Normally, to remove security barriers imposed by Find My iPhone function and to get unlimited access to phone features, one is required to enter the Apple ID password.
Unfortunately that video uploaded to YouTube by a user called Miguel Alvardo shows how the authentication step can be diverted without entering the password for access, while enabling the delete account and Find My iPhone button.
Unfortunately Apple still does not offer an official patch to correct the problem reported to iOS 7 version.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So what should you if you longer have possession over the iPhone, but you still want to remove the Activation Lock and disconnect it from your Apple ID and iCloud account? If you (or whoever has the Apple ID) don’t know the password to the Apple ID account that is tying the iPhone up with the iCloud Lock, you (or them) will need to reset the password associated with the account. Alright, what if i cannot contact the seller as well or maybe he does wanna work with me to unlock the phone, then what can i do ? Then there’s nothing much you can really do, you can either erase everything and then factory reset it via itunes.
The Apple Store tech restored my ipad and now I cant get it to work without email used to activate it no access and wrong birthdate no mrmory and lost receipt i need it for work cant use anything to get around it…any suggestions?
If you bought your phone second-hand, you have to contact the previous owner again since you’ll need to enter the e-mail and password to unlock it. And then also never have a backup of your phone, or be able to find it when you lose it, or sync with your Mac… yeah, that’s a GREAT idea… NOT. I found a iPhone 5s with the iOS8 update and I have no idea who the old holder of the phone was so now I am stuck with a brick and I would like to use this phone. Even if sim-card is locked, you can still ask telco operator to contact the owner for you ( they cant give you the info ). I bought an iPhone second hand and we had this issue, we contacted apple and they had her remove the device from iCloud, she did.
Yes if you read the article it says you, or whoever else has the Apple ID login, can remotely disable the iCloud Activation Lock, or enable iCloud Activation Lock. Many people sell stolen iPhones off of eBay and Craigslist, important to be sure a device is not locked due to theft. BE aware that iforgot has their e-mail address and that’s where the password will go, not to you. Yes you should return the stolen iPhone to it’s original owner, or take it to an Apple Store they will be able to contact the original owner.
Will apple be able to unlock it from i cloud if it states that the content of the phone has. The lady likely sold you a lost or stolen iPhone, you should contact the owner from the number to call on the screen. I bought a stolen Ipod touch 5th gen… and it is locked by the original owner on Icloud. The instructions above are how you can disable iCloud lock, is not possible to disable iCloud Activation Lock otherwise.
I am debating whether or not I should buy this iPhone 6 off Kijiji, but it’s iCloud locked. There are no genuine selers on eBay, you buy a iPhones, and you don’t get any helpful tips, except a locked phone, it should not be allowed.
I found it when i was walking and like yey and it was disabled and with find my iphone on it i really want it what can i do. On Monday, numerous nude celebrity photos of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton, singer Victoria Justice and so on were widely circulating on the Internet. Since there are so many important data can be stored on iCloud, which would be hacked, how can you secure them? Note: Before you want to disable your iCloud, you are supposed to download iCloud backup files to computer to save your previous data. So far the better place to save your contacts, photos, videos, notes, and so on is your offline computer.

