is worth) or potentially damaging (to those who see the market as undervaluing creative work). In truth, though, it can be the fairest way to price something, for both client and designer. When a client wants a website designed, they sometimes have a good idea of what it’s worth to them. The same thing goes for designers who charge more than what the market will reasonably bear.
If you charge based on what the market will bear, then you’re going to have happier clients.
The biggest disadvantages to charging based on the market come into play when you’re working with simple websites and difficult clients. The client happily accepts that quote, finding it in line with what they thought they should pay.
Finding out exactly what the market will bear can be the tricky part in this kind of pricing scheme. Charging per project can work really well for designers who already have a good idea of what kind of time different projects require and how much value clients place on different kinds of work.
For new designers, though, it can be too difficult to quote a price that realistically covers the time a designer has spent. Can you think of other reasons why one method of charging for projects works better than another? WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! We offer a suite of Medicare Products that can give your clients peace of mind, knowing that their medical and pharmacy needs are covered, whether it be done with a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan. A strong focus on senior health insurance products is just good business today, and good business for the tomorrows. Let us bolster your product portfolio with cost-effective, benefit-rich healthcare options for Medicare-eligible clients. All of these plan options are designed to help cover some of the expenses not paid by original Medicare and help limit your annual out-of-pocket expenses for medical care. Medicare was never intended to cover all your health care costs - in fact, it is possible for the average person to end up spending thousands per year in addition to their covered benefits. A Medigap policy is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill the "gaps" in Original Medicare Plan coverage.
A plan offered by a private insurance company that combines coverage for Medicare Parts A & B.
This is insurance coverage for both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area. For the purpose of this chapter, we shall define policy as a general, written statement which is adopted by the school's governing body (Board of Directors) which effects the mission of and the educational services provided by the school.
Without question, the most important policy document in any organization is its mission statement. School mission statements should ideally state the purpose of the school and establish what clientele it serves. School boards seeking to establish a policy framework to support its special programs will need to review their Mission Statement to ensure that the language of the statement actually reflects the school's mission and clearly defines its intended clientele.
Closely following the direction set by the Mission Statement should be the school's belief statements about educating children. Many schools have found it helpful in the development of an educational program for exceptional children to construct a Mission Statement focused specifically on this area. A description of the population of exceptional students that the school is able to serve (e.g. A focus on the nature of the relationship between educators working within the program - class teachers and learning specialists (e.g. A notation specifying if there is an age or grade level cut-off (high school) for the admission of beginning ESL students.
One of the most complex and potentially controversial documents in any school is the admissions policy.

Closely following its Mission Statement and Philosophy is the school's admissions policy, which in practice communicates the mission and philosophy to the community.
While not a part of policy per se, it is often helpful to construct an admissions flow chart which details each step in the process and who has specific responsibility for what. It is also very helpful to have a checklist for signs of potential learning problems in new admissions. All the school literature should clearly state the scope and nature of special support programs offered in the school, from recruitment information for new staff, to school catalogues, brochures for parents, and school handbooks. It is essential that teachers, parents and the students themselves (particularly in the middle and high school) know how the referral process works. As teachers become concerned about particular students in their classes, they may wish to consider the academic or social behaviors which give rise to their concerns.
After the advisory session and after a period of monitoring, the Student Services personnel and the person requesting the consultation may decide that a formal referral is necessary; if so, a referral form is completed and discussed with the appropriate principal at this time. The Student Services staff then undertake the process of screening to verify and define the problem.
The Child Study Team then discusses and recommends an intervention plan, including the type of service delivery and a time to evaluate or review progress. In some cases, it will be necessary to develop a specific learning plan for an individual student.
Schools which establish special needs programs must ensure that inservice training funds are provided for the training of all staff to work with special students, their families, and with the special needs staff.
Given the relatively high turnover of teachers and administrators in international and American overseas schools, it is imperative that the philosophy and structure of special needs programs be codified in written policies that are approved and adopted at the highest level of governance.
The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. Just a handful of years ago, it was. In 1977, the price of solar panels was about 100 times more than today. Follow that link and you can find the average for each state in the US for the year 2011 — the average for those who went solar. One of the key advantages of such an approach is that you can start saving money from Day 1. Clearly, we need to make some massive changes in order to keep from baking our planet and, thus, baking the human species (and many others) to death.
We’re already struggling with this in many places around the globe, but the issue is going to get more and more difficult.
Another wonderful piece of information about solar power is that it uses hardly any water at all. A study from the Virginia Water Resources Research Center has found that solar PV uses about 21 times less water than nuclear power (per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced), about 16 times less water than coal power, and about 8 times less water than a combined cycle power plant. It’s a good idea to cut your dependency on big corporations and semi-monopolies, in general. Stay up to date on the latest news, ask questions, or just see what others interested in solar energy are saying. After all, you want to charge clients a fair price, make a decent living, and get enough work so that you’re not struggling to find the next project. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, and there are situations where one method works better than the other.
First of all, if you’re preparing estimates for your clients, they might be upset if the project ends up taking longer and therefore costing more than the original quote. They often don’t take into account the added value one designer offers over another. If you charge an hourly rate, you need to keep track of how many hours you work on each project. But if you’re the type of person who likes to work on multiple projects at once, billing by the hour can be almost impossible.
This type of pricing only really works for basic HTML pages, though, and can quickly become more hassle than it’s worth for sites that incorporate Ajax or are built on CMSs. If you know coding a new WordPress theme will take you two hours (once the design is done), then you just multiply that by your hourly rate and there you have a quote. With a straight hourly rate, you can adjust the number of hours charged based on the actual number of hours worked. Sure, they might know how long it takes them to code a design, but they might not have any clue how much time they’ll spend going back and forth with a client on the design itself. If they think a site is worth $10,000, who cares if the designer thinks they’ve only put $5,000 worth of work into it? Everything goes fine until they start requesting change after change to the design you send them.
What should have been a simple five or six hour project is taking way longer than anticipated and your hourly income is dropping dangerously close to minimum wage. If they think something should cost a certain amount, and you come in significantly lower than that amount, they’ll start looking at why. Every year for the next 20 years 3,000,000 Americans will turn age 65, and currently about 50% of seniors purchase a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan.
Medigap policies help pay your share (coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles) of the costs of Medicare-covered services. It provides protection for people who have very high drug costs or unexpected changes in your drug needs. Policy statements are written for the entire school community - the students, the parents and teachers and must therefore be public and well-publicized. They are the institutional memory, the habits of good practice, the statements of values, beliefs and commitment. Procedures, designed by those doing the implementation (teachers, special educators, administrators, etc.), should be reviewed regularly and should be easy to change and amend.
International and American schools abroad have often grown and changed focus over the years, to the extent that the mission statement of the school may no longer reflect its actual character. Schools that operate in isolated areas where they may be the only option for a specific clientele should decide whether they are meant to serve the community as a whole or can afford to be more selective in admitting students.
Schools whose mission statements are inclusive of a broad community will want to ensure that their philosophy encompasses the accompanying beliefs about education - particularly the belief that children learn in different ways - and a statement of the school's intent to adapt itself to the needs of all its children. Figure 2 is an example of such a flow chart from one of the larger international schools in Africa. Please see Chapter 3 for an example of such a checklist developed by Maureen Gale from the American International School of Johannesburg. It is essential that not only the families who receive special services but the community as a whole understand what the special programs are about, as the impact will be felt by all students. Once this data is collected, a meeting of the Child Study Team is called to review the case.
This plan should be in written form and should form part of the student's permanent record. This component is often overlooked or ceded to the special needs staff, but should more appropriately take place in the early days of the establishment of a special program and then become an ongoing feature of the school's professional development program.
Unfortunately, while the proverbial spirit may be willing, smaller schools are often unable to provide funding for specialist staff or inservice training and particularly if they are in remote areas, may also be under the most pressure to accommodate special needs students.

Clearly, most of these people are not solar energy experts and are not aware of all the details of solar energy advantages and disadvantages.
One of the well known consequences of global warming is an increasing occurrence and severity of droughts in many regions, such as the US West, Southwest, and Great Plains. The US military has researched the matter and come to the conclusion that solar power, because of how widely distributed it is, combined with microgrids (which can be disconnected from the larger electricity grid network if they are compromised) provide the most secure electricity.
A recent study from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts found that for every $1 million invested in the solar energy industry, you get about 14 jobs, compared to 13 jobs in the wind energy industry, 7 jobs in the coal industry, and 5 jobs in the natural gas industry. But the only other options are basically energy sources that create much more pollution (except in the case of wind turbines and quite expensive marine energy technologies) or cutting our energy use (which is always recommended). Sure, solar panels do cost money, but they are still cheaper than electricity from the grid. Others have different hourly rates for different functions (designing, coding, testing, etc.). And in cases where designers put their rates up publicly on their website, some potential clients may walk away without ever contacting you because they think your hourly rate is out of their budget. And if you charge different rates for different kinds of work, you have to break down not just by project, but by task. If your design clients primarily want brochure-style websites with only a handful of pages, this style of pricing can work very well. If the client thinks it’s worth more than that, then why shouldn’t the designer be rewarded for the extra value?