After the installation of iPhone Transfer, launch it and connect your iPhone to computer through USB cable. At the left side of the main window, choose those you want to back up on your computer by clicking a€?Export toa€?. While the above ways can enable you to protect iPhone data, no one can say for sure that there will be no information leaks if you do so. Join us and get our newsletters for new product releases, major updates and special offers to manage your iOS devices and Smartphone.
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A new bug has been discovered in iOS 7 which effectively renders Activation Lock feature useless, making it almost impossible to trace a stolen device. Apple’s Find My iPhone is pretty much the only service that iOS device owners can use to locate their missing devices. It is unclear if Apple has started working on a fix for this bug, which opens up a gaping hole in the security of iOS devices. Since all of you are using the same account for iCloud, all your data will be now shared and I am sure you don’t want your Son to see your Bank Details or even confidential emails.
This will just remove all the data on iCloud and will not disable the account so dont worry. Now go and repeat the same steps on all your family idevice with iCloud Settings except dont turn them off but keep them on. Now setup a new iCloud account different for every family members this will make sure that you and everybody else have their own data backed up to their own account. The whole thing is a bit of  trade-off as rest of the members need to recover their settings again.
Just in case if you find changing this bit difficult on all device taking them into hand individually, you can use the iCloud Control Panel to manage all the iCloud Account at one place.
App Store now gives you option to download any content like Books, Apps and Music to all the device when bought on one. A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use computer. As it stands now, Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is pretty much your only hope when it comes to tracking down a stolen device. Hopefully, now that the bug is out in the open, Apple will work on finding a fix as soon as possible. Without it, the phone blocks access to iCloud account and restore function, used to restore the phone to factory settings.
Once the password dialog appears, turn off the phone, restart, then you can access iCloud settings to make the desired changes, including the removal of user’s account. However, access to your data if you lose your phone can be easily prevented by setting a password to unlock the screen, without which other users will not get to Find My iPhone function to exploit the bug in question. Or what should you do if you bought an iPhone from someone else, and it has an activation lock attached to their Apple ID? Yes, that means anything on the iPhone will be lost in the process, so you wouldn’t want to do this with a device that has stuff on it you want to keep without backing it up first. If you go that route, be sure they proceed further to either reset iOS to factory settings or just toggle the switch to disable Find My iPhone in Settings.
This is also easy, it’s just a matter of answering a few questions to confirm the identity of the account holder first. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I didn’t have the apple ID or password because it was the sellers,and now im stuck with it on the same screen asking for the password and ID.
You can do that with the Apple ID or the iCloud login for the iPhone owner that initiated the lock.

I can not get through the icloud password and the person don’t know her password or the email to get the reset.
Is there anyway possible of getting rid of the iCloud lock without a username and password? The instructions here show you how to remove the iCloud lock remotely, which requires that login data.
Or you can use the remote disable activation lock trick on this page and have the owner disable it for you remotely, that can work if you can contact the original owner.
Not surprisingly, youa€™d better take personal data breach into account and begin to take some necessary methods right now. Turn them off, especially a€?Photo Streama€?, which automatically upload new photos if you turn it on. If you make this clear, you can start to backup iPhone on computer with the assistance of iPhone File Manager.
From muscular “lolis” to Zootopia cosplays to Pokemon to the usual Kantai Collection and Love Live! Activation Lock safeguards the device until the relevant iCloud credentials are punched in.
This serves as the first layer of protection against thieves who try deleting an existing iCloud account just to restore the device to factory settings.
Though now that its in the open, it may only be a matter of time before Apple rolls out a fix. If you have shared one email account with your family you know what I mean if not read along.
And I am sure if all of you have a good amount of data, you will be running out of 5GB data back soon. But thanks to a recently uncovered bug in iOS 7, even that little layer of protection can be rendered totally useless. Every site I've ever worked for has asked me to commit it to paper, er, blog, and I've consistently resisted. I asked the seller for the ID and password but the seller doesn’t remember his icloud account or password. Also we can’t get proof of purchase because she bought it out of state (a very far drive from the current state). The only exception is if you are the original owner and you have the original receipt, then Apple may remove iCloud lock for you.
Basically, iCloud store data including Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Mails, Notes, SMS, Shared photo streams and documents you save on iCloud. This bug penetrates both layers of protection, making it very easy for someone to fence a stolen iOS device. As soon as the password prompt pops up, turn the phone off, restart, and you’ll be free to go into the iCloud settings and wreak havoc.
They will not remove iCloud lock from a lost iPhone that is not yours, that promotes theft. After that when i want to contact that person from whom i buy this phone, that person didn’t response to my call.
Its certainly not easy to bypass these layers of protection if the ID and password are not known, but this bug discovered by YouTube user Miguel Alvarado allows anyone to do just that. Buying a stolen iPhone with iCloud lock is a very bad idea unless you want to waste money and buy a little electronic brick. Once this is done, one can simply plug the device in iTunes and restore it to factory settings.
Since Activation Lock requires Find My iPhone to be enabled, it won’t be enabled after the device is restored.

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