If there are twenty other designers out there who will do it for $500 or less, why would the client pay twice that? If a client shows any indication that they’re going to be difficult before they actually sign a contract, politely decline the project. Provide them with a flawless site, phenomenal customer service, and a great overall experience. Or better yet, ask them what they expect a site like what they’re looking for would cost. This type of billing works well for ongoing contracts, or for clients who have a tendency to make changes to scope midway through a project (no need to re-quote, just remind them that changes mean extra time). Policies should be written for the medium to long term and should be relatively difficult to change. Examples of procedures might include the specific steps in the admission of a new student, or how a student is referred for special needs screening.
The growing awareness of the nature of learning handicaps has prompted many schools to initiate programs that begin to address the needs of all students enrolled in the school.
Some considerations should include the availability of other appropriate schools in the region and the availability of outside academic support services in the community.
Therefore, it is essential that the admissions policy be as specific as possible in carrying out the school mission and philosophy by delineating who it intends to serve.
Misconceptions about these programs frequently arise, particularly when the number of students served by special programs increases, and concerns about possible negative impact on other students develop.
If concerns persist, the class teacher may then wish to consult with a member of the Student Services team.
The Child Study Team may request further information and seek a more in-depth evaluation of the child.
This school is committed to collaborative and consultative interventions, with cooperation between the regular class teacher, Student Services and the home. Commonly referred to as an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Academic Support Plan, these documents should be as simple and user friendly as possible.
Most probably just assume that solar energy is better because there aren’t smokestacks mounted onto solar panels to channel pollution high into the sky.
You’ll find out, for each state, how much money the average electricity savings are per month for people who went solar in 2011, the average amount of money that would be saved after 20 years, and the average number of years before a solar power system should be paid back. Leases for $0 down or close to $0 down let you start making money off your electricity bill savings immediately. Looks like the winner is again solar (though, biomass actually takes the top spot in this category amongst energy sources). Sure, solar panels don’t last forever, but several studies have found that even old solar panels that are over 30 years old are still pumping out almost as much electricity as they were when they were first installed. Unfortunately, there are clients out there who don’t realize that updating a few photos on a website shouldn’t take eight hours!
Alternatively, if they want a full-featured ecommerce site, they might feel that is worth $10,000 or more. Sure, the designer who charges more might have a much higher skill level than the lower-priced designers, but how much of those extra skills will actually be used in the site design? If you’re still feeling guilty about it, offer them a discount on the final invoice, or on their next project with you. Efforts range from the hiring of staff to assist a few students (particularly ESL) in smaller schools, to fully developing special needs programs, incorporating gifted education, ESL, and learning disabilities support in larger schools. This requires the school staff to define the extent to which it is willing and able to serve exceptional children: ESL, Learning Disabled and the Highly Capable. A proactive public relations effort about the role of special programs from the board level is an essential foundation to the successful implementation of any special program.
Any member of staff may request a consultation with Student Services Personnel; in addition, consultations may be initiated by parents or by the students themselves.
Regional associations may wish to consider setting up a system of itinerant specialists who can visit regional schools for evaluation and training on a regular basis.
The fact that the sun rises every day probably doesn’t hurt either, nor that most of us love the sun. The below graphic from a study by Nathan Myhrvold and Ken Caldeira is one of my favorites for portraying that point.
Some sources of power provide electricity rather continuously in order to keep our base electricity needs met. And as I’ve shown previously, solar energy potential dwarfs the energy potential of any other source (I guess this should also be in the solar energy advantages section).
All of this may have emerged as a result of a change of mission statement, but more often, programs are started in the absence of clear direction from school policy. But if you’re popping in here to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, you probably want more details and the summary of an expert.
In case the text isn’t clear, the graphs show projections for additional average global temperature increase within the next 100 years in a transition from coal technology to 8 alternative power-generation technologies.
But as electricity demand increase (for example, every day when people wake up and start using electrical devices and lights), other sources of energy must be used.
At that time, electricity on the wholesale market is most expensive because there are the smallest number of suppliers available and the least competition.
However, this coincides almost perfectly with the time of day when the most sun is out and solar energy systems are most effective. So, the electricity generated from solar energy systems is actually much more valuable than electricity on average.

